Damocles illustrated the perils of wielding authority and power with a spectacular metaphor that aptly applies to our episodes today - a single circumstance can change whether the power cuts for or against you. It's more broadly modern interpretation - a sense of impending doom - certainly applies to your recappers as we enter the final few weeks of Six Flying Dragons. Join Unnichan and Taleena as we vainly try to console each other and discuss episodes 45 and 46.

Unnichan: Well sir. I was thinking that the best way to describe my feelings after these two episodes was when Boon Yi speaks to Bang Won about his arms storage. During their conversation, tears started to well in her ears and just sat there, waiting. That is the feeling I have. For I can't quite cry, not yet, but the feeling is welling, all my emotions are pooling together and I’m certain it will only take one more thing, one more scare or threat and the dam will split open.


Taleena: I know just how you feel. I am waiting for the hammer to drop and am so wound up at the prospect of Moo Hyul vs. Ddang Sae, I almost don’t want to see it. I just want them all to go frolick off and have happy lives. I knew going in we’d see people die, but many people have all lasted much longer than I would have guessed, so I keep holding onto vain hopes.

Unnichan: We lost a beloved character this week and it was certainly one of those things you saw coming. For me, Young Kyu was never a character that wasn't expendable, in that his longevity depended greatly on use. Therefore, I never anticipated his death nor adverse to it, so when protecting and concealing the Banchan storage came about, I was ready. However, I do have to admit, I did believe he was going to kill lil Eun Ho. I just knew he'd kill the kid and justify Suk Kwang’s vengeance but when it played out differently, that's where the sadness creeps in… That is, until Bang Won found out. But I did enjoy the continued parallelism between Suk Kwang and Moo Hyul. My question now is, how will she plan into everything that is about to go down?


Taleena: I was frankly shocked at how long Young Kyu lasted in the grand scheme of things. And yes, although he faltered, I think ultimately he would have killed that child. Did Suk Kwang not kill herself then? I thought that was pretty strongly implied by the makgeolli bottle shard she held to her throat. I thought the stronger parallel was Suk Kwang to Bang Won, their loved ones died and they felt responsible for the greater failure to prevent the circumstances that precipitated their deaths.

Unnichan: I actually really loved the time we spent showcasing how close Young Kyu and Bang Won were. How well they knew one another and all they’d experienced and been through together. With a show this long, you could forget, and though I hadn't, it was still wonderful to be reminded. Also Young Kyu was pretty renowned and revered for his valor and loyalty, which was rarely spoken of in a serious manner until his death. But the largest aspect of all of this was honing in on Bang Won’s mindset, recalling the Lee brothers incident. It was such a pinnacle point in Bang Won’s structure as a growing dragon that no one could ever forget it and yet, I still appreciated that show didn't seek to draw attention to the fact that he'd killed three of his fellow students in cold blood, but rather, how he psychologically tested his capability and will, and most importantly that he hadn't changed.


Taleena: That. Was. Chilling. I have always known that Bang Won was stone cold, but looking in the eye of his younger brother and making the assessment: I can kill him, yikes! Even New Stoic version of Moo Hyul had to carefully cover his shock during Bang Won’s almost confession.


Unnichan: Over in Sambong’s camp, Minister Jo Joon’s obstinacy was used to Bang Won’s advantage for a brief moment then turned into a massive success for Do Jeon. And while I had to say I didn't disagree with his unease, his arguments were beginning to ring closer and closer to Jung Mong Joo. However, one thing that has been forever true of Woojae is his consistency. The only time he has ever truly been swayed, in my opinion, was when he was initially brought in to speak to General Yi Seong Hye. And even then, he was more convinced their ideals aligned more than anything else. But speaking of a detractor, I wonder what Lee Shin Jyeok is thinking? He's sitting in on the secret Zhu-Laiodang take over meetings and all I can think is, what is his motivation? Where will he be standing if… I mean, when the dust clears?

Taleena: Jo Joon is right to point out Do Jeon’s overreach. Do Jeon has had a hard time bridging the gap between closed mouthed revolutionary conspirator and delegatory government actor. He should have shared this kind of information with Jo Joon, even if it remained in the wishes and rainbow kittens realm. Liaodang has added significance because of the part it played in propelling General Yi to the throne.

Unnichan: Do Jeon hinted last week but went in full throttle this week playing matchmaker. I guess what was important before was letting Yeon Hee know that he knew and noticed the two of them and does understand and consider them people. He also realizes that his dreams can't be everyone else's, and even with joining everyone together, he doesn't expect or want them to live their lives for him. But it was these moments, that not only warmed my heart, but made it abundantly clear that Sambong and Bang Ji’s days are numbered. For not only did Do Jeon impress upon these two his desire for them to marry and call them family, we also meet members of his own family as well. And if that doesn't reek of “humanizing for demise” I truly don't know what else does.


Taleena: Yeon Hee and Bang Ji’s romance just has bad ju-ju. I wanted to bang my head and shout “No!” It just grew and grew the more they flashed back to happy memories, and grew still more as they flashed to less happy memories. By the time he gave up the “stay safe” necklace, I was legit crying because it is foreshadowing so many handkerchiefs for next week.

Unnichan: When it comes to Ddang Sae and Yeon Hee, I’d given up all hope for them (and rightly so) but watching the flashbacks made me wish happy togetherness for them in another life. It's never going to happen in this one and for some reason, I feel the worst for Yeon Hee. Perhaps because I believe she will be the one left behind (he gave her his “live another day” amulet) but mainly due to the fact it has taken her all series to hope. And now, just when there's a chance, a chance she was never looking for, hope has crept in and she's timidly holding on to it. She has been a character that has irritated me, however, when it has come to Ddang Sae, I've always understood her desires, from the moment she pushed him away in the field, until this last hug.

Taleena: The torch carrying that has gone on between those two has been my least favorite part of the series, but mostly because I have always thought that there is no way that they will both make it through happily. I just want to take my heart out and put it in a safe little box so it will not be crushed by the last 4 episodes.

Unnichan: I can't believe we only have two weeks left, especially when it feels like everyone we know and love will meet their end next week. Inevitable fights will occur, blood will be shed and our hearts will be broken, never to recover. I just hope we aren't too raw from the fall out to make it for the finale. Ugh, I'm so dreading next week? Will we survive?

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Rice is not soft
  • DO NOT give away your “live safe” amulets
  • We finally got our girl spies vs. boy spies scene and it was almost a footnote
  • Studded Leather Armor is quite a fashion statement
  • Plan B is burning food, Plan B is awful
  • Don’t tell a lie about Boon Yi’s people - she’ll know
  • Pretty, Pretty Princess has what it takes to be an evil queen
  • Crippled Librarian in Sungkyungkwan seems shifty

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