Super Junior's Siwon is always up to shenanigans on his Instagram account, so fans were not sure what to make of a recent post admitting that he is now off the dating market.

To the shock of his fans, yesterday Siwon posted an image that says, "sorry gorgeous, I'm taken" to his Instagram account without a caption explaining the meaning. 

Enjoy Siwon in the fun romantic comedy Oh! My Lady:

Fans immediately expressed their curiosity as to who the lucky lady was, but all was clarified when he posted this image moments later.

It appears that Siwon was just being his usual jokester self and that his true love all along was E.L.F (Super Junior's fans).

Those of us who fancy themselves as potential prospects for Siwon when he is ready to find true love (including me) can take a collective sigh of relief! But in all seriousness, when he does find that lucky lady, we wish him the best!