Flyers, the Holidays are over (Hope yours were great!) but the Dragons' party was rudely interrupted. Tables were flipped, arrows flown and plenty of a blood shed, as Min Soo's cinnamon wine was served. Now our Dragons have wounds to heal and damage to control, but not before Yeon Hee and Ddang Sae get the best night's rest of their lives. What did you think of General Lee and his boys on this week's Six Flying Dragons? Of course, Amy, Taleena and I were jigging, hooting, and popping over these episodes. Help us keep calm (if you can), after the jump! 

Watch episode 25:

Taleena: Omo, omo, omo - I am on awesome overload for those last two episodes. You know a fight scene is good when - even though you *know* certain people will make it out alive - your heart is in your mouth and you are peeking through your fingers the entire time.

Unnichan: Riveting. That's the word for it. You can't tear your eyes away and you're scared to pieces because you are so captivated by the story they're telling. It doesn't matter what you know, all you care about is what is unfolding before you. My favorite moment had to be when the Trio is surrounded and Ddang Sae gets his hands on a sword--- Some random yells "LEE BANG JI IS HOLDING A SWORD! LEE BANG JI IS HOLDING A SWORD!" It was priceless.

Amy: I was standing up and yelling at the TV most of the time. Well, that or hitting my children or holding onto them. Ha ha ha! I love a good fighting scene and I am completely in love with Moo Hyul now. I love how everyone thought he was insignificant but then he went and kicked their butts.

Taleena: Yeah, when they brushed him off as “just a big, strong guy” I legit yelled at my TV, “Dumbhat! You’ll get yours!” I have to admit, I loved that Moo Hyul was sensitive enough to Ddang Sae’s tension to pick up on it, and smart enough to put two and two together to realize just who Boasting Toady was talking about. I didn’t expect that Moo Hyul would be the one to flip the table in righteous indignation, but it was in character for Moo Hyul to do so.

Unnichan: I was so proud of him... I think I tweeted about it! He was being intuitive! He's just growing up so fast! I'm happy about it though. I can't wait to revel in what an amazing man he's become.

Amy: Yes. Moo Hyul is just shaping up to be an overall awesome character. It was adorable when Ddang Sae told him he is the best at fighting when he is protecting someone. Ddang Sae too, though! I have to say it. He is a badass. Fighting through the pain and fending all of those guys off. Awesome.

Taleena: I thought General Jo Min Soo’s plan of poison + surprise attack was overkill, until I saw the Good guys scythe through the Baddies, so effectively. I cheered so hard when General Dad grabbed a bow and shot the triple arrow. So, so good. 

Unnichan: It's that 'Yi's Never Say Die' mentality. I love it! But seriously, I couldn't believe Jo Min Soo would stoop so low. It was disappointing, although rather audacious. For regardless of how the political alliances would have shaken out, no matter how much distrust, the Yi camp would have never assassinated him. Pushed him out? Exiled him? Sure. But death would have only come if he claimed it. In the end, he ended up exactly where he would have,only a few months, years sooner. So I was annoyed. But then, when he was interrogated and said he didn't regret a thing--- well, I had to respect him a little bit.

Taleena: But nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats Yoon Hee stabbing the rapist with her hair pretty. Boon Yi yelling at her to do it, while Ddang Sae is stumbling on his last legs. It was so good to see them no longer victimized. Jung Yoo Mi did such a good job of looking frozen in terror like the young girl she WAS and then finding herself for the badass assassin she now IS.

Amy: Yes. Yoon Hee gets the baddest badass award. I was so happy at the end of episode 25 that I didn’t even care about episode 26. It doesn’t help that I knew we would be in for a lot of political talk. They kept it interesting though. It can’t be easy trying to please the people while trying to radically change the way the country is run. So many layers and steps to take. Poor Bang Won just wants to push through but I get why Sambong doesn’t want to. Excessive bloodshed isn’t cool.

Unnichan: The politics can be hard to handle if you don't love it, but I what is great about how this is told, is the layers. We move from point to point quickly and mapped out, much like Sambong's plan. Whenever he dove right into things in 26, all I could think is that I'd love to see the narrative outline for this piece. I can only image how plotted and detailed it must be. And I know I'd love every second of perusing through, gaping and making connections.

Taleena: Well, I think it is super interesting how they are now beginning to set up some of the splits that happen within the Reformers camp. Do Jeon splits with Poeun about the new dynasty and scope of reformation, Bang Won splits with Do Jeon about speed of reformation and how power should be exercised. Do Jeon is right that Poeun’s cooperation bestows a legitimacy on the revolution from within. I love political maneuvering and talky-talk. It’s funny. Do Jeon and Bang Won are correct that they need a certain amount of speed to make the changes permanent, bureaucracies rarely change otherwise, but neither do they see how much they have changed the Overton window to their agenda already.

Amy: I need to study more. Ha ha! I do think that I’m understanding what is going on fairly well but to hold a conversation about it is hard for me. I’m like Moo Hyul. Tell me what I need to know and I’ll be happy. I’m very curious about Moo Myung though. I need to see their leader.

Taleena: I am also *quite* curious about that group. I am glad they have circled back around to it. One, I am happy to see Gil Seon Mi in whatever capacity he shows up. Two, I’m always happy to see the spy groups spying. Three, I really, really really want to know what is up with Ddang Sae and Boon Yi’s mom. It’s funny because that secret group all has it’s roots in King Gongmin’s reign; and really, my only touchstone for King Gongmin is the magical-realism of Faith starring Lee Min Ho. A tiny part of my brain is convinced that the leader of this crazy secret group is Gi Cheol laughing crazily in his silver hair piece.

Unnichan: All I kept thinking was that I've heard Moo Myung before and I don't think it was just in this drama. Faith was tons of fun and ultimately a beautiful love story. And yes, it is the greatest drama basis I have for Gongmin and Choi Young; in that they were both alive and present in that drama. It would be interesting if Show found a way to align those stories in my mind, because in that narrative I'm still a little fuzzy on who all was factual and who was not. It's great when you can cross reference like we have with other of this teams works.

Amy: I will have to take your word for it as I have not seen Faith. Don’t hurt me Faith lovers. I’m really into the old lady delivering all of the messages for Moomyung though. It makes me think that she is hearing voices in her head and instructing everyone according to the voices.

Taleena: Gasp. Choke.Faith is so good. It has it’s faults, but I will always hold it in a special place in my heart as my introduction to K dramas. It was from Faith I learned that no one is safe from dying and to never expect a kiss before episode 8.

Unnichan: Hahaha! That was your first drama? Interesting choice, Yoon Gyun Sang was in that too and just as adorable. More and more drama lovers should be introduced through sageuk, perhaps then, they wouldn’t be so afraid of them. *sigh* Amy, sounds like you've got some marathoning to do. 

Flyers, what was your first drama? Would you suggest Six Flying Dragons as a K-drama opener? Are you are intrigued by Moo Myung as we are?

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Beware hair pretties in the hands of a vengeful woman.
  • When people tie their swords to their wrists, sh*t just got real.
  • If you have a secret passage - use a secret passage
  • Never boast of raping at a party
  • Beware of 1000 year old ladies talking about luck and fate
  • I will always hear the phrase “it’s a trap” in the voice of Admiral Ackbar - even when it is in Korean
  • It’s hard to say you have ‘no idea’ what a symbol means when you obviously wet yourself seeing it

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