Wow! Six Flying Dragons is getting more and more intense as our characters fight for power and that power starts weighing down on them. Come discuss the happenings with Taleena, Unni, and Amy!


Six Flying Dragons

Starring Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung

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Taleena: Good golly. That was an emotional experience. I spent all this last week in between episodes wishing that history was different and bracing myself for the bloodbath this week, but I don’t think that I did near enough bracing because I was crying practically all the way through these episodes. Not dainty tears rolling down my eyes like Yeon Hee at the beautiful sadness of it all, but get the hanky out ugly crying.

Unnichan: Though there were no tears from me, there was point I was slumped over in a ball on my couch. And I too found myself wishing and hoping history was different. That somehow they could rewrite it and make my heart stop hurting. These episodes were hard, excruciating even, from Yeon Hee to Moo Hyul to all things Bang Won and Sambong. And while there was nothing that didn't pain me from all sides, I would have made the same decisions in all of their positions.

Amy: Yeah, I had a hard time watching this week’s episodes too even though I didn’t cry. I was ready for Sambong to do but not Yeon Hee and for it to happen right after she finally said she would be with Ddang Sae made it even worse. I understand the decisions that everyone made even if I don’t like how they carried out those decisions.


Taleena: The one thing that this show does so well is show the human cost when power contests power: When Moo Hyul and Bang Ji’s fight was stopped by Boon Yi and Granny it was the hardest I cried because I did not want them to fight, THEY did not want to fight, and the fight was inevitable. And I wish, wish, WISH that Bang Ji would give up his angry vengeance and lay down his sword the way that Boon Yi wants, but that darn sad folk theme of his just tells me that he will not even before he makes his big declaration.

Unnichan: So many face-offs in this show were and are inevitable and with each one we wait with bated breath, already certain of the outcome. All I ever hoped was that they’d be stopped before a fatal blow as given and thankfully they were. Granny's plea truly cut though because just like Ddang Sae says Sambong and Bang Won want the same things and that alone is what has made them all family. They weren't pitted against one another but have chosen a path that they must walk to remain true to themselves. That is what is heart-wrenching, that is why for Ddang Sae it is not over. For him, it's never been about politics but people--- protecting the one’s he loves and now all that's left for him to do is avenge them. I sincerely can't blame him for that. Mostly because it's not just rage that spurs him but respect.

Amy: I just really don’t want to see anything happen to Ddang Sae. I have a bad feeling.


Taleena: Another thing that broke my heart was Gab Boon being beaten as a conspirator because she just wanted Ddang Sae to be OK. It was not that long ago when everyone was on the same side and everyone’s loved ones are tied up in both rival parties.

Unnichan: Gap Boon has always been my favorite female in this story, even though she's basically been on the sidelines. I love that she's constant and intuitive and somehow has remain innocent among all the chaos. But an eavesdropper never hears anything good and more often than not causes more harm than good once what they've heard is spoken. I didn't like that her only focus was Ddang Sae (though she wasn't the only one), but it was completely understandable. In this mess, you have to decide what means more and as we see, those that know and love continuously make similar choices.

Amy: I was hurting for Gap Boon. That whole scene was just painful to watch but, again, I get why it was happening. I wish that people didn’t have to get hurt but that is the way things were done then and while it is unfortunate it was a part of their lives. Why can’t we all just be happy and hug each other?

Taleena: It is interesting to see the continuum of sword masters in this show, because there is a sense that you can never just quit. Gil Sae Mi, Bang Ji, Moo Hyul, and Yoon Rang they are all in a different point in their desire to actively be a swordsman, but they just keep getting pulled back in.


Amy: I really want to see Moo Hyul go up against Yoon Rang and I think that it will happen soon. I know that Ddang Sae will be in the mix somewhere too but he will probably have to go up against Moo Hyul since he is trying to avenge Sambong and Yeon Hee. I just really want a good sword fight even though Ddang Sae and Moo Hyul against each other again will make me sad. I like the action. What can I say?

Unnichan: Yea, not me. And at this point I just want it to be over. I was hoping that Yoon Rang would be a road block between Moo Hyuk and Ddang Sae honestly, but that didn't happen. I definitely think there will be a showdown, at least there should be but it seems her main goal now is steering her towards Moomyung. Somebody has to die (perhaps all of them) and though I wish Ddang Sae would just take Boon Yi’s hand and walk away into the wilderness, that ain't happening either.

Taleena: Bang Won. Yikes. Moomyung thought Bang Won would be the more tractable of the two between him and Do Jeon, but that was hugely, HUGELY wrong. Bang Won is a use any tool, ends justify the means kind of guy, and Do Jeon thought that the means were as important as the ends. Really, that was the only difference between them. Bang Ji knows it and told Moomyung as much. (side note - oh how THAT worm has turned! Use Moomyung to kill Bang Won? I thought Moomyung was your eternal enemy Bang Ji? Amazing how compromised you became when you realized your old mentor and Mom were Moomyung leadership).

Unnichan: Look we all knew that's what Bang Won’s endgame was but what had me reeling was how there was absolutely no amount of preparation for the destruction that he wielded this week. After this, everything else will be cake--- for him and us. Moomyung never took the time to investigate and know Bang Won, his past or his motives and convictions. And now it seems they also have taken just as lightly, his actions. Moomyung will disintegrate and rendered powerless, all because they underestimated Yi Bang Won.


Taleena: Ha Ryoon kept gaping like a landed fish the further Bang Won took things. I guess he also underestimated how much Bang Won was going to personally dirty his hands, which considering Poeun was kind of short sighted. Bang Won is not a stab you in the back guy, he’s a stab you while looking you in the eye and then declare how sad he is at your death kind of a guy. What’s awful is he genuinely IS sad that he had to disembowel you but - well, the world’s a tough place don’tchya know.

Amy: A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. It was hard for me to watch him killing all of those people but he won’t get what he wants if he doesn’t do it. I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Life Lessons Learned:

  • It’s hard to be funny when you are crying your eyes out
  • How many weapons do you have to use before your discover your favorite “beheading tool”?
  • They must have spent 50% of this episode’s budget on blood FX and gurgly spurty noises
  • We now have TWO Sword masters walking around looking for appropriate vengeance. Yikes.
  • Never let ambitious princes write your name on a piece of paper.

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