Just when this show couldn't get anymore enjoyable it turns the awesome up to eleven. Join Unnichan, Amy and Taleena as we talk siblings, swords, MORE siblings, and secret societies in episodes 29 and 30 of Six Flying Dragons.

Amy: Boon Yi sure is quick on her feet! You know a person has a good head on their shoulders when they can think so clearly after meeting an assassin. She didn’t flinch or anything. I’m kind of surprised the tears in her eyes didn’t giver her away but maybe the guy just thought she was emotional at losing one of her men.

Taleena: I wouldn’t want to play poker with Boon Yi that’s for certain! She looked pretty darn cool, even when she was obviously searching for what to say. It could have easily come off as “how much should I tell you” vs. “think fast to fool him”.

Unnichan: I should say so. And those tears in her eyes could just as well been from the cold. She definitely used the moment to her advantage and was able to stay steely in her objective and projection, not just to “fool” him but to get out alive, with something to show for it. She’s the kind of gal I’d love to have around, because even if it may be a little trying at times, she’s someone that is going to get what she came for and more, no matter what.

Taleena: But I could just beat my head against the wall at Ddang Sae’s blind insistence that their mom must be an unwitting dupe of the Moomyung. He is determined to be disappointed by getting his hopes up that way.

Amy: I feel bad for Ddang Sae. The poor guy just can’t accept that his mom might be doing bad things. I guess he hasn’t lost all of the sweetness that he had when he was a kid. He’ll just have to see it for himself to get it in his head.

Unnichan: Like I said last week: I’m with Boon Yi on this one. Ddang Sae will continue to get side-eyes from me when it comes to his mother. I will say, however, I don’t think he’s blinded nor an eternal optimist. There’s nothing wrong with thinking his mother isn’t completely complicit in what has happened, I just don’t like his adamance or turn of phrase. On second thought, he is a bit of a chauvinist so… At the end of the day, I’m willing to concede they could both be partially right about Mom. I just don’t think I care.

Amy: I’m glad Bang Won figured out Moomyung was trying to kill General Dad and Ddang Sae. What a good brain he has.

Taleena: Ddang Sae was just going to be diverted wasn’t he? Get him off somewhere else with promises of a reunion with mom. That way if the poisoning attempt failed the armed Moomyung guys would have a better chance of killing General Dad. The fact that even plan “C” of the Moomyung group was ultimately foiled was because General Dad and Do Jeon’s plan is good with Gongmin’s heir stepping up in the royal family.

Amy: I don’t know. I just assumed they wanted to kill Ddang Sae because he is another obstacle but then again why would they do that when they could bring him to their side? Anyway, I’m glad we finally know who Prince Jungchang’s lady is. I was wondering if she was scheming something or if she was truly in love with the guy. I think she is in love and it is pretty awesome to watch a woman protecting a man. I just want to know when Ddang Sae will meet her.

Unnichan: Exactly. Gil Seon Mi has no ill will for Ddang Sae or Boon Yi and it has everything to do with Yeon Sang. However, I also don’t believe he’d kill without valid reason either and they don’t truly have one yet. It would make more sense to bring Lee Bang Ji over to Moo Myung than snuffing him out. I knew Yoon Rang wasn’t just Jungchang’s private dancer. She was just too good, too sultry, too captivating to be simple and with all that Cheok Sa Kwang talk, I knew she had to the answer to the mystery. And she’s definitely going to teach our Ddang Sae a couple new tricks I can’t wait to see! Can he have a reluctant crush on her please? [Thanks Show!]

Taleena: Part of why they tried to divert Ddang Sae, I think, is entirely due to Gil Seon Mi calling the particular shots at the time. I think he carries a torch for the mom, and is doing his best to sideline both her children. With the arrival of Ahn Suk Hwan’s character as the newest boss of the Moomyung group, I think we are going to see Gil Seon Mi’s authority and ability to protect Ddang Sae and Boon Yi sidelined. I really enjoyed the cat and mouse between Ahn Suk Hwan and Bang Won.

Amy: Yes. I was imitating Ahn Suk Hwan every time he talked or laughed. I love his voice. Ha ha! It will be fun to watch those two go back and forth some more and outsmart each other. I loved that Bang Won got them with something he made up. Moomyung says they trust each other but maybe their trust isn’t as strong as they thought.

Taleena: Agreed. The question is this: How deep into the Moomyung councils was the Granddaughter/Dancer/King’s forbidden love? (Side note: King’s Forbidden Love totally sounds like a bad romance novel. Right?)

Amy: I think that King’s Forbidden Love is a bad romance novel. Maybe even a drama or movie.

Taleena: Obviously Yoon Rang parted ways with them, but her brother was neck deep and I have the feeling that she would leap back into their embrace to ensure the new king is safe from Bang Won’s machinations. I am going to predict it will ultimately be Moo Hyul who wins in a fight with her even though they are telegraphing a big fight with Ddang Sae.

Unnichan: Bringing another capable woman on the scene just makes me love this show all the more, but it wasn’t entirely clear to me that she knew exactly whom she was dealing with, other than to know she didn’t want the life she was unwittingly training for. She was really young and scared and went into hiding. And, oh, I’m all for Moo Hyul stomping that battle though. It’ll most likely be totally accidental or they will put that “at your best, protecting someone [read: Lee Bang Won]” foreshadowing to good use.

Amy: I really would love to see Moo Hyul win a fight against her. I could picture it happening because his style is so different from her’s. That would be awesome. Then again I just love Moo Hyul and like to watch him kick butt. It was cute when he was asking for her brother’s name. The kid just wants to build his reputation and nobody takes him seriously! Hee hee!

Taleena: I could talk and talk about Moo Hyul and Hong Gil(?)‘s Twin Eastern Dragons training and everything, but I think we ought to segue to Bang Won’s wife, driving him to do, do, DO! so she can be a pretty, pretty princess. It’s clear that the big divide is going to happen with him and Do Jeon very soon, don’t you think?

Amy: Oh for sure. Bang Won wants power because he wants to make the people smile with politics so when he heard that the king’s family would have none he definitely was not a happy camper. Bang Won was already beginning to doubt Do Jeon so all of that may be the last straw for him. Just when Do Jeon got Bang Won to trust him again too. It had to happen sometime, though, and it will be interesting to see what Bang Won does next. I have a feeling he’ll be working with the other scheming guy, Ha Ryun.

Unnichan: Truly, Ha Kyung disappointed me with practically everything that came out of her mouth this week but what can you do right? Just when you think you have someone who is willing to partner with her husband, we find she’s just like all the rest. I love that the divide is something that is completely understandable. Bang Won wanted to trust Do Jeon, he wanted to merge their dreams but when he heard his dream would be turned to ash, there’s no way he can stand (wholeheartedly) with him. And I don’t blame him… yet.

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Stealing away in the dead of night is never as easy as you think it will be.
  • You know it’s serious when the Nail Clippers of Determination make an appearance.
  • Remember when we were almost assassinated in the room where we are now drinking tea? Good times. Good times. Still, better check out the secret door.
  • This show will never stop teasing me with the promise of Boy Spies vs. Girl Spies in an epic showdown.
  • The master swordsman reveal was designed to make me sing Mulan’s “Be a Man” at the top of my lungs

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