Up from the mists of time they arise — the Six Flying Dragons! Destiny drives them. Injustice creates them! They move towards history in the making! We know it will be amazing! Dum duh duh dum dum dum dah! Welcome back Flyers and Join Unnichan and Taleena as we talk episodes five and six of the epic drama Six Flying Dragons!

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Unnichan: Ok, so Baek Yoon may be cut down, but it’s taxes that are enslaving the people of Goryeo right now. For his death creates a ripple effect of false accusations (Gil Tae Mi is assumed assassin) and surfaces a larger evil which threatens alliances (Choi Young ain’t having this kind of oppression). And while Hong In Bang extorts his power, raising taxes from the unconscionable seventy percent to ninety, Boon Yi and her villagers are secretly harvesting unlicensed land in order to survive. Which of course is one things I’m greatly enjoying--- the direct correlation of immediate cause and effect.

Taleena: I have found it to awfully interesting to see how the Six Flying Dragons are all finding their motivations to be a part of the revolutionary group. Boon Yi had pretty much been left behind by her brother in the whole Revenge! quest, but the final levies were really just the tiny push she needed to go revolutionary. Hong In Bang is creating his own enemies with this thing, to the point where I wonder if he is really power hungry or has become such a nihilist that he is looking to get killed.

Unnichan: I definitely think at this point he has a death wish and I also believe he thinks pulling Bang Won to the darkside will give him more justification and excuse. Isolating him and trying to force him to acknowledge his “Hong Handbook to Discarding Principles for Power” is both cruel and clever, especially given the fact his position as Sadaebu was once honorable and righteous. Seeing the way everything has disbanded on his end, it’s quite interesting it was Boon Yi that has caused these two to cross paths again. One looking for hope, the other determined to squelch it.

Taleena: I am so happy that they have, so far, taken the opportunity to make the Boon Yi/Bang Won romance a little lighthearted. Everytime Bang Won’s bodyguard twitted him about the “poetic” nature of his love I got a good laugh. Also, Boon Yi’s aspirational and motivational to Moo Hyul. I liked how it showed Moo Hyul to have a chivalrous streak towards the ladies, his simple heart would never get involved in revolution without a strong motivator like that.

Unnichan: I am so not interested in the romance of those two beyond it bringing us closer to the birth of a better and more stable nation and I’m glad the Show feels the same. Both our players are focused on something beyond themselves and that of course it the poetic part which makes for a perfect pun. Moo Hyul is such a delightful character because out of everyone, he seems to be the most pliable but also the one you root for the most in some way. In that, not only do you want him to realize he’s a dragon (in more ways than one) but also, he has practical things at home to take care of. He’s a character that has so much to tap into and I can’t wait to watch all of that develop. Therefore, for now, I have no problems with the fact he’s happily escorting the pretty girl who gave him a title. It’s something adorable, that will turn into something admirable.

Taleena: Well, the thing I am seeing is this: Boon Yi is one of those people who forge their own path. Bang Won kind of is, but even he is looking for guidance in Do Jeon. Her brother needs leadership, Moo Hyul needs leadership. Boon Yi only needs to learn how to see the big mechanisms of power but has the ability for far seeing the way that Do Jeon does. She also is intimately connected to the people in a way that that Do Jeon and Bang Won are not because of their wealth and privilege. In that, Boon Yi and Moo Hyul have understanding. I also really liked how her brother, in his guise as musician and storyteller, is able to gather information.

Unnichan: Ddang Sae has certainly grown and is the one who has made the most drastic transformation. I won’t say that emotional, huge hearted kid no longer, but he’s tempered himself into a man who has the ability to successfully pull off this “double” life, if you will. He is the vigilante in this story (every sageuk needs one) and I’m loving that aspect of his trajectory. It’s true he needs and wants leadership but I think that is an expression of his burgeoning wisdom and unlike Moo Hyul, has been on this path much longer, gathering, logging and acting on information. He may not understand everything, but he certainly has more insight and determined goals than he did before. And that’s what connects our dragons and will help them work as a cohesive whole. They have the same goal, with different purviews and perspectives, a different focal point but once you pull back, they’re all looking at the same target.

Taleena: Ddang Sae is definitely the one that is shouldering the burden of tragedy in the way that others are not. They have all experienced bad things but Ddang Sae is getting the tragic edit for sure. Moo Hyul on the other hand is also a swordsman out of need but it is a different kind of need. To look at it through Maslow’s Hierarchy, Moo Hyul is a swordsman to put food on the table, Ddang Sae is a swordsman to satisfy an emotional crisis - both are driving needs, but it makes a huge difference in approach and temperament. Turning the corner a bit, I wonder if Do Jeon is working with General Lee or if he is just working in the shadows around General Lee. What I mean is: will it be Bang Won who draws his dad into revolutionary cahoots, or if his dad is already neck deep in it?

Unnichan: That is certainly something to ponder. Bang Won knows nothing of this, but that isn’t surprising since the General is so far away and his boy is just supposed to be studying… However, I wouldn’t be shocked if Do Yeon is building an army of allies, gathering everyone to Hamju and it’s a surprise everyone! He is someone who keeps things pretty close and I’m not sure he’d be outspoken about his backing until either, his hands were tied or he had all his mental pieces in place. And it looks like it’s taken quite some time for an upswing to occur. I know right now, Ddang Sae is a little downtrodden about the outcome of his assassination but I do believe his actions made the impact he was looking for, where Do Jeon was concerned. Now, we’ll just wait and see if he will be making the trek to Hamju as well… I can’t wait to see what awaits everyone there. Can we expect another tear-worthy inspirational speech? Oh I certainly hope so!

Taleena: Tear worthy speeches are needed to justify all the righteous butt kicking that his been happening. I just loved it when the all converged on the temple and Ddang Sae took out 40 guys after he realized the Boon Yi was gone and was out bopping in the woods with Moo Hyul. I also really enjoyed Han Sang Jin as the head of the Temple/Intelligence agency. He had a certain Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Caribbean vibe going for me for some reason. Was it the giant beads? Perhaps.

Unnichan: Jukrong was a new character to deal with and I do find him intriguing. At first, I thought he was just a charlatan; rooking Hong with smoke and mirrors, pocketing his money. But when no one was shocked the Biguk Temple kidnappers carted Boon Yi away and he was shaken up by his interaction with Ddang Sae, I started to wonder who and what he really is, where he came from and how exactly he’s using Minister Hong to achieve his goals?

Taleena: Also, I am much relieved that we have met the Cunning Courtesan/Giseang character. I always have a secret soft spot for those ladies even if they are working for the baddies. The 14th century is a hard knock century for women.

Unnichan: I too find the commentary on the purpose and position of women in Goryeo to be something worth a larger look (and talking point) in the weeks to come. I can’t say I usually appreciate the “scheming madame behind the minister” trope, but I do like Ms. Cho Young. P.M. In Gyeom is scum but he seems to recognize this woman has something that is invaluable. True, he tries to mask that with snipes that keep her “in her place” but I think that as viewers we can trust her to be more than just a lackey.

Lessons Learned:

  • One must always be exact when describing the auditory sequence of swords going "ching, ching, ching"
  • Just like you have always suspected - powerful men cackle evilly when they decide to raise your taxes
  • Being a musician makes you almost as invisible as a black painter's cap
  • Giant wooden beads look strangely attractive on Korean men
  • It's never a good idea to blurt out your real plan in the middle of a well armed group
  • It's easier to jump up without a giant load of wood on your back.
  • There are always more Master Swordsmen and Spies running around Korea at anyone time than anyone thinks

What do you think drama fans? Is Do Jeon working with General Lee? How long before Bang Won trips to the fact that it is Ddang Sae and NOT Moo Hyul who is the Venomous Magpie? Let us know in the comments!

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