Episodes 27 and 28 were full of hope, history, and convictions for our favorite Six Flying Dragons characters. Where do you think their hope, history, and convictions will lead them? Come discuss everything with Unni, Taleena, and Amy!

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Unnichan: What week of action packed episodes, eh?! Of course, I don’t mean that in the physical sense but there was tons of talking and voicing, stirring and searching of hearts and for me, that is the kind of action that matters in the long run for our dragons.


Amy: They were definitely interesting episodes that moved the story forward. I just wish that I had gotten more sleep before watching them. Ha ha! I’m the kind of person who needs to be fully awake to get through a lot of dialogue. Anyway, it was interesting to learn more about Sambong’s past and why he came up with his elaborate plan to make a new country. I totally get where he is coming from now and why he wants Mong Joo on board.

Unnichan: Certainly. Anyone would want but more so, need Poeun to hitch his horse with them. And I absolutely loved these episodes for giving everyone a chance to speak; to see what is going on inside of all of their heads. However, it created several conundrums because simply put, no one is wrong in their pursuits or beliefs.

Taleena: I am being trivial of course, but I just have to say every time we got a flashback between Do Jeon and Poeun, the clean shaven face threw me. More to the point, I really liked how it illustrated Do Jeon’s crisis of faith. He went through this huge upheaval and only came through it due to Poeun’s trust in what they both had been taught. If Poeun can’t see Do Jeon’s path it is because Poeun never had the crisis like Do Jeon did.

Amy: Bang Won is especially having a hard time right now. He is getting really impatient for Sambong’s plans to come to fruition. I wonder how much longer he will be able to hold out. For now he is placated because Sambong is keeping him busy but I can’t see that lasting much longer. He keeps questioning Sambong and his thoughts are continuing to differ from Sambong’s more and more.


Unnichan: Bang Won had one of the best lines this week, when he spoke about history and the people--- History is who is talked about. Which was another conundrum for me: the present generation versus future generations. But Poeun was getting on my nerves too. It’s not that you don’t understand but his principles don’t actually hold up against the nothing he was choosing to do for the majority of these episodes. As for Sambong, well, I don’t think he’s really placating Bang Won at all. He’s giving him things to do but his wheels are still churning and he’s still dissatisfied. I literally scoffed when Do Jeon told him to basically stop thinking. I like the continuous build of the divide between them. I hope they tease and tease and tease, then, end the show on a cliffhanger with them. That would be some excellent storytelling.

Taleena: Bang Won still has that young man’s absolute confidence that he is right and everyone around him is dragging their feet because they are old or sell-outs or whatever. Yoo Ah In is doing a lot of great acting with subtle body language. Defiance and arrogant posturing and all sorts of things. Already you can see the major fall out coming. End on a cliffhanger? You cruel, cruel woman.

Amy: I can see where you’re coming from Unni. I like your idea about the ending too. It is interesting to think about for sure. I liked what Moo Hyul said to Boon Yi about hope too. He asked her why she is afraid of hope and that is a very deep question for our Moo Hyul. Hee hee! I think that Boon Yi does need to think about why she is afraid to hope but I do understand her fear. She has not exactly had an easy life. I’m sure she’s afraid to hope because she doesn’t want to be let down.


Unnichan: Moo Hyul was trying to be comforting but I completely understand Boon Yi. Hope doesn’t come easily to everyone and from where she’s standing, it won’t come to anything but futility. If she’s right, her mother abandoned them. Left them alone to do whatever she chose to do, as they fended for themselves. I don’t ascribe to the “she must have had her reasons” camp. Everyone has reasons. But, after some thought, I did think that Ddang Sae saying that’s why they should find her and speak with her, I was able to come around to thinking that his stance could be viewed as more than just another excuse to give Mom a pass. Since, her disappearance is something that has colored their lives so tremendously, and they have an opportunity to confront her, I definitely think they should take it.

Taleena: Moo Hyul really shined there. Boon Yi has a way of blaming herself for everything. She plays the “If only I” game pretty well. He was able to really just empathize and challenge her both.  

Amy: Anyway, Moo Hyul was sweet but now I’m wondering what actually happened to his parents and why, exactly, Boon Yi and Ddang Sae’s mom left. I agree with Moo Hyul’s grandma that she didn’t want to.

Unnichan: And you’re right. Moo Hyul sharing his story made me wonder if perhaps Granny is hiding something from him. ‘Cause he doesn’t remember his parents, how or when they actually died. Now, my memory is splotchy but that’s some huge stuff to never wonder about or try to find answers for. I know he’s a pretty even tempered, trusting, gullible guy and it seems to me, Granny may have used that to her advantage.

Amy: I agree with you about that. A nine year old would remember his parents and what happened to them. That is a huge, life changing event that is not easily forgotten. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. On a completely different note, did you find it hilarious when Sun Mi figured out they were about to be ambushed and started laughing hysterically? I loved that scene and it made me like Sun Mi even more. He has a lot of interesting layers to discover.


Unnichan: I may say this every week but I love Park Hyuk Kwon and I am so ecstatic he’s playing a dual here! Gil Seon Mi is layered to say the least, for just like Moo Myung, we aren’t quite sure what is going on with him. Is he this? Or that? However, when he said he is whatever the situation calls for, well, yeah, my admiration grew. It also creates a nice thread between he and Tae Mi. I want to know everything when it comes to him but I know his character wasn’t created for all that. His largest appeal is his intellect and mystery, if he don’t count his swordary.

Taleena: That was a wonderful scene. They were so busy looking for a deeper political meaning that they missed the obvious one right in front of their noses. I wonder if that is a metaphor for what is going on with Boon Yi and Ddang Sae’s mom?

Amy: You gotta do what is in your best interest in their world. If you aren’t looking out for yourself nobody else will. I’m glad we aren’t living during that time and just get to be entertained by it.

Life Lessons Learned:

  • If your Long Lost Mom is part of the mysterious organization you are tracking - follow her!
  • Boy Kings are really just boys who don’t want to do their homework either
  • Taking a chance on mysterious passcode phrases is ALWAYS worth it.
  • Korea has an endless supply of mysterious, nameless swordsman
  • Anonymous straw hat parties are the best!

What do you think drama clubbers? Where will our characters' hope, history, and convictions lead them? Is Bang Won ready to leave Sambong? Will Boon Yi overcome her fear of hope? Will Sambong's convictions help him create a new country? Let us know your thoughts!

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