Do Jeon's faction is pushing hard to remove Bang Won from any hope of power, deal decisively with the deposed King, and remove Moomyung's influence. Bang Won, of course, is fighting tooth and nail. Join Taleena, Unnichan and Young Ajummah as we discuss this week's foray in Six Flying Dragons.

Taleena: I just have to get this out of the way, but hot diggity does Yoon Kyoon Sang look good with a short beard. Mrroew!


Unnichan: Look, I try to stay away from the shallow feels when I’m watching dramas, truly I do, but… Moo Hyul turned around and my pupils doubled in size.

Amy: MOO HYUL! Um. He might be my favorite. I’m very excited to see his next fight because I want to see how much better he is. It’s been so much fun to watch him grow up.

Taleena: I hear you Unni. I don’t go all gaga easily, but it was a relief from the weeks of perpetual baby face. Welcome to the Big Leagues Bang Won. Chinese court politics ain’t bean baggin’. By the time Bang Won got sent to China I was gasping and giggling every other second with the thrill of it all.

Unnichan: Oh yea. I think it’s cool that they’ve ran with filling in the historical gaps of Bang Won in Ming. There’s no doubt he will have grown just as much as everyone else has. He was a ruthless and savvy foe before he left. I can only imagine what kind of beast being in the Motherland has made him. All I know for certain is--- Sambong ain’t ready.


Taleena: Do Jeon was buying time and a chance that Bang Won would be discreetly killed out of his influence, I really don’t think he counted on displaced and wiley princes making a mutually beneficial pact together.

Amy: I’m so ready for the showdown between Bang Won and Do Jeon. I was a little disappointed, though, that we didn’t get to see Bang Won in Ming. I was thinking we’d get an episode of that but the story has to move so I won’t complain. I’m probably way too excited for all of the conflict that is about to happen between everyone. Oh and I find it entertaining that Boon Yi is still keeping track of all movements around their new village. She’s a smart one that Boon Yi.

Unnichan: Show doesn’t have much time to get where I assume they are trying to go, so we may see a few flashbacks or hear an anecdote or two about that time he’s spent in Ming. Honestly, what will be the most telling is how these characters make decisions from here on out. That will give us the most information about their transformation in this time. Like Boon Yi. I appreciate that what we see of her now is an unflinching businesswoman. She isn’t cruel but she isn’t a pushover either. Which reminds me, was I the only one disappointed at Cho Yong’s dissension? I loved her so very much in the beginning and pretty much until she began to slip into trap after trap. Guess Show just wanted to prove to us once and for all why she was never chosen as Moogook.


Taleena: I thought Cho Young had a nice moment at the end with Yeon Hee, but yes, she is not quick enough or far seeing enough to be the Moogook. Mom though? Oh! The two scenes: first where she is warning Ddang Sae off and offers her life. I felt so bad, she recognises that HE is the one who has lost the most to her decision to return to Moomyung. Then when she shows up in China?! I legit whooped loud enough to scare the cat from the room.


Amy: Mom is on top of it. That is for sure. I didn’t realize how strong Moomyung’s ties were until she showed up in China. If you’re a group like that I guess you need to have a far reach. It makes sense.

Unnichan: When Moogook Mom said Moomyung was the voice or heart of the people, well, that sent a little quiver within me. ‘Cause you know, in the truest, rawest sense, she’s right. I like that we have that thread to hold onto throughout the course of the episodes all the way until Sambong’s mountaintop speech. We always come back to the heartbeat of the people and the duality of human nature and desire. The “people” are this (wanting equality and justice), just as much as they are that (complacent and fearful of change or progression) and it’s what makes the sides and arguments forever compelling.


Taleena: I am happy that the former King’s children and Yoon Rang are living under Boon Yi’s auspiciouses. They are kind of mirror images of each other, much the same way Moomyung and Do Jeon are mirror images of each other.

Amy: You guys are so good at putting things into perspective. I’m just really excited to see where we’re going from here. I’m wondering what our king will do and say when Bang Won shows up. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see Bang Won until Bang Won shows his power and the plans he has. Is it Tuesday yet?


Unnichan: Since we have circled back to Bang Won, let me just give a shout out to Yoo Ah In for developing this character in a way that holds strong and true. He is just as compelling now (if not more so) as he was from the moment he appeared in the tenth episode. I also appreciate that for me, Show doesn’t portray some tortured love story between he and Boon Yi but a deep connection that resurfaces each time they are together. I am truly digging that this Show focuses on the lives and loves of these people in a well rounded way. Our dragons are all people with great motivations that aren’t limited to finding and fulfilling some white picket fence ideology. However, speaking of dreams, I was beyond irritated that once again EVERYONE was trying to limit Bang Won’s ideas to mere greed.

Amy: That irritated me to no end too. I can see why someone who worked so hard for something would lose it after that. At the same time, though, I get where Do Jeon is coming from as well. That is one of the reasons why I like this show. I get everyone.

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Ex-Kings are not allowed to just live quietly
  • You can take the girl out of the spy game, but not the spy game out of the girl
  • Do Jeon still plays three moves ahead
  • If you are part of a Super Secret Society: don't tattoo their symbol on your body.
  • Beef Jerky - it has so many purposes
  • Always beware of the little guy on the Brute Squad
  • Giant sapphire rings are almost as stylin’ as a leopard skin cape

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