I'm sorry for the late recap, everyone! Let's dive right into episodes 35 and 36 of Six Flying Dragons!

Amy: Wow! Those two episodes were packed with action! I loved them! I was ready for some good fighting so I was super excited when Moo Hyul was fighting Yoon Rang. Moo Hyul is really growing up. He is figuring out what is going on around him and he is getting better and better at reading people.


Taleena: These episodes are a little crazypants because there is a HUGE break happening all over the intransigence of three people: Poeun, Sambong, and General Yi. Bang Won is the only one willing to sacrifice Poeun to the plan of Joseon. I can’t understand if that makes him stronger than Sambong and his father, or weaker than they are. These episodes revolved around Moo Hyul and Bang Won answering the question that Boon Yi couldn’t from her Mom: Are you willing to burn down everything for the new country?

Unnichan: I personally don’t think it’s a question about weakness or strength, but about position and perspective. However, I did like that Bang Won brought up the fact there are times you have to get your hands dirty. Fire is used for purification, not just power and destruction and our younger dragons are the most pliable. They will continue to realize their place and construct their convictions. I enjoy that aspect of the growth and maturation of these characters. What drama has always done well is examine different perspectives within the same goal. Bang Won and Boon Yi are both fire starters who are willing to withstand the fire and watch things burn and while Moo Hyul won’t set any, he’s now determined to run into the fire with full and complete knowledge, risking everything to preserve and save.


Amy: Yep. Obviously Bang Won is ready to burn down everything. He is ready to meet his goal no matter what it takes. Bang Won has gone against General Dad before but to take out Poeun when General Dad had flat out told him no was definitely Bang Won announcing that he is willing to do what it takes no matter what bridges he has to burn. I think he and his wife are going to keep getting along better and better as long as Bang Won stays on his path and she stays on his side.

Taleena: When the Pretty Pretty Princess congratulated him you knew that her whole family was behind his decision. It will be interesting to see where Bang Won goes from here, because he was ready to die for killing Poeun. Ready. But when he yelled at his dad for being hesitant and wavering, and Sambong kicked him out of the Rebel Alliance, and his older brother wanted to kill him, he snapped. He just saved all of their lives and the whole revolution. I get that what he did was not honorable, but none of the people he looked up to and respected acknowledged it to his face.

Unnichan: It’s a case of being unable to affirm him, right? Bang Won brutally murdered a lone, unarmed man in the middle of the street and left him there, disgraced and dishonored. The King’s closest confidant, someone his father respected and his mentor loved. Am I upset with him? NOPE. I wanted Jung Mong Joo gone too and they were at an impasse. Everyone was about to be killed, the General was dying, there was nowhere to go but through Poeun. And yet, that doesn’t change that Mong Joo wasn’t a bad man, he wasn’t evil. He was a citizen, a devoted scholar, a wise leader, a respected rival and a friend but in the end, he was reduced to just another obstacle that had to be eliminated. So Bang Won doesn’t get back claps, hero hoots or fist bumps for this, but meeting him with disappointed understanding? Resolute acknowledgment? It’s a shame neither man could do that or at the very least, consider that Bang Won didn’t slink away from a hard choice, in a desperate situation.

Amy: Right. I get where they are coming from but at the same time Bang Won protected them so they could achieve their goal. I’m wondering if Bang Won will team up with Ha Ryoon now that he is gaining some power and has lost Sambong and his dad. Ha Ryoon doesn’t really have anything to lose I guess.


Taleena: Speaking of not having anything to lose, what is Ninja Assassin girl going to do with Moo Hyul. She has to know that Poeun is dead and that in theory, all the king’s political support went with him.

Unnichan: The thing with Yoon Rang is that she only began because she has this “gift” and she found someone she wanted to use it for. Right now, she’s recovering and her biggest goal has to be getting back to the man she loves, admires and swore to protect but what that really has to with Moo Hyul now, I really am not sure. It’s not like it means much now to kill him and she can’t massacre her way back to the palace. She’s not into politics, she doesn’t care about anything but the King, so it will be interesting to see what she chooses to do and what Moo Hyul is thinking her next move will be. But with all that, I’m glad yet again to be surprised by their connection and what narratively will transpire between them.

Amy: It’s interesting to see how much Moo Hyul has learned from Yoon Rang. He is learning how to read people and play into their weaknesses. Like I said, before Moo Hyul is really growing up. Do you know what I’m wondering? How does Ddang Sae keep getting sliced on the gut and is still able to get up and fight? I’m just so impressed by that. Also, I laughed a lot when he got a giggle after Yoon Rang got injured by the sword for the first time.


Unnichan: Yoon Rang taking for granted that she would just walk away unscathed was comical. But we know that Cheok Suk Gwang is not your typical swordsman. And unlike others that have warred, she has been dormant and even before that, only trained, then got her revenge. I respect her for this, of course but I don’t appreciate the reluctance and disconnection rut she displays because being too methodical, too dejected doesn’t align well with her promise and purpose.

Amy: You smart people put things into perspective for me. I appreciate it. Thank you for doing the thinking for me. Ha ha ha!

Unnichan: Either way, Ddang Sae has been around the bend a few times and just like any other warrior his withstand ability is a reflection of his training and experience levels. My only issue was that it hasn’t been that long since his last near death experience… Muscles and organs need proper heal time and I can’t help but be concerned. But the human body is much stronger and more resilient than we give it credit for. Now we just need to wait for the other shoe to fall, Poeun to be strung up and see what shakes out. I know there’s more bloodshed ahead, I just wonder if we’ll be surprised by the origin of its birth.


Amy: Sambong seems determined to do whatever it takes now but Bang Won is in the same boat. That wording is bad. By same boat I mean they are both willing to do what it takes to get what they want. Not necessarily that they want the same things. Both of them perhaps?

Unnichan: I appreciate Sambong’s breakdown and then watching him put his pieces back together and settling on ruthlessness. Also his acceptance of his own part in this entire ordeal was huge. While some may look at it as a self-pitying or deprecating moment (and maybe it was to an extent), I liked that it was a lesson in how even the smallest greeds in life can destroy and mislead you. The divide between Bang Won and Sambong is wide, for it’s not about being right or wrong, or honorable. The issue is they are fundamentally different and this will always grow a type of resistance and hostility between them. And while I think Sambong can respect this difference, even he can’t truly resolve or reconcile himself to it and that is a major issue. And was it just me that turned to Bang Won at the end and said “Uh, you should have asked this question weeks ago?”

Amy: Yeah. I’m a little surprised that it took Bang Won that long to figure out. Even his wife was questioning his position with Sambong so you would think that would set his wheels going but I guess it is better late than never. I think Sambong is going to regret losing Bang Won, though. Sambong is not going to have an easy time with Bang Won as an opponent.

Unnichan: I don’t know. A part of me feels things definitely would have gone down a different route, if Bang Won had confronted Do Jeon from the start, over using this knowledge to separate himself. And even though, I still think the Jung Mong Joo outcome would be the same, the bitterness may not have been as staunch. But I don’t think Sambong would mind parting, as much as he isn’t in the mood (or have time) to deal with a Bang Won style opposition.

Amy: I wonder how many people Bang Won will bring with him or if he will have to start all over again. I know Boon Yi will follow him. Oh the questions. I guess it is a wait and see game again.

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Life Lessons Learned:

  • Never underestimate ambitious 5th sons
  • Sword cuts hurt
  • No such thing as doctor/patient confidentiality in Goryeo
  • We need to know who else is on Jukryong’s sliding scale of bad*ssery

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