Can you believe that Byun Yo Han, who stars in the immensely popular and acclaimed Six Flying Dragons, didn't start acting until 2011? Even before the historical drama concluded with high ratings, the rising star has already signed up new projects where he will tackle singing and time travel. 

Byun Yo Han has really stood out among the many talented and popular actors in Six Flying Dragons, by playing actress Shin Se Kyung's brother and fearless swordsman Lee Ban Ji. (Check out one of his spectacular fights.)

What is also uniquely interesting about Byun Yo Han is that he is a 29-year-old rookie actor who didn't starting acting until 2011, because he first had to overcome his father's objection toward acting.

He rose to fame in the 2014 drama Misaeng, and continued to win new fans in memorable dramas and movies. The year 2015 was especially fruitful for him as he won Best New Actor for Misaeng at the APAN Star Awards, Best New Actor for Sociophobia at the Busan International Film Awards, and also Best Actor for Six Flying Dragons at the SBS Drama Awards.

What's next for the actor who readily admits that he is shy and said he even stuttered when he was young?

He will be on stage starring as the lead character, Hedwig, in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch: New Makeup, the internationally well-known rock musical about a fictional rock singer who is also a transgender. The Broadway musical has been staged in Korea since 2005, and Byun is making his debut as a musical actor.

He has also signed on to be in a fantasy time-travel romance movie, Will You Be There, where an old doctor is given the chance to travel back 30 years in time to see and perhaps prevent the death of his one true love. Byun Yo Han will play the younger man, opposite veteran actor Kim Yoon Seok who plays the older man. The movie is based on the novel in the same title by famous French novelist Guillaume Musso whose novels have been translated into at least 34 languages and sold worldwide.

Keep on acting, Byun Yo Han! We want to see more of you and your awesome performance.

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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