Do Jeon, Ddang Sae, and Yeon Hee see faces from their past to disturb their current plans. General Jo takes steps to neutralize Do Jeon’s plans and General Yi’s influence. Join Amy, Unnichan and Taleena as we discuss episodes 23 and 24 of Six Flying Dragons.

Taleena: Halfway through! Woot woot!

Unnichan: I honestly can’t believe we’re already here! The episodes have just flown by and we’ve covered so much ground.

Amy: Aaaaaaah! This show just keeps getting better! It is a very pleasant surprise. I was paranoid about everything slowing down halfway through but I’m still thoroughly entertained. Am I the only one who laughed way too much when Ha Ryoon told Bang Won that they’re both cute?

Taleena: Ha! Poor Bang Won always has the Baddies saying that they are just like twinsies! It’s enough to give the poor guy a complex.

Unnichan: It’s nice that they are infusing more and more comedic beats into the show. They’re serving a dual purpose of being cheeky with their dual meanings but also working to give us the lighthearted payoff that we need as viewers. And I just loved this meeting between these two. The best part was Bang Won snuffing out the light, then laughing in his face.

Taleena: What I found to be even funnier was everyone seeing Gil Seon Mi and saying, “Gil Tae Mi!!!!” Poor guy just rolled his eyes so hard they about popped out of his head. More significant I thought was the heavy Darth Vader/Leia/Luke vibe I got off of Gil Seon Mi, Boon Yi and Ddang Sae. I was waiting for him to break out the “I am your father!” schtick.

Amy: Yeah. There has to be something significant going on there. I’m getting interested in all of the face reading too. I got so frustrated when Ha Ryoon said something about Boon Yi’s face but didn’t elaborate. I need details! I hate waiting. I already really like Seon Mi, though, and I can’t wait to see more of him.

Unnichan: As soon as Seon Mi showed up, I was just excited that Park Hyuk Kwon still had a job! I’m so glad I don’t have “really” have to say goodbye to him yet. I also find him to be equally as fascinating as Tae Mi. I always like it, when shows use historical practices or truths as foreshadowing points. Because it doesn’t really matter whether Ha Ryoon and Bang Won have similar faces (auras/personalities) or what he saw in Boon Yi’s eyes. What actually matters is what those things mean. I also really appreciated what Ha Ryoon said about Bang Won and how he thinks. Of course it was completely spot on and exactly why Ha Ryoon is so dangerous.

Taleena: I don’t know the history, and so I don’t know how much liberty they are taking with it, but if this were a wholly fictional K drama I’d say that if Seon Mi wasn’t their father, they are definitely Gongmin’s (the dowager queen’s now dead hubby, not her son) love children by the palace maid. BUT since this is ‘real’ life, I’m going with Seon Mi as their dad - with a side bet that he was totally in love with their mother who was married to his best friend.

Amy: I haven’t even thought about that yet so I’ll just go with what you think. What do you think Unni?

Unnichan: All I know is, I’ve always thought Seon Mi liked Mom. He seemed to have a very sincere attachment to her, when he met Ddang Sae all those many moons ago. But I’m not sure he’s anyone’s father (though it doesn’t feel like a baby daddy reveal is on the horizon). For he saw the same thing in Boon Yi’s eyes, that Ha Yoon saw (whatever that is) before who knew she was Yeon Hyang’s daughter and once he knew who she was, he knew exactly why. However, the thing that still has me thinking is why the director chose to take so many foot shots of Seon Mi during that entire scene sequence.

Amy: I’ll tell you what I did pick up on! It definitely wasn’t subtle but Ddang Sae did not appreciate the attention Bang Won was giving Boon Yi. I like that he is getting to play the protective big brother now. Also, does it seem like they are setting it up for Ddang Sae to die to you too?

Taleena: Ddang Sae! He’s like the cop that is one week from retirement that gets the complicated murder case. DON’T plan your happy ending. Just please be dour and sad and give everyone the stink eye until you make it out ok in the end. I know that one week I am picking on him for being mopey, and the next I am telling him to STAY mopey, but criminitly! If he thinks he is headed for a happy ending he is SURE to die. Right now the only person I am putting money on as living all the way through is Bang Won and Moo Hyul.

Unnichan: Well that’s not fair, we know they live but it’s true, right now, all we can go on is the tiny bit of history we do know when it comes to life expectancy. To me, I need to get to my Game of Thrones threshold with this show--- Everyone is going to die. But I will admit when Boon Yi was told that she was going to see her dream come true, I kind of believed it. For some reason, I definitely think she’s going to get to go home.

Taleena: And Moo Hyul looked like he was dying to add himself into Boon Yi’s little ‘retire on a farm’ daydream.

Amy: I think that he was too. Poor Moo Hyul. He chose the wrong girl to have a crush on. Not that any other girl around him would give him the time of day. Ddang Sae has Gap Boon and Yeon Hee and Bang Won has his wife and Boon Yi. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gap Boon and Moo Hyul together though. Hee hee!

Unnichan: Gap Boon and Moo Hyul would have been perfect but I’ve completely given up on them.

Taleena: Plus, Gap Boon looked like she wanted to slug Moo Hyul for fanning the flames of Ddang Sae’s torch for Yeon Hee.

Unnichan: The romantic angle isn’t something I care too much about but if I were to be honest, even though I’m fairly certain none of these people will or should couple off (tons and tons of unrequited crushes for the 26 episodes), if I had to choose, I’d so go for Gap Boon and Ddang Sae over anyone else.

Taleena: I honestly am shipping Moo Hyul and Boon Yi even though that is not the Grand Romance, because I want Boon Yi to be happy on a farm and that ain’t ever happening with Bang “I Live and Breathe Political Machinations” Won.

Unnichan: The fact that Boon Yi hasn’t given up on her dream, despite her feelings for Bang Won is pretty bomb in my book. She has no real desire to obtain him, her love is just a fact and I love that. She still wants a simple life, regardless of the extraordinary things she’s doing at the present. And like I said, I really think she truly might get it. But Moo Hyul isn’t the guy either. With every episode he continues to mature and change and now that he’s hitched his ride to Bang Won, there’s no way he’s heading back to the farm.

Taleena: Also, Bang Won’s wife is really starting to invest in this whole “I want to be a pretty pretty Princess” idea - to the point where she has started using temple spies. I hope she is savvy enough not to get played by the Jukryong.

Amy: Hmmm. Bang Won’s wife seems like she wouldn’t be played BUT I have been fooled by SFD before so I don’t trust my feelings. Ha ha!

Unnichan: Oh, I won’t be surprised at all if Ha Kyung gets played and under the right circumstances, I may greatly enjoy it, but I don’t think that is Jukryong’s goal, at least not yet. For me, what I found to be most interesting is that her inquiries lay the groundwork for her interest and respect for Ha Ryoon to be the segue to the future developments between he and Bang Won.

Amy: General Dad must be feeling so frustrated because nothing is going right for him. I was so disappointed when Do Jeon’s plans didn’t go through. They have a tough road ahead but that is more entertainment for us!

Taleena: Well, Do Jeon rustled up his very well lubricated friend with the detailed land reform plan, and General Dad managed to strike an accord with him. So THAT went well, and they managed to split the vote in the government by isolating the guys that were too greedy for blushes to paper over. THAT went well. But they are getting some pretty good opposition from Ha Ryoon, General Jo, and Lee In Gyeom’s grandson. I honestly think it is going to be Ddang Sae and Moo Hyul recognizing Straw Hat toady that flipped out Yeon Hee that will save them at the party. Ddang Sae seems like his spidey senses are going pretty strong.

Amy: I guess I focus on the negative. Ha ha! Oh yeah. They were tingling for sure. I’m ready for an awesome fight between Ddang Sae, Moo Hyul, the other good guys, and the assassins. Okay. I just like a good fight scene. Speaking of Moo Hyul, I’m interested to see his skills improve. It seems like he is enjoying sword fighting more and more.

Life Lessons Learned

  • Get rid of one enemy: find three more people with axes to grind
  • If Sad Musical Themes follow you around: DO NOT start making plans for your Happily Ever After
  • Who knew the “when all you have is a hammer” metaphor has its origins in Goryeo Korea?
  • Ninja Face veils are the best for fake hostage situations
  • When you steal a giant trunk of documents, take the key too!
  • Beware sinister men in straw hats
  • When your enemy invites you to a party, it may pay to be a tad suspicious

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