Flyers, the die is finally cast on Six Flying Dragons and Choi Young officially reveals his hand, leaving General Lee to grapple with the choice between compromised compliance and bated betrayal. But it's a nixed revolution, which reaps harrowing results and tearful realizations, that has our dragons fighting a presumptuous war with no proper battle. And among all the disillusionment, perfectly cued anthem tracks, and rain, Amy, Taleena and I gush about our inability to keep our cheeks dry and delight intact as this show continues to maintain its balance of intrigue, sexy and all around goodness. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts after the jump!

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Taleena: I know we must proceed in an orderly fashion, but OMO Yoon Hee’s face during the Secret Spy Shoulder Grab! She looks like he is feeling her up someplace Not Discussed in Mixed Company - shocked and a tiniest bit titillated. 

Amy: I would have been titillated if I were Yoon Hee too. I was making them kiss in my mind. Definitely would not have been the appropriate time to indulge in such endeavors though. Is there ever a good or safe time when you are spying?

Unnichan: Um, no. And definitely not between those two. Indulgence and titillation flew out to yonder, years ago for them, unfortunately. I knew somehow they’d find themselves snuggled up together though. Gotta keep the fans happy, right? However, I love that regardless of what was truly going on behind that curtain, their brains were working fast enough to keep their ruse and secrets in tact.

Taleena: I feel like I say this every week, but BOY! is it getting good! I don’t think we have had one bad episode in the 20!

Unnichan: I tell my drama buddy every week (who hasn't turned this on yet), that I love this show! It's a declaration that must be spoken because it's truth is so very paramount! The pacing is perfect right now, to the point that even when you think there may be a tiny lull, the momentum picks up almost immediately.

Taleena: I thought for sure we would get into Lee In Gyeom intrigue this week, so when we were introduced to the out of touch king and Choi Young’s blind ambition I was shocked.

Amy: I was surprised too. That king had me laughing. I think I may have a sick sense of humor but, you know, half a note makes all of the difference!

Unnichan: I was surprised with our King’s introduction as well because he is certainly not what I was preparing myself for. He’s not only out-of-touch, he's basically a bloodthirsty thug, with a “daddy” complex. And it's hard to watch Choi Young side along with him and his crimes. But even with that said, I did appreciate more clarity from Choi Young on what and how he plans to utilize him. That basic--- I don't care “who” you are but “what” you are mentality.

Amy: That wretch! Choi Young completely threw me off. I wasn’t expecting him to be scheming something so big. That man pretty much gave everyone a big slap in the face I think.

Taleena: The whole time I was thinking it was a careful ploy to crush General Dad’s (side note- I just can’t call him General Lee or I will have Dukes of Hazzard in my head, sorry) power and planning. That is, right up until the extended Lee family was held hostage, no before that even, when Choi Young announced the conquest to the Dodang. He OWNED it. Everyone knows that the decision flowed from Choi Young’s authority. I think that more than anything would have turned the common people against him.

Unnichan: That is what disappointed me throughout the course of these episodes. Just how completely blinded Choi Young has become. I'm sure his goals have never been for “the common man” necessarily but to be so utterly rigid and focused, to have forgotten his roots? It was awful and cringeworthy.

Amy: While I was watching I was trying to put myself into the common people’s shoes. Would the common person understand why they are going to war and how it will affect the country? I assume some would but not everyone. They would just want to follow orders because of loyalty to their country. I think I cried the whole last half of episode 20 starting with everyone leaving to fight.

Taleena: Every time the play the Folk Song theme - cheongsan byeolgok “Green Mountain Special song” - I choked up. Then they started playing it in the rain as the soldiers were dying, and I was ready for a revolution myself.

Unnichan: Truly this story is so riveting and I'm so invested, the tears well just about every week at this point. Whether, it's a favorite character’s monologue, sheer joy or identifying with the sorrow and confusion. This show has a hold on me, for sure! And this week, it was a myriad of emotions from fitful anger to broken-heartedness at Choi Young for the thoughtless choices he was making with the lives he commands.

Taleena: I honestly don’t think that Choi Young cared about the awful, awful position he put the General in, and for SURE that palace flunky had no clue. I thought for sure his head would be removed from his shoulders before 20 ended.

Amy: I wanted his head removed. I was finished with that man and was disappointed when it wasn’t. Choi Young is so greedy he can’t focus on anything but getting what he wants as soon as possible. How do you ignore the fact that countless people have died just trying to cross a river? I guess they just weren’t trying hard enough. Siiiiiiiigh. Get your head right Choi Young. I think he has been hanging around the king too much.

Unnichan: I would have rathered for Choi Young to have just been power hungry or greedy for more land and riches, because then, my desire to have him assassinated would feel less grimy, even though I still think it's a necessity at this point. Just capturing him, isn't enough 9not for me). But no matter what is done concerning him, will always smack of betrayal, for he is a man that wants his country to prosper and thrive. It's just outrageous that he won't accept that his plan leaves no one or true consequence to enjoy or even inhabit it.

Taleena: Well, the revolution had to start somewhere, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would have been Moo Hyul kneeling in the mud, crying about it being a black horse, would be the straw to break the camel’s back. It’s like his innocence was broken and that is what finally flipped the decision. Moo Hyul pleading on behalf of his brothers - to not die in vain - finally brought it all home.

Amy: From the time Moo Hyul left to fight I was thinking that he was becoming a man and his cute puppy days were over. You could definitely see it when he finally snapped. I was proud of him.

Unnichan: It’s no secret that I’ve been waiting and waiting for Moo Hyul to get with the program but with all my impatience, this emotional and apropos trek to his realization was absolutely worth the wait. For it wasn’t just about his brothers (though of course that was the heart) but finally we get somewhere with something that he understands, completely and fully. And of course, that is the thing that opens his eyes and lights the match. Yoon Gyun Sang torn me to pieces, for even knowing, the moment little brother waved goodbye to Granny promising to return, he’d be one of the first to fall, it was still wrenching to watch Moo Hyul experience the miserable reality of being a warrior.

Amy: I have a question though. Why didn’t Bang Won join the fight? Did I miss something?

Taleena: Bang Won is not actually in Dad’s Army, neither is Ddang Sae, which is why neither of them were mobilized. Now, I could wonder why neither of them were recruited, but it’s all about who you know and over here it’s favoritism. I am just happy that both were strategizing with Do Jeon in the Cave of Knowledge because now we have an idea of how Wife-y Poo, Moms, and Boon Yi will be rescued. Although, to be fair, I can totally see Boon Yi organizing her own escape.

Unnichan: I actually appreciate that all these women are forces and there’s no way any of them (save perhaps Granny) are going to just sit around and wait passively to be rescued. They all know what is going on and what the purpose is, therefore, my only hope is that they find a way to work together. You’ve got a lot of crafty minds in that tiny house, but the background, measures and experiences vary greatly. It would be wonderful to see these women put their minds and talents together so when the boys do show up, all they have to do is throw a jacket on the children and roll.

Amy: I love how Boon Yi has so many people following her and also how she was trying to make it seem like a joke. It is a huge deal to have that many people loyal to you and the fact that she is a woman just adds to it. Boon Yi keeps getting cooler and cooler. I don’t think, however, that Bang Won’s wife appreciates her very much.

Taleena: I fully expect that the love story between Boon Yi and Bang Won is going to complicate everything to heck and gone, once the new dynasty is fully established.

Amy: Something to look forward to!

Life Lessons Learned

  • Dramatic Musical Cues make map reading much more interesting
  • Water Buffalo Horns are the shizzle (snazzle? schnitzel? pretty sure it’s not schnitzel)
  • Goryeo age Korea and Snoop Dog references have now been crossed off my bucket list.
  • Boon Yi is adorable dressed up like a monk spy
  • Shoulder grabs can be sexier than a wrist grab
  • Careful instrument tuning is essential
  • Mothers in Law are the same the world over, telling you to show up OR ELSE
  • You should never make mother in law jokes where your mother in law will read them
  • If you are going to make a mother in law joke, you might as well get in as many as you can
  • I’m just glad my mother in law doesn’t run a large hotel conglomerate, wait wrong K drama
  • Black Horse = Revolution, White Horse = War, Brown Horse = ???
  • Anytime the Green Mountain Special theme plays the room gets dusty

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