Poeun and Sambong finally break into open warfare, and it is the saddest thing yet in this series. Join Unnichan, Amy, and Taleena as we examine how metaphorical knives drawn become literal knives drawn in Episodes 33 and 34 of Six Flying Dragons

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Taleena: Jumping right into it, there were two scenes that made me legit cry this week. Sambong crying as Poeun uses a long held confidence to impeach him, and that darn Green Mountain theme playing over Boon Yi confronting her Moomyung Mom.

Unnichan: Once again, I’m with Boon Yi on this one. For the only thing I felt during that moment between she and Moogook was that I don't work in half truths. And while I could get behind how Moogook presented herself, I wasn't for half of her advice. Much like with Jung Mong Joo, for we could smell betrayal in the wind for weeks, how this was done, cuts so deep, there is no return of understanding or justification. He lied to sow discord and disgrace and set out with murderous intent with his words and actions, his hypocritic self-righteousness, perched on his so called loyalty induced righteous indignation. Sambong spoke about death and the Poeun is gone.

Amy: Yep. Bang Won was right not to fully trust Poeun and Boon Yi was right about her mom too. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be broken by a person I trusted so much. I don’t think it will be easy for Sambong to overcome the grief of losing a close friend.

Taleena: No. Do Jeon was prepared for harsh political opposition. He was prepared to give up his life. He was even prepared for Poeun to be the one to make that happen, but he was not prepared for the utter betrayal from Poeun. It was as if he saw Poeun was a completely different person who surrendered personal honor. What made it sad was that Poeun had to drive himself to it, and cried about it the night before. Poeun felt like Judas and once that step was taken, he knew that he couldn’t do things by half measures. Especially when General Dad didn’t immediately support him but resigned.

Amy: General Dad is having a hard time too. Everything is happening so fast to him that it is hard to accept all of the changes. I can’t say that I blame him. The citizens’ support is important and when you don’t have it I’m sure it is daunting to think about making so many changes no matter how good they will be in the long run. Well, now that he is badly injured everyone is clamoring to get their way. He’ll be okay but I am curious about what will happen next.

Unnichan: What concerned me the most had to be the General’s nightmare. Not because I believe it but that he does. And even if we can blame his current conviction on delirium, will it set in once he's healed? What are we to think and look forward to concerning his mindset? It’s true that he’s hurt and disillusioned but what will (can) set him back on track? Or will he return with a completely new outlook altogether? Then hearing Bang Won’s declaration? The General, more than anything, wants his family, those that trust him, to remain hands clean and right now, practically no one is in compliance.

Taleena: I just don’t know. It’s so hard to know how to size up a situation with so many moving parts. What is interesting to me is now it makes sense how the line of succession works, with the General’s oldest son out of contention. Boy! That was another rough part, where the oldest son saw himself from a long line of dishonorable traitors, and was determined to end it with himself.

Amy: Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that part! For a society that places so much emphasis on honor, especially for a military family it has to be hard for the oldest son to know that his family has traitors. Sometimes I have to remind myself how important honor and place in society is. For General Dad to hear that too. Man. So much heartache this week. Even the king went through it doing what Poeun told him and sending his lover to assassinate General Dad.

Unnichan: Bang Woo’s trajectory was the thing that had me in tears this week. I was absolutely devastated and won't recover any time soon, but there has never been a time I didn't understand Bang Woo and his stance. Then to see it in full view from where he was standing, well what can you say? And of course, drama created a reason Bang Hwa gets the crown and it all makes sense narratively. One thing I’ve loved consistently about this world is drama being unafraid to explore real and true opposition, for rational, human reasons and Bang Woo is staunch example.

Taleena: On the opposite side of the spectrum is Bang Won who has not only bought into the revolution, but now sees no other way forward but with blood. Yikes. Further, he has Pretty Pretty Princess egging him on and for some unknown! reason he is not being caught up in the detention of key helpers. Poeun knows Bang Won is Do Jeon’s student. Knows it. Why did he leave Bang Won to run around and figure a way to wriggle free of the trap? Bang Won’s table full of help had a finger in -or directed - every single one of the power bases. Dumb Poeun. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Amy: Right? I think that everyone is underestimating Bang Won and they definitely shouldn’t. He has been right numerous times now and his plans are getting better and better. I think that Pretty Pretty Princess wants power and so does her dad.

Unnichan: I’d have to agree with you there. Jung Mong Joo has limited Bang Won to a little puffery pupil, stalking him, idolizing Do Jeon and talking nonsense. He doesn't know what we know, that Yi Bang Won is ruthless, methodical--- a killer. The moment he laid eyes on Jung Mong Joo, after Sambong's arrest and dropped the honorifics, I knew a brand new tree had erected his woods and unfortunately, regardless of what happens, Bang Won is going to cut it down. But even with all that, Jung Mong Joo honestly has too much on his plate. His mental maneuvering has to move quicker than ever before, desperate to bring his ideas to fruition, so he probably just plain forgot about him, completely disregarding the world Do Jeon was creating and yet again, proving Goryeo can never sustain the ideals he claims to desire to implement.

Taleena: I like that they showed Ha Ryoon trying to speculate on Bang Won’s situation as everyone is called back from exile. I expect to see him soon since he is tight with Papa Min. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Bang Won use him against Poeun. Also, I just want to say that I can not get enough of that White Ninja Assassin look and I wanted to see her fight Moo Hyul a little more. Part of my brain says that Moo Hyul will discover the weakness in her sword work, where Gil Seon Mi could not. Mostly because Moo Hyul learned sword work from his instructor AFTER the instructor was a servant in the house. Whereas Gil Seon Mi was his student BEFORE his turn as servant.

Amy: I was so disappointed that they didn’t fight more but Moo Hyul probably wasn’t quite ready for that yet. I think that Moo Hyul will be able to beat her too and it is not just my Moo Hyul crush saying that. Taking what you said into account and the fact that his style is so different from her’s it is a definite possibility. I can’t wait to watch them fight again!

Unnichan: She's gorgeous in her “uniform” and I was all prepared for her die this week, but looks like Moo Hyul recognized her, so that is something else. He's a character that that has grown exponentially and continues to reveal what a wonderful, thoughtful guy he is. I’ve always said he was simple and I admire that he has been able to stay grounded in that, while being exposed to daily malice. I still contend he will find his fame, the one moment he’s not vying for it and Yoon Rang has all the legend and clout to give it to him. My thing is I’m thinking Gil Seon Mi is asking the wrong question, therefore, Moo Hyul may not need to recognize the weakness in the art, but in the artist.

Life Lessons Learned:

  • You can never have too many diversionary palanquins
  • Ninja White is a look I can get behind
  • When striking a hydra, get ALL the heads
  • Never discount someone who grows Revenge! trees

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