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Taleena: One thing that I noticed these last couple of episodes: How sympathetic both Sambong and Bang Won remain, even as they both take turns for the worse. I know that some viewers worried that Bang Won would turn villainous in a cartoony way after his dad’s ascent to the throne, but the way the writers have eroded the virtue on both sides has made the ruthlessness of both plausible, somewhat sympathetic and alarming.


Unnichan: I absolutely love that they’ve made this rift so painstaking and identifiable.

However, during these episodes I kept thinking what is a fate worse than death? Because fighting with fists and swords, I can handle but what is happening now destroys more and leaves much deeper scars. My heart was so heavy this week watching these two make decisions that are not only irreversible but damning to them both. What is even harder is that there is no way to fully accept either, while you can’t fully disagree. Ultimately, you have to choose a side or go your own way in the end. That is the only middle ground; if we can say there is any such thing right now. Sambong promised to be ruthless and he is living up to that in his own way. But it’s this dissension and discord that continues to give me this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Amy: I’m having trouble siding with either man. I can understand where they are both coming from so it is hard for me to say who is right and who is wrong.

Taleena: Do Jeon’s largest mistake is so blatantly side-lining all of the King’s oldest sons. He has his reasons, and they are GOOD reasons, but if he had made Bang Gwa crown prince he wouldn’t be having near the issues with Bang Won. Bang Won may make rash decisions, be filled with ambition, and the arrogance of his own superiority, but he has never once placed his ambitions before filial loyalty. His second largest mistake was investing himself with so much power and not handing it off as soon as possible. Even though he is not accumulating power for power’s sake, after Lee In Gyuem, Hong In Bang et al. It looks bad. Badness can be inferred by it, and it gives the discontent a lever against you.

Unnichan: I completely agree. The issue lies with Sambong seemingly undermining the ideals and precepts he’s established. He’s said from the beginning that his goal was transparent leadership and nothing he has done since Jung Mong Joo’s demise has been so. Do we understand his goals? His purpose for choosing this line? Absolutely! But that doesn’t squelch suspicion because you can’t help but think there have to be better or different options. That’s why you can’t blame Minister Jo Joon or Commissioner Lee Shin Jyeok for their push back and misgivings and of course, their ultimate separation. As we always say, the problem isn’t what is right or wrong because the choices that Sambong has made and the steps Bang Won have taken are properly aligned with their viewpoints. And that’s one thing I greatly appreciated about that moment Boon Yi brought together in the Cave of Dreams. Both men were unyielding in their stance and for good reason. They also respect and know they disagree according to their own convictions.

Amy: That was actually refreshing to watch. I was afraid we would be in for a long argument but instead they just established that neither would back down and they completely acknowledged their stances to one another. I’m curious about what Bang Won’s wife will have to say about losing Boon Yi and her people but really, it isn’t her decision and I think she needs to back off a bit before Bang Won loses it on her.


Taleena: Moo Hyul wakes up to ugly truths rather slowly, and I am glad he is not mindlessly following orders, but I worry for his life and safety. He can’t articulate the ethical difference between fighting in battle and killing a prisoner, but he sees the distinction. He has not - not like Young Kyu - given up making those ethical distinctions to simply follow orders and let his superiors figure it out. We are moving into the final ten episodes and my confident feelings of Moo Hyul’s survival have greatly diminished, while Boon Yi’s has grown exponentially.

Amy: Wah! Not my Moo Hyul! I have to agree with you, though, Taleena! I don’t think that he is very safe right now. I’m proud of him for finally questioning what is going on around him but I want him to be safe so I want him to keep his mouth shut at the same time. My poor Moo Hyul.


Taleena: Boon Yi: dang girl! You have some huevos! I was almost positive she was bluffing, but the fact that she knew exactly WHERE to apply the pressure on Bang Won was telling indeed.

Unnichan: There was no doubt she was bluffing and not only did I love that show made a point of continuing the thread of she and Bang Won’s deep connection, but mostly, what she did tapped into that old Boon Yi that we’ve been missing out on. Boon Yi has just been following orders and doing a lot of listening and worrying lately. So when she orchestrates this meeting and lays her cards on the table, giving them one last chance to get their lives together and they choose to stand their ground instead, it was wonderful that she be the one to remind them why she joined hands with them in the first place and that she doesn’t have to choose either one of them. She can always choose herself. Thanks Moogook Mom!

Amy: I was so proud of her for finally making a decision! I’m nervous about Boon Yi and her people moving though. I’m not sure if it will actually happen. I think that something will change her mind before they actually relocate. I truly hope not but I just don’t think that Sungkyungkwan is going to happen.

Taleena: I really, really want her to retire with her people to Sungkyungkwan and hope she sticks by her decision to not become a concubine to Bang Won, no matter how much Pretty, Pretty Princess is calling for it. If Boon Yi *doesn’t* get out I swear, I am placing all the blame for it on Yeon Hee’s head. Boon Yi and Ddang Sae would be at the village by now, except that Yeon Hee keeps holding out this hope that she will leave Hwasadan. Yeon Hee will never leave Hwasadan. I think she rather likes the intrigue and is too devoted to Do Jeon.


Unnichan: First of all, Yeon Hee was never leaving Hwasadan. Which is another example of how those three are constantly dreaming up realities and futures for the others that just don’t apply. Back when they were children, things were hard but simple; easier to have input, with discernible paths. However, as adults none of their original ideals are arranged in the same formation. Ultimately, the skeleton of what we all want is identical but as we experience life, our desires and pursuits can radically shift. Yeon Hee may have wanted to be invited to their little cottage in the countryside, but that was more like desiring the sentiment behind the invitation more than the reality. But I admit for a second I believed Boon Yi may turn concubine, given Yeon Hee throwing her station in her face all the time. If she chose that path, it would give her the power and position Yeon Hee has no qualms reminding her she doesn’t even have the luxury to be of like minds with.

Amy: I’m not sure if Boon Yi will become Bang Won’s concubine since she already told him earlier that she didn’t want that for her life BUT as I said, I’m not sure if she will actually move. I agree that Yeon Hee will not budge from Sambong’s side. She is way too attached to him and the things that go on around him.

Unnichan: Ha Kyung on the other hand, though equally annoying, I understand to a degree. She may be jealous, but more than that, her only concern is the politics and her family’s involvement. She has certainly become a nagging (read: NAGGING) wife but she has a great mind and her ambition is to stay grounded, with a true definable position. She won’t just sit around and wait while all these men make mockeries of the sacrifices they’ve all made. She wants some reciprocity. Can’t really blame the girl for that, now can we?

Amy: I see what you’re saying, Unni, but I still don’t care for her character. I think it is because all of the nagging gets on my nerves no matter how understandable it is. I’m pretty sure Bang Won is getting tired of it too.


Taleena: Ddang Sae - I don’t know if he is going to protect Do Jeon in the end. He is super uneasy with the amount of power that Do Jeon wields. He knew the meetings with the Jurchen were sketchy (if legal). I don’t know he has the heart for the kind of infighting that Bang Won vs. Do Jeon is going to yield.

Unnichan: Ddang Sae has always been my favorite dragon, in that for the most part, even when he upset me, his views mirrored my own concerning alliances and politics. And that still remains. He’s chosen to stand with Sambong and I’m not sure that will change but that doesn’t mean he will eat whatever the man feeds him. One thing that is true of all our dragons is that from the onset they came together from different backgrounds with different precepts, willing to merge together for one central purpose. Their world has now been created but nothing is as it should be or intended and basically no one is pleased with where they are or even how they got there. I loved that he was willing to admit that he doesn’t feel right about anything that is happening now, nor does he have great advice or answers but believes whatever decisions anyone makes going forward, must be their own, for their own sake.

Our characters have made some important decisions this week! Well, some are still deciding but still, it was all about decisions this week! What did you think? Whose side are you on? Will everyone be satisfied in the end? Let us know your thoughts!

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Take advice from Granny: Pub life > Thug life
  • Also: Government work = Thug Life
  • Get out when the gettin’ is good.
  • Minions growing a conscience can be dangerous for the minion
  • Sambong needs to delegate STAT
  • Don’t cross people with Revenge! groves unless you are sure you can take them out.
  • A leopard skin shawl is a hardcore wardrobe choice

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