Bang Won grew up a lot in these two episodes. He proved that he is finally a man and even successfully intervened in In Bang's scheme! Come discuss the new developments with us!

Taleena: I have to admit - I finally climbed on the “Go Bang Won” bandwagon. He still is kind of irritating, and I am COMPLETELY shipping Boon Yi and Moo Hyul, but I finally see Bang Won as a grown up to be taken seriously.


Amy: Yeah. Bang Won finally proved himself. I could tell the kid was smart but he kept falling short so I got bored of him. Bang Won definitely looked a lot cooler in these two episodes. He was able to think like In Bang and hopefully stop him. I’m also on the Boon Yi and Moo Hyul ship. I like how well Boon Yi and Bang Won work together but I think she and Moo Hyul go together better. I also think that Bang Won’s new wife is good for him.

Unnichan: Bang Won won me over last week. All his arguments and stances were (finally) sound. He thought things through, not just from his perspective but from others as well. What I enjoy about Bang Won is that he is a learner. Not necessarily that he learns from his mistakes but that he gleans. This week he did make too much of  being “right” for me, but I agree wholeheartedly with Sambong that even the things that grate about Bang Won are all a part of his asset. I’m certainly not a shipper of Moo Hyul and Boon Yi. They aren’t a match that would actually work (in the ways that truly matter), unless she loved him. And she doesn’t so…

Taleena: Both Moo Hyul and Bang Won had a couple of good episodes. First, Moo Hyul takes on the personae (and tunic) of the Venomous Magpie and has a hilarious run in with Gil Tae Mi. Second, he sees Ddang Sae practice and punctures the bubble of ego he started to get. Third, he has a (albeit one-sided) love connection with Boon Yi, Fourth, oh what was fourth? I seem to remember him with something surprisingly insightful to say, and FINALLY he really helped see the gunpowder dodge with Bang Won. Really, didn’t EVERYONE think that Boon Yi looked in the boxes and sent the rocks with Bang Won? She really has his number.


Amy: Both Moo Hyul and Bang Won got a lot cooler. Ha ha! I liked it when Moo Hyul told Boon Yi to think of Bang Won as a rice cooker whose purpose is to feed them. Hee hee! Either Bang Won is a good actor or he did not know that Boon Yi would look in the boxes. Either way he convinced the whole clan to sign that little paper so it worked.


Unnichan: There’s no way Boon Yi didn’t look in the boxes but even if he thought she had, he wouldn’t know for certain which she’d chosen. There are valid reasons for her to pick either box, being fully aware of what was inside. The best part was foregoing knowledge. For it wasn’t just about threatening Haedong Gapjok, but convincing them of his sincerity and seriousness. Therefore, he too had to believe what he said, from start to finish. Without it, he’s nothing but a schemer and a liar (read: extortionist) and since he’s not, even with all those cowards in the room, someone would be able to recognize that.

Amy: I was so happy when Boon Yi and Ddang Sae met and Boon Yi didn’t do anything stupid like push him away or not acknowledge him. I think that they need each other.


Taleena: Boon Yi and Ddang Sae had some nice moments reuniting. I like how they asked for forgiveness and were reconciled, but things didn’t get magically better. I also really liked how Ddang Sae is the non-starry eyed voice of reason among the whole group of True Believers.

Unnichan: I was concerned about the reunion but they both carried such heavy hearts toward one another and their pasts, that it works for them to just try to lay those down and move forward. I also like, that instead of Ddang Sae trying to push for his way, he chose to join and accept the choices of those he cares about. It’s an aspect of his nature that I absolutely adore. He’s over being a sucker, but also understands that what is transpiring around him isn’t about manipulation but hope and dreams. And though he may be unable to dream along, he can try to respect those that do and not allow for delusions to overtake or get out of hand.

Amy: Now that I think about it, the people following Sambong remind me of cult members thinking their leader is so awesome and can do no wrong. They definitely need a voice of reason. I think that Tae Mi is trying to be the voice of reason on In Bang’s side but In Bang won’t listen. It seemed like Tae Mi might have been wavering a little too or maybe that is just my wishful thinking.

Taleena: Maybe. Gil Tae Mi has his wagon hitched pretty tightly to Hong In Bang’s star. Jukryong is definitely wavering and could jump ship any moment. I am super interested in the two spy houses. While Spy Guys are still affiliated, Spy Girls are not. I really want to see how they manage the power transition.


Amy: I want to see what will happen if the spies face off. I’m glad we got a couple of good fights this week. Moo Hyul’s fight with Tae Mi was too cute, though. And I find it hilarious how determined Moo Hyul is to beat Tae Mi now. That boy wants his name out there! Also, Moo Hyul’s teacher is cute when he is talking to Grandma. Ha ha!

Unnichan: Those two are always quite hilarious, which leaves no guess work for why Moo Hyul is perfect as this adorable doofus. It may take him awhile longer than everyone else but this moment watching Bang Won “do what he does best,” may lay some substantial bricks for him. But I just have this feeling, that once he stops chasing ways to become renowned, he will find himself smack dab in the middle of well-deserved glory.

What did you think about Bang Won in this week's episodes? Were you happy to see Ddang Sae and Boon Yi reunited? What about Boon Yi and Yeon Hi? Do you think Moo Hyul will be able to prove himself? Let us know all of your thoughts and thank you for watching with us!

Life Lessons Learned

  • Talking to your wife is super important
  • Boy spies vs. Girl spies - still waiting for an awesome showdown
  • 3 Assassins for the price of 1 is an AWESOME deal
  • Sometimes even scammers tell the truth - but don’t count on it.
  • Even someone wearing WAY too much purple eyeshadow can be embarrassed
  • Chekov’s Keg of Gunpowder will be employed
  • Moo Hyul is as cute as a sword wielding lab puppy

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