Super Junior's Siwon is considering taking his first major drama role in nearly 3 years for the upcoming MBC romcom She Was Pretty. If he accepts the offer, he will be playing the second male lead alongside leads Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon.

She Was Pretty is about a girl who turns ugly after growing up beautiful and a boy who was an awkward and unattractive teenager but turns into a model-ish and successful man. 

Hwang Jung Eum is confirmed to play Kim Hye Jin, who suddenly faces poverty after her father loses his fortune and now has to work several part-time jobs. Her situation worsens further when she inherits an ugly gene from her grandfather that makes her quickly lose her beauty.

Hwang Jung Eum's Kill Me, Heal Me costar Park Seo Joon is confirmed to play Ji Sung Joon, who was short, overweight, and socially awkward as a teenager, but he transforms into a handsome and successful magazine copywriter. Go Joon Hee will also join the cast as Man Ha Ri, a hotelier who is very popular with men because of her beautiful appearance but who has little actual experience with dating.

Siwon is "positively considering" a role as Kim Si Hyuk, a talented magazine editor who is suave on the outside but has a mysterious side. He befriends Hye Jin and falls for her.

I don't know about this whole "ugly gene" drama premise, but if Siwon accepts, maybe we can just change the title to Siwon Is Pretty instead.

I'm already feeling some second lead syndrome just thinking about it....

Siwon had a brief cameo in Masked Prosecutor this year, but this would be his first big drama role since King of Dramas in 2012. Do you think it's a good fit? Would you like to see him accept this role? Share your thoughts in the comments!

The drama will be directed by Jung Dae Yoon (Sly and Single Again, King 2 Hearts), and it is set to premiere in September following the conclusion of Scholar Who Walks the Night.

If you can't wait to see Siwon, you can see him in person with the rest of Super Junior this weekend at KCON in Los Angeles, and you can check out his cameo in episode 1 of Masked Prosecutor below!

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