Hey hey Flyers! This week our dragons still have some growing to do but Six Flying Dragons continues to develop a strong foundation for its characters, giving us more insight into what makes them tick. And though the road to adulthood is filled with dilemma and tragedy, the journey has us Clubbers quite pleased.

Taleena: Well, I have to say, I really thought that these last two episodes kept the energy levels cracking along. I think they are doing a real good job of setting up the political dynamic, showing just WHAT is causing these young people to fall in with the various camps, and spanning the time between the kid actors and the adult actors.

Unnichan: I can certainly agree with that. I also enjoy that we spend separate time in those individual camps for an entire episode. We don’t do tons of flashing here and there but settle in to the individual lives of our characters, until their paths cross again. And that definitely gives us more a sense of destiny and calling.

Taleena: I really liked the progression of the older brother turned swordsman. It really showed how he managed to make this transition from, mmm not exactly passive but immediacy minded, to big picture minded. In the beginning it was just about finding mom, finding mom, finding mom - the kingdom turmoil held little interest for him because he had no concept of how the game of thrones (Side note - I’ve heard that phrase /somewhere/ before) affected him and his own issues. Then the rape of his little girlfriend forced his focus wider and he could see how the casual cupidity and corruption of government had a big impact on what he deemed his “real” life.

Amy: All of the characters are progressing at a nice pace. I felt for the older brother but he needed his eyes opened to what was going on around him. Unfortunately it is a lesson everyone has to learn sooner or later. It’s just sad that he had to at such a young age. It is pretty awesome to watch him fight, though, I have to say. I want to see more of that. I’m wondering if Bang Won developed any of those sword skills too.

Ddang Sae Grown Man
: I always had faith in Ddang Sae, but the way his story pans out was the surprise. Much like what we have with Bang Won, Heo Sang and Hong In Bang. Show was able to keep our boys on similar trajectories without banging it over our heads. Little Bang Won spoke big and brave about what someone should do when they are tested, but once he was, he was forced to recognize how powerless and defenseless you can really be. It’s about fear and cowardice and Ddang Sae is thrust into the same moment of recognition. I was wondering what Yeon Hee’s purpose was going to be and in the end, what happened to her was the major catalyst, though I know it was what Boon Yi said, that tipped and spiraled him.

Taleena: One of the things that interested me, and we will see how it plays out, is this thought process that only the strong can afford to be just and good. When the returning teacher that Bang Won idolized (and you KNEW that pedestal he was building for Teach was AWFUL high) turned to corruption after being tortured, and Bang Won found out about it it was yet another lesson in the supremacy of strength. It will be interesting to see if or how this worldview will be shattered by the return of Do Jeon, because Do Jeon marries justice and goodness with a non-brute strength. At least so far.

Amy: I was hoping that the corrupt teacher was using the corruption as part of a plan to get rid of the evil. Especially when he started using Tae Mi. Speaking of Tae Mi, that guy is entertaining to watch. I didn’t pick up on it the first two episodes but he definitely gets a kick out of torturing people and needs to be the best swordsman. I’m wondering what will happen when he goes up against Ddong Sae and gets dethroned. That will be interesting to watch. I’m also thinking it may be easy to get Tae Mi on your side if you offer what he wants and give him the chance to get rid of people.

Taleena: Was I the only one to get a “Pit of Despair - Count Rugen” vibe off the torture scene? “Tell me how that feels. I’ve always been curious.” - and be honest; it’s for science!

Unnichan: Minister Hong’s return had me questioning the moment it was announced. I immediately thought he’d turned, his release was just too suspicious. Gil Tae Mi’s issues probably have more to do with trying to live up or equal his brother--- which that whole twin thing was quite interesting as well. Not to mention the real mystery of who swordsman Cheok is and if we will see him. But getting back to Hong, that conversation with Bang Won about good and evil created a great thematic thread for the next few episodes. The point of connecting that to strength showed something else the two have in common, for then we have Boon Yi who isn’t strong in anything (one would think) but her sense of justice is paramount.

: Yes, about that Mysterious and Awesome Swordsman. He interjected a well needed bit of humor into an episode filled, FILLED with serious youths murdering people before they are old enough to shave. It was amusing that the mythic swordsman is a little stymied by a boy who just wants to go home. As for Boon Yi, she is really the clever one of the two. You get the sense that of all of them she will be the one best able to adopt the Do Jeon template of cleverness wedded to soft power. Bang Won /recognizes/ the soft power when it is before him, but does not seem to realize it is only effective when harnessed to conviction. Boon Yi, right or wrong has conviction and is not afraid to lay it out for you.

Amy: It will be interesting to see what role Boon Yi plays in Bang Won’s future. She may have to rein him in a time or two.

Unnichan: The entire issue with Yeon Hee was something I was surprised we saw and actually spent time with any real dialogue on, but ultimately, I’m sure it had more to do with solidifying Boon Yi as someone who isn’t any less emotional than her brother. She just channels it differently. It would be nice if this episode is the last one introducing more characters, but we all know that isn’t true. First there was the swordsmen --- Cheok (the mystery killer), then Jang Sam Bong (the old teacher), however, I think Hyool will be the most important addition. I’m thinking he will be our sixth dragon.

Taleena: That’s the kid that ran down the boar right? That was random and hilarious, all the kids were so funny in those scenes.

Amy: I totally forgot about that! I loved that kid and even looked the actor up. I’m excited to see what his role will be in this huge story. His grandma was pretty awesome too.

Lessons Learned:

  1. You can use a boulder to kill a wild boar, but since you don’t live in Historical Kdrama Land, I don’t advise it.
  2. Silver Foxes who roam the countryside, moving faster than the eye can see, are obviously the best swordsmen ever.
  3. People who can unsheathe their swords with one flick of the finger are bada**
  4. There is going to be a Tree Killing party soon. Real Soon.
  5. One twin brother will always sport a facial scar. Always. Purple eyeshadow is optional.
  6. Not all school bullies have miserable relationships with their fathers.
  7. Yoo Ah In always seems to be comfortable lurking emo on Sungkyungkwan rooftops
  8. Turn your Giant Cave Map right side UP. Thank You.
  9. Wearing black makes you invisible. The black straw hat = black painters cap. :D

What did you think of this week in Goryeo? Were you as pleased with the parallels as we were? Learned any new lessons? Let us know below!

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