Zhao Wei, Fan Bing Bing and Ruby Lin, three "sisters" started their relationship while they all play roles in “My Fair Princess” in 1998. It has almost been 20 years. All three girls not only have grew up but also became the top stars, had their own studios and well-developed their business. 

My Fair Princess, also known as Return of the Pearl Princess or Princess Returning Pearl was written by creator Chiung Yao. The Cinderella-like story is set in 18th-century Qing dynasty during the Qianlong Emperor's reign. A massive international hit in East Asia and Southeast Asia, the drama is considered the most commercially successful Chinese-language series in history. Hunan Broadcasting System, after achieving ratings as high as 65% of audience shares, permanently became China's second largest network. The ladies have come a long way since then:

1. Ruby Lin in The Way We Were

Now she is television producer, artistic director and pop singer. A popular actress, she has over 60 million followers on Sina Weibo. In 2010 Ruby enjoyed a resurgence of popularity with ancient dramas Beauty's Rival in Palace and Three Kingdoms. Lin's production debut The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011), starring herself, not only topped Chinese TV ratings but also set a record on streaming website Youku with 300 million views in 17 days.

2. Fan Bingbing in My Way and Flash Point

In 2003, she starred in Cell Phone, which became the highest-grossing Chinese film of the year. Since then she has received awards from the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Eurasia International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Beijing College Student Film Festival and Huading Awards for films like Lost in Beijing (2007), Double Xposure(2012) and White Haired Witch (2014). Fan has participated in many foreign-language films, such as the French film Stretch (2011), the Korean film My Way (2011) and the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). Her studio came with Empress Wu, which is believed to be the most expensive Chinese series in history.

3. Zhao Wei in Tiger Mom

Known as Vicki Zhao, she won a Golden Eagle Award for her role in My Fair Princess. Zhao has starred in many box-office smash-hits over the years, including Shaolin Soccer (2001), Red Cliff (2008-2009), and Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012). She has received awards from the Shanghai International Film Festival, Huabiao Awards, Changchun Film Festival, Hundred Flowers Awards and Shanghai Film Critics Awards for films like Mulan: Rise of a Warrior (2009). In 2013, Zhao's directorial debut So Young broke the grossing record for a female Chinese director in just a week, eventually becoming one of the highest-grossing films ever in China. In 2014, returning to acting after a 2-year absence, Zhao won Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Award and Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for Dearest.

Now it is very rare to see these three on the same stage. We do find that Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing sometimes show together in front of the camera, such as during the time for Met Gala. We can see they are together in New York. 

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