Welcome back, Flyers to another action filled week of Six Flying Dragons. Join Amy, Taleena, and me as we say goodbye to a matriarch and hello to the promise of another war. 

Unnichan: Thing that I appreciated most about these episodes has to be the return of the comedic undertone and that last ten minutes of AH HAAAAH! Bang Won is back and Ddang Sae had it right to feel a little afraid with his return. Not necessarily because he’s become more dangerous or anything but being that he has come back alive, the momentum of whatever keeps he and Sambong on opposite sides, will inevitably speed up and well, that is exactly what happened.

Taleena: Even as Ddang Sae was telling Boon Yi he was a little afraid of Bang Won’s return, there was something in Boon Yi’s face that said, “I’m so glad he returned; I just want to see him.” The conflict between Bang Won and Sambong is like watching parents fighting. Stop fighting mom and dad, stop! They have the same goals and while Sambong is not wrong about Bang Won’s ambition, he did Bang Won a huge disservice in not giving him (a long time ago) the benefit of the doubt about whether or not Bang Won could reign in his ambition for the good of the country. That Sambong blythely attributes everything Bang Won does to cupidity and power lust is wrong.

Amy: I really loved it when Bang Won had enough of Sambong calling him greedy and called Sambong out the man’s greediness. You could tell Sambong thought about it for a bit then knew Bang Won had him and it was even better when he admitted it. I’ve been getting pretty tired of Sambong calling Bang Won greedy for his aspirations all the time when Sambong is clearly pretty greedy himself.

Unnichan: It is pretty annoying. Sambong places his greed on a higher level because he doesn’t consider it personal but collective. He wants the best for everyone, is how he looks at it, but he doesn’t seem to acknowledge (most times) that his ambition is based solely on his experience and his interpretation of what is right. And well, that’s still being selfish and greedy. Your motives can be pure, yet still have a great sense of self-involvement. Either way, what I’ve appreciated is that Sambong does understand Bang Won. After Bang Won’s Oscar win, their conversation was brilliant. He asked the perinent questions and for a moment, I truly thought (even knowing the history), that he may have won Bang Won over.

Taleena: Bang Won’s Oscar win. ha ha ha. That was a masterstroke, going to humbly beg forgiveness of the loving little brother. I almost died laughing in a horrified way at the satisfaction on his face when the crown prince begged Dear Old Dad to forgive Bang Won. Neatly trapped everyone.

Amy: I think Sambong is just rubbing me the wrong way lately. It helps that I’m liking the more evil Bang Won. I enjoy a good evil character. When Bang Won went to Crown Prince to beg for forgiveness and even cried...yes. That was awesome. It was also pretty awesome that Queen Mom knew what Bang Won was up to. Too bad nobody wanted to listen to her. I can’t say that I blame Dad, though, because that is his kid and who would want to expect the worst of their offspring?

Unnichan: Queen Mother and I were having some real issues this week. Mostly because all she’s done is think the worst of Bang Won. At least the King has a reason to be upset with the things that Bang Won has done in the past and feel his behavior questionable but Queenie?

Taleena: The Queen Mother made the mistake that everyone else does with Bang Won, except for Boon Yi, she never takes anything at face value with him. Yes, Bang Won is calculating, but he has never been against family. Everything he has ever done has been on behalf of his family and the good of the country. Every time they keep pushing to reiterate what he has already stated or promised, he gets resentful of their disbelief.


Unnichan: That entire business with the mistaken Crown Prince stuff really irritated me because I thought that the entire point of creating a new nation was to get over from running scared at every little thing. Bang Won went to Ming and he was so articulate, intelligent and captivating, he was mistaken as the Crown Prince. Bang Won didn’t let this mistaken identity go on very long, even though he wished it were true and was flattered. And how do I know this? Because Bang Won never wants to be mistaken for anyone… He is always YI BANG WON. And if all these people that claimed to understand his motives and his goals truly knew this man, at the very least, they would know that.

Amy: Exactly. Also, I really want to know how Sambong thought that Bang Won would just let him take over and give Bang Won nothing to do. Like, you say you get this kid and you can read his thoughts but you also thought everything would be hunky dory because, what, Bang Won is following you so closely so he’ll be okay with this too? Sambong, have you really had a conversation with Bang Won at all? Okay. I feel better. I had to get that off of my chest.

Unnichan: Well I honestly can’t place all the blame on Sambong for that. Because I think ultimately, his thoughts were to have Bang Won as Crown Prince, but since Bang Won was an eavesdropper and got caught up in his feelings, everything shifted. The truth is that nothing was going to be perfect from the start but a little bit of communication goes a long way and just like Bang Won said, the two of them tackle things very differently. He’s willing to take the chance, where Sambong needs more security. And though we all understand why they are the way they are, it’s also the reason they are where they are now.

Taleena: Yes, Sambong planned for Bang Won to be Crown Prince all up until he killed Poeun. Then he was done with Bang Won. Never mind that Bang Won saved the big picture and everyone’s lives, that is what made Sambong wash his hands of Bang Won. Ha Ryoon was right when he told Bang Won that the situation would be vastly different if he had killed Poeun with any degree of deniability.

Amy: Speaking of understanding Bang Won, it’s cool that Moo Hyul is getting him now and even told him that Moo Hyul likes it when Moo Hyul is assertive and goes after what he wants. I just love Moo Hyul. He is getting better and better.

Unnichan: Moo Hyul has changed. At least that is what everyone said this week and I find that interesting. I’m not saying it isn’t true, just that Show wanted to make certain that we GOT. IT. However, from what I can tell the thing I’ve liked the most about mature Moo Hyul is his stoicism.

Taleena: I think what the show was trying to impart was a quality that is difficult to show at a distance. Moo Hyul has Presence now. A gravity and stillness and confidence that are different from his earlier obliviousness. You know how some people have a way of just making you feel secure? I think that is what we are trying to be told.

Amy: I’m just really in love with Moo Hyul and have been from the beginning. I loved watching Jo Young Gyoo skipping to work with Moo Hyul only to get interrupted by an arrest. That was pretty quick on Sambong’s part but I was happy when Bang Won got out of it. Is it just me or is Boon Yi acting a little off? I guess she isn’t but I was a little surprised she tried to fool Bang Won about the red envelope when he told her he wouldn’t press her for details about the contents. I guess she did that because she knows that Bang Won opposes Sambong.

Unnichan: Boon Yi’s more quiet, reserved presence is something that continues to grow on me. But I honestly think she wasn’t trying to fool him as much as she was trying to stay neutral, especially being she can’t read Bang Won on specifics any longer. One thing she knows is that she’s supposed to be his worm checker and instead of calling him out all the time, I think she chooses to deflect. The unfortunate part is that he can still read her. And that reminds me that Ddang Sae lied to her about Moogook Mom too. I found that interesting. There are tons of secrets hovering around, some big smacking whoppers that are bound to crash down and kill some folks in the coming episodes, with or without this war we all need to gear ourselves up for.

Taleena: *crossing fingers* Just not a fight between Ddang Sae and Moo Hyul. They finally even came out and slapped us in the face with the likelihood of it while they were roof drinking and star watching. Just don’t show. Don’t break my heart.

Amy: Fighting! Yay! I love a good fight. I totally forgot about Ddang Sae lying about Moogook Mom. Man. I’m liking all of this tension. It is definitely making everything more interesting. I’m wondering what, if anything, Yoon Rang will do when she finds out what is in Moo Hyul’s grandma’s storage. She is definitely curious.

Unnichan: They kept Yoo Rang around for a reason and I’ve been waiting to see what that reason is. Now that she and Moo Hyul have crossed paths and she’s finding things she shouldn’t, well, I’m thinking all our fighters are going to be in the rink. The tension is good and with this bluff turning into the real deal, I love that Bang Won has to finally make a real choice. He’s in deep with Moomyung but he doesn’t hold nearly as many ideals with them as he does the Sambong camp. And you can see he’s practically salivating on the idea that they could finally get their hands on Liandong, with little to no opposition. This twist of fate has fallen into their laps and he’s on the opposing side… sort of. What his next move is going to be or at least, how does he plans to insert himself in this situation in a way that gets them Liandong, without losing Moomyung backing is definitely my largest curiosity right now.

Life Lessons Learned:

  • A little insurance is a good thing in the ex-spy biz
  • A secret armory should remain secret
  • We’ve moved on from Chess and are well into Go
  • A little well timed plea for forgiveness can reap huge rewards
  • “Sword to the Stomach” is a hard core secret plan name, much better than “Q-Tip in the Ear” or ‘Patiently Scribing for Years Until it Is my Turn to ACT!” which gets a little wordy
  • Apparently Moomyung CAN meet places that are not shrouded in shadow
  • Never mind the King in a pissy fury, scribes gotta keep scribing in the background.

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