We didn't start the fire/It was always burning/Since the world's been turning/We didn't start the fire/But when we are gone/Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on....♫ Ok ok, I just had to get that out of my system because MAN! Six Flying Dragons continues to shake things up and renew our fervor with each passing week! An eavesdropper hears nothing good, while a proposal for Prime Minister is given with an eager heart to an obstinate mind. Our baby dragons are practically all full grown now but with maturation, comes separation and exploration. However, in Goryeo, none of that can be done without a little devious behavior. And just when our gangster thinks he has gotten him, Sambong makes his heart beat once again. Meanwhile, Taleena is roasting s'mores and spouting theories, Amy's curious about kisses and future baby dragons and I'm still singing, reveling in the cultural relevance of women and modern music. What about you Flyers? What were doing with our dragons this week?

Unnichan: If I don't say anything else about this show let me say this... Kim Myung Min is spectacular! And while he's never not spectacular, there's just something about an actor of his gravitas portraying this type of role. I am seriously always moved to tears by this drama but then, we have this moment where yet again, Sambong has you wanting to stand up and shout! Well, I sang but you get me...

Taleena: Nothing like a good old bonfire. Actually rewind, because there were some big things that happened these last few episodes. Bang Won begins his inevitable separation from Do Jeon - as does Poeun. We dig into the mystery of the Long Lost Mom and the Secret Society. And AND we get Do Jeon once again taking the unexpected path by holding a bonfire and breaking out s’mores fixings. Alright, *I* broke out s’mores fixings, still…

Amy: I think that you pretty much summed everything up. Are we done? Ha ha! I could feel Bang Won’s separation from Do Jeon coming for a while and I am enjoying the separation. Bang Won is growing up and making decisions based on what he thinks is right. I don’t know how everything will turn out but it is fun to see Bang Won’s change. I liked how surprised everyone was when he put his hair in a knot.

Taleena: One thing I really like about this show is how sympathetic they make everyone. Bang Won has changed. His evolution from all affronted pride to someone who has genuine depth was great. He didn’t realize how much everyone still viewed him as kid-like until he put up his hair and had the conversation with Do Jeon about impulsive behavior, or even more with Moo Hyul about finding real purpose. It’s not that Bang Won didn’t honestly believe or feel things, but that his beliefs and feelings were shallow and not grounded in realistic understanding.

Unnichan: Ah, yes, the top knot of adulthood. I like that Bang Won had to get himself in character to express his change of mind and center. Sometimes that is what we need and it helped him to remain grounded in his current shift. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he may be taken a little more seriously now. That conversation with Sambong definitely put things in better perspective for him, for though he is “going his own way” so to speak, he is finally at a point where he isn’t just taking things in on his own terms. And with that, he can pinpoint his folly as well. That is the true mark of manhood, recognizing you don’t have the answers and Bang Won is finally at a place where he is opening up to this reality.

Amy: Exactly. Since you said all of that good, mature stuff I’m going to say something immature. Is it strange that I was expecting part of Bang Won’s growing up experience to be getting his wife pregnant? I’m just curious about what she would do if Bang Won actually approached her with that purpose. ANYWAY! We talked about Moo Hyul growing up earlier but he still seems to be holding on to some innocence at the same time. He doesn’t quite understand what is going on around him, just that he wants to support the awesome Bang Won because Bang Won’s goal is to make everyone smile. I’m wondering if he knows how restless Bang Won really is. Ddang Sae is so in touch with everyone’s energies so it makes me wonder if Moo Hyul missed that lesson. Ha ha!

Taleena: I think so he knows how restless Bang Won is. When Moo Hyul was playing escape ninja to help Bang Won setup the ex-leader of Hwasadan, he was startled by the intensity of Bang Won’s words. I know that the long time guard laughed it off as a bluff, but Moo Hyul knows that Bang Won bluffs with the element of truth to back it up. The innocence we see from Moo Hyul is his desire to put the best possible construction on the deeds of those he has placed trust in. Also, he chooses trust over suspicion continually - see Moo Hyul and Yang Whatsherface Dancer girl. (side note - I am having such grrrl powers paroxysms of delight over her it is not even funny.)

Unnichan: I’d have to agree and it’s what makes Moo Hyul such a great character. It’s not necessarily that he is completely oblivious, it’s just that he shakes off doubt until he has no other recourse but to accept it, like with his swindling martial arts instructor, Teacher Hong, or the battle with crossing the Amnok River. And with Cheok Sa Kwang (aka Yoon Rang), well, I had almost forgotten how quickly smitten he can become, so I thank you Show forreminding, because it will make it all the sweeter when he’s thrown off guard by her.

Amy: Moo Hyul and that woman. Hee hee! That boy’s weakness is so obvious. I’m hoping to see them fight since Moo Hyul is weak when it comes to women and he obviously thinks she is something special. Do you think that Do Jeon knows that something is up with Bang Won too? When he warned Bang Won that Bang Won had to deceive himself it seemed like Do Jeon might know more than he is letting on.

Taleena: I think Do Jeon has a pretty good idea of Bang Won’s temperament and character. I think that he has I’m sure Do Jeon is confident enough that he thinks everything will work out.always found Bang Won a little too pleased with power and a little too impulsive to use it wisely, but trusts that as long as their interests march aligned that it will be OK. Remember the conversation they had about the worms in your heart whispering to you to grab power? To me the big question is this: did Do Jeon tell General Yi that the kingship was to be a figurehead when he signed on board? I think he did. Dad has never been truly comfortable with the notion that he would hold absolute power as a monarch. However, if Do Jeon didn’t this is what will cause the largest rift between Do Jeon and Bang Won, because Bang Won will bow his head to his father’s decision -mostly- but would see it as a betrayal if Do Jeon did not.

Amy: I’m thinking that General Dad knows what the kingship will mean because he told Bang Won not to expect anything for all of his work. I could be reading too much into those words but that is the impression that I got.

Unnichan: Exactly. I like that the question was asked, then immediately answered, because yes, I think the General knows. Back when he urged Sambong to tell him everything, I think he did. If he didn’t, I too would be highly disappointed, given all the tiny speeches he gave to Bang Won back then, not to mention how earnest he was about making sure the General wasn’t in the dark about what he was getting into. Sambong was very clear that the way to a man's heart is to show him your own. Much like he's done with Poeun, Sambong relies on timing, more than the persuasive quality of his arguments and in both cases (if I'm right), his timing was sped up just a bit when it came to divulging information.

Amy: Okay. Now I’m wondering what will happen when Ddang Sae knows who his mom really is. Before that, though, were you surprised when you found out that she is Moomyung’s leader? I knew it wasn’t the older lady because she was always delivering messages but I wasn’t expecting the mom.

A Mother's Stab

Taleena: I wasn’t surprised, but only because I was too busy patting myself on the back for seeing that Gil Seon Mi’s actions were because of the giant torch he carried for her. I must admit when she confronts him about her children and stabs him that was pretty hard core. Also, hearing that her son is Yi Bang Ji really seemed to strike her in the marrow. It gave me the feels as she was just staring at him longingly in the end. Mom feels!

Unnichan: Mom being Moogook wasn't shocking. She always gave off an “in too deep” air. And drama continues to showcase the wonder and greatness of women and I eat it up every episode! I’m not one to buy “a mother’s love” justifications, but I did love the stab and finding out more about the history between our middle-aged Moomyung faction [Yeon Hyang,Seon Mi and Cho Yong] and linking Queen Seon Duk and Bidam to Moomyung. Seems even a nameless, mysterious cult… err, I mean, sect, can’t exist without succumbing to the basest of human hang ups and emotions like, envy and greed,deception and confusion. There’s a lot going on there and Yooksan is smack dab in the middle, manipulating all those things for Moomyung purposes.

Amy: Yeah. The stabbing was a little odd to me but, you know, he messed with her kids. I guess the mama bear came out. Yay, Taleena for seeing Seon Mi’s crush! Ha ha! I found it interesting that Mom and Cho Young grew up in Moomyung and had their roles chosen for them. Also that Mom left to marry a farmer and have kids. Did they say why she made that decision?


Taleena: Nope, but I got a theory. Wanna hear it? Here goes: Mom is placed by Moomyung in the palace as maid to the princess. Gil Seon Mi falls for her and is recruited into Moomyung. When the princess’s health went south, Mom who genuinely cared for her, faked her death and married a Yiseo farmer to get away from Moomyung - particularly the faction run by (insert name of man who ordered the kids killed). Moomyung found her and dragged her back into the organization and stepping into the role she had been groomed for. She left right away to save the kids, only to be told they were dead. Sound about right?

Amy: Yep! Good job! Ha ha! If your theory is correct it will make me think more highly of Mom.

Unnichan: What I loved most about these episodes was everyone being so blooming upset with Seon Mi and his cover up. I also found it interesting that he honestly thought he’d be able to keep something this big underground now that he’s met both Boon Yi and Ddang Sae, not to mention, who the latter has become. But these revelations do harken back to what he said previously about being whomever he needs to be, because now we know he turned his entire life upside down for a girl! Therefore, clearly he has no qualms doing whatever he needs to do for himself and his desires, if he deems them of greater importance than honor and loyalty…Is there some foreshadowing that as well? As for the theory, I was thinking much of the same (that both kids were right), for it is fairly clear now that she was blackmailed into staying, regardless of why she initially left. But again, still not sure it changes what I think or feel towards Yeon Hyang.

Amy: I just remembered something funny. Ha Ryoon’s almost torture scene. He was screaming before the iron even reached him! Bahahaha! Seriously, though, I knew he and Bang Won would work together eventually. Bang Won is determined to get that power.

Taleena: That was funny. Bang Won certainly was the center around a bunch of emotional notes. I have never been terribly invested in Bang Won and Boon Yi’s relationship, but their snowball fight and the subsequent, necessary distancing of their relationship really hit the spot. I usually sneer pretty hard at “eye talking” - those internal dialogues where the mains just stare at each other - but it was used correctly and sparingly here.

Amy: Yes. I was happy with it. Their eye talk didn’t go too long and it was appropriate. I was a little surprised that Boon Yi reciprocated the kiss but then I realized that Boon Yi probably knows it will be the only time they’ll kiss so she took advantage.

Unnichan: I appreciate the way love is tackled in this drama. For a moment like this and with Boon Yi and Bang Won so in sync, they don't always have to speak to understand one another. And there's no doubt she'll figure out what he's thinking (and planning) sooner rather than later. When she does, it'll be interesting what she does with her knowledge. 

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Deceit is a tryst best served bold
  • Getting a new hairdo may reveal what the world thinks of you
  • Kissing is the best way to say Goodbye
  • Being Nameless doesn't mean you forget who you are
  • Boys get stabbed their butts kicked into trouble, believing all girls are damsels
  • Secret societies hate secrets
  • Lover eye talks have merit too
  • Torture scenes are much more comical without actual torture
  • No matter how hard you try, breaking up is still hard to do

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