Do you sit up most evenings, unable to sleep, wondering if you're attracted to Choi Siwon?  Take this quiz to find out...

Does this make you want to pretend you're a cat?


Do you suddenly feel the need to be a toothbrush?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="500" height="651" />

Do you want to commit a crime just so you can find this at your door?


Do you want to talk really loud in a movie theater just so you can get shushed like this?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="550" height="360" />

Do you wish it was Christmas today?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="520" height="693" />

Do you want to lose your phone just so someone can find it?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="456" height="523" />

Do you wish you'd been like, 'Babe, there's something under your lip'?

(Caption: <a href=" src="" width="315" height="380" />

Do you have the urge to drop everything and play some ball?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="493" height="562" />

Do you want to get into—or out of—your robe?


Do you draw things that look like this?

[caption id="attachment_149415" align="aligncenter" width="553"](Image: <a href=" src="" width="553" height="429" /> (Image:[/caption]

Does this turn a winter's day steamy?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="500" height="750" />

Are you ready to crawl back into bed no matter what time it is?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="624" height="352" />

Do you suddenly wish you were an earpiece?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="463" height="640" />

Will you maybe never be the same after seeing this picture?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="500" height="276" />

Could you go really long stretches of time - say, a lifetime - looking at this?

(Image: <a href=" src="" width="465" height="700" /> If you answered yes to any of these questions, I think we all know what this means—you're in loooove!  And you're not alone... Which of Siwon's looks is your favorite? Follow Evan: @evanrosskatz