What is truly rumbling in the hearts and minds of humans is a many splintered thing but when you add creating a new nation... well Flyers, sifting through all the intricate details, motivations and misconceptions can be rather complex. Our dragons are dealing with all types of demands, loves and desires this week in Six Flying Dragons, proving the ways to gauge the true measure of a man (or woman) is not just exposing his fears but uncovering the depth of his commitment.

Taleena: Less action and A LOT of maneuvering this week, also a lot of forward motion on the romance front. First, we see Boon Yi put the kibosh on a relationship with Bang Won for lots of good reasons which she tells him about except the REAL reason. To Wit: She feels terribly guilty that she drove her brother to his presumed death, and feels like everyone she loves dies. Boon Yi is wrong about Ddang Sae being dead, but her other reasons for rebuffing Bang Won are totally legit. The fact that the writers are setting you up for a whole “noble suffering” with their romance is driving me bonkers - and I LIKE that kind of storyline.
Unnichan: Thankfully, now that Ddang Sae knows she isn’t dead, she should find out about him soon enough. The development and execution of the "Bang-Yi" love confrontation was very well done. I absolutely loved it. It was smart and poignant and heartfelt, with very little sting. I understood both arguments and in all honesty, the only real thing that was initially keeping them apart was Boon Yi’s Oraboni issues. Both know there is no picket fence, 2.5 kids and a happily-ever-after in their future together. Which is something I truly appreciate about them both. They are practical and have a much larger focus; their hearts are beating for far more than just one another. Love can be sticky, but it doesn't have to be messy, and like Bang Won said, in the end, he wants to love her, to be her family and none of that requires sex or marriage. And for me that is one of the most beautiful things he’s said thus far.

Amy: It was adorable when Boon Yi was watching over Bang Won’s aftercare but I knew that the cuteness wouldn’t last long. I do think that Boon Yi is right, though, a relationship with Bang Won would not go well. Yay noble suffering? I hate watching that kind of thing but I don’t think Bang Won was wrong for deciding that. Gotta keep with the plan right?

Taleena: Wrong for deciding to marry the H. Clan’s smartypants girl? No, that was absolutely the right decision. None of this stupid, “the heart wants what the heart wants” thinking when there are whole countries worth of people’s lives at stake. I tend to like the political wives in these Saeguks, and so far the Future Queen is no exception.

Unnichan: There was no doubt Bang Won was going to offer a marriage proposal, but with a clan like Haedong Gapjok, I couldn’t help but hope for something a little more original than piggy-backing off Hong In Bang’s scheme. Not only would I rather have Bang Won as a free agent a tad longer, I also really like Da Kyung and would rather see more of her unattached as well. Watching her and her father Min Jae was wonderful and though it was mainly used as a crash course in our future princess, I’d love to see that for a few more episodes before she’s thrust into another world. But I guess there truly is no better binding alliance than marriage in these times, so I need to set my 21st Century self in the corner for a moment to come to terms with what I know is the best for all.

Taleena: But what is going to drive me bonkers is that Boon Yi will realize her brother is still alive and regret spurning romance with Bang Won and droop and sigh all over the place

Amy: You’re right. I didn’t think about that. She’ll probably make Bang Won waver too. Things to look forward to I guess. I think Boon Yi should just marry Moo Hyul. Ha ha! The poor guy is so clueless but I don’t really think that is a bad thing. If he knew what was going on he probably wouldn’t protect Bang Won so fervently. Poor Moo Hyul, though, he couldn’t fight Ddang Sae. I felt bad for him. Hee hee!

Unnichan: When it comes to love, there is always wavering and disappointment, dashed hopes and bruised trust. It’s just par for the course--- it’s bound to happen. Plus, Boon Yi wasn’t given the moniker “Bang Won’s Beloved Boon Yi” for nothing. I just hope that neither kill all the good will and respect they built in me this week. And Moo Hyul seems like a lone ranger. He likes pretty girls but the reality of love eludes him (for now). I’m going to wait until he sees Gap Boon again, before I even think about coupling him off. Personally, I’d rather for him to grab ahold of what is right in front of him and begin to grapple with the concepts the people around him are earnestly trying to accomplish. I totally understand why he has never cared to think or pursue it before now, but I’m seriously twiddling my thumbs waiting for the fire to prick him too.

Taleena: I honestly don’t even think of Moo Hyul in terms of romance at all. He seems almost innocent of male/female relationships. I am guessing it is because he has put so much time and effort into supporting his family. Granny sticking her two cents in about the political marriage offers was very funny to me for some reason. I guess all Grandma’s are the same everywhere.

Amy: I must have missed that. I do enjoy Granny, though, she is a great character. So I’m wondering what In Bang will try next. He didn’t get his way with the marriage proposal/joining forces with the H. Clan so what is next? A big fight? I think I’d enjoy seeing that.

Taleena: Well, I think that assassinations are more his speed, but what will be really interesting is how long it will take before the various spy houses turn against him. They have a pretty good relationship so far, but each of them will be looking out for their own interests. I think the Master Lady Spy will work with Lee In Geum longer than Jukryong will work with In Bang.

Unnichan: Yep, Hong In Bang is all about eliminating, over standing up or standing down. He’s a coward, so it’s right up his alley to creep in the shadows and use other people to carry out his deadly drastic decisions. And Cho Yong has already started holding hands with In Bang, while Jukrong has begun recalibrating his position. I definitely can’t wait to see what will be the “deal breaker” for him. He’s slimy to say the least but also cunning in his own way. He’s already created a tiny space of distance and it will only get bigger. 

Amy: Oops. I forgot about the assassination attempt. That is kind of important huh? Yeah. I’m thinking Jukryong won’t last much longer too. He seems like the type that will look after their own best interests. Kind of like Tae Mi. Tae Mi is connected to In Bang through marriage so he might hold on longer than he usually would too.

Taleena: Jukryong already has had to gently brush away the massive chip on In Bang’s shoulder right before In Bang went a gave a beat down to those dudes pre-feast. If In Bang starts getting over paranoid and crazy, savvy people like Jukryong will be looking to jump ship. Gil Tae Mi? I don’t know. If he feels like he can jump ship without losing the class cache of Hong In Bang, I could see a subtle knife to the ribs coming from him, but he is not as secure in his station and I can see him waiting as long as possible to cut the relationship.

Amy: I thought that General Dad was pretty awesome for trying to take over without getting his hands dirty. It threw Do Jeon off a bit but at least someone is trying to stay clean.

Taleena: Yes, Do Jeon had a major “recalculating, recalculating” moment while eavesdropping on that conversation. He was happy that his pick for future king was choosing the right reasons for making the plans harder, because ultimately it would make for a stronger king ultimately. Also, I like how General Dad is not passive politically. That is to say, for someone that entered somewhat unwillingly, he is not content to go by every suggestion his political mastermind says to. He is shouldering the moral responsibility for decisions the way Bang Won is just learning to. I really think that all of Ddang Sae’s remaining reservations about joining the Rebels will be quieted when he meets General Yi.

Unnichan: That is certainly possible and oh how I need Ddang Sae on board! I was actually quite proud of Bang Won for finally having a sound and solid argument with Ddang Sae. General Yi is a great man and continues to show himself the perfect candidate for king. For now that he has made his choice, there's no turning back for him, which means he has to do things properly and in order. Cutting corners and compromising his integrity is a non-negotiable, not only because he isn't a man that repeats his mistakes but he also seems to be the type of man that needs to approach things on terms he can be most comfortable with, in order to get the best result. He's a winner and a winner's greatest advantage is always his confidence. Sambong readjusting his plans to fit the man reveals a lot about him as well and I appreciate that he is continuing to learn and apply his knowledge to the task at hand. He knows what should work but he isn't immovable or obstinate in his views or calculations. It's also great that the more he learns, the more his decision to stand for Yi Seong Gye solidifies. Now he just needs to revamp his generic plan in to the right plan, for the right man.

Life Lessons Learned

  • Never underestimate politically savvy daughters
  • Boy spies vs. Girl spies - a rumble just waiting to happen
  • “Buying Taffy” is a great euphemism for whatever you need it to be
  • Events are Super Momentus when everyone runs in Slo-Mo
  • Everyone needs a tiny green teapot for important strategizing
  • Pulling training manuals out of your pants is a bit awkward
  • Evil Assassins can be detected by the miasma of skulduggary they bring with them.

Do you think the assassin will succeed? Will our dragons make it in time to save Sambong unscathed? Will this murder attempt tip the scales for Ddang Sae and bring him back over to Team Sambong? Do you think Boon Yi will change her tune once she reunites with her brother? Who will jump ship first--- Gil Tae Mi, Jukrong or Cho Yong? Let us know down below!

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