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Amy: I think I need help understanding the last two episodes. Ha ha! I’m still having trouble keeping everyone straight but I definitely have a better hold on it now than I did in the beginning. So basically what I got from these last two episodes is that Do Jeon is playing everyone like a fiddle..

Taleena: Weeelllll, I wouldn’t go quite that far. I DO think that he is being straightforward with General Dad and his ragtag organization, but he for sure has plans, within plans, within plans. With fall back plans just in case. He also has a pretty good read on what people’s motivations are. Part of what he does is just sweep everyone along by the force of his personality, and the irresistible force met the immovable object when General Dad held firm. So then we get Bang Won stepping in and forcing his dad’s hand.


Unnichan: Sambong is certainly intuitive. Such an amazingly intelligent man, that one couldn’t help to be captivated by. He’s beyond inspiring, for his plan(s) are intricate and detailed and based on his knowledge of basically everything and everyone. And no wonder his moves have taken so long, for that type of forethought needs scope and development.

Amy: Yeah. Maybe I should have said he has them in the palm of his hand? I find it interesting when a person is able to know everything and play into that. Bang Won seems to have the same talents but I think he needs to improve a bit to get on Do Jeon’s level. Boon Yi, though, that girl knows how to assess her surroundings and figure things out. She could be a detective.


Taleena: I think she is quicker at grasping a situation than Bang Won, because Bang Won has a total blind spot - he thinks everyone wants to take the top slot. He was so sure that Do Jeon was going to set himself up as king, he was completely shaken when Do Jeon proposed his dear old dad for that spot. He can’t conceive of the notion that a man who is as persuasive and powerful as Do Jeon isn’t angling to be top dog. I think it says a lot about Bang Won and his eventual bid for the throne. Spoiler Alert - ha ha.

Unnichan: Perhaps. And ultimately, it goes back to what we spoke about before. That everyone starts from a different place and has a different motivation, insight and idea of how things should be or pan out. However, when I heard Bang Won’s train of thought, knowing what Jung Do Jeon’s track is, I was surprised but also couldn’t blame him. The way he sees his father and what he thinks certain types of leadership requires it’s understandable he doesn't believe the General can accomplish and maintain the pinned hope of a nation. What I did like is Sambong and Bang Won’s ultimate argument for his vie and I too could only hang my head at the General’s counter. Therefore, I was on edge to see what would change his thinking. Loved that Bang Won took his mountain analogy a step farther and decided mountains need physical, over verbal persuasion.


Amy: Ha ha! Very true. I also think that Bang Won trusts Do Jeon more than his dad so he couldn’t picture anyone else in the king position. His dad has some issues, though, so that king position is going to be a tough sell. Dad doesn’t think he deserves it because of his shame and feels that he needs to continue on his path to pay for his sins.

Taleena: It’s funny. You’d think that after all Bang Won’s time in the capital, his own disgrace at the hands of bullies, his own experiences seeing the frailties of his brother and friends, that he would realize everyone has feet of clay. Nope, he is putting Do Jeon on a pedestal as high as the one he put his Dad on. Granted, he idolized his Dad and it was a hard lesson for a 10 year old boy to swallow (Side note - Bang Won is supposed to only be 18?! How young is Boon Yi supposed to be? Shenanigans!) seeing him as a human and not a god-like figure. Holy moley, he is still completely idealistic and cynical which is a very bad substitute for optimistic and wise.

Unnichan: I admit, I believe that Sambong should be trusted rather implicitly but certainly not idolized.The way his mind works is something that can’t be ignored. And until Bang Won is able to conjure up such ideas and burgeon spring wells within the masses [Spoiler Alert: which unfortunately never happens], he needs to follow and glean from this man. However, with all that said, everyone is fallible and everyone disappoints--- there’s no doubt about that. And there’s also no one that will always be on the same page with you, no matter how awe-inspiring.

Amy: Whaaaaaaat? I did not catch that Bang Won is only 18! Um. Are we really supposed to believe that? Bang Won is fragile and if something breaks him he is going to lose it. Definitely not a good thing. Gotta reign that in. I think that Boon Yi would be a good influence on Bang Won. She has the potential to control him.

Taleena: He said he was 10 at the time of his Dad’s fall from grace and Do Jeon has been exiled 8 years. At MOST, Do Jeon has been banging around the countryside stealing rice balls from peddlers for one year, so 19-20 on the high end. I still don’t think we have caught up to the three way meeting in the Cave of Knowledge yet. Can we turn the corner to a new topic? I have a question now. The spy mistress/courtesan has a connection to her “secret weapon” the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World”. Do you think it is the same woman whom Do Jeon used as the Fake Astrologer? That actress, whom forever is enshrined as the older sister from Rooftop Prince, is certainly beautiful and it would fit what we know of Do Jeon to co-opt someone else’s asset.


Unnichan: I like Jung Yumi and thankfully, she redeemed her sageuk-self with Maids. And I think it's possible, Yeon Hee may have grown up to become the most beautiful woman in the world. I do find that quite interesting as well, given what we know about her past, though. But just thinking about all the hand-rubbing, mustache twisting goodies we’re going to get from that alliance and backstory, has me kicking my heels with glee.

Amy: Your guess is as good as I mine. I think that is a logical one. She does fit the bill. I’m curious about how Do Jeon found her and got her to his side but I guess we’ll have to wait for all of that. I want to know more about Magpie and his assistant too. Like how and why they are working together and who she is. Did I just miss that info?

Taleena: Yup, I think so. After Magpie lost the love of his life and went on his Revenge! quest, he rehooked up with the band of performers/thieves that he and his sister took shelter with while they were looking for their mom. So she was one of the children that grew up in that Fagin bunch, which he uses as cover.


Unnichan: What I’ve actually enjoyed about seeing Gab Boon again, is that she was the sweetest little girl, with the saddest little story, when we first met her. Now, she has grown up to be a quite impressive young woman. Before, she didn't seem too interested in the ways or the world, nor was I completely clear on what she truly processed. She just basically appear to try to survive and maintain her innocence. However now, she’s someone much different, which makes her a great partner for Ddang Sae and also brings us back to the believability of age in this drama. For, though we can’t outright discount the numbers, it's time and the times, that create maturity and growth and those usually hold more weight in stories like these.

Taleena: So let’s recap: Do Jeon revealed himself to the General and told him the first part of the plan - the border security plan - and Do Jeon’s ultimate goal - a coup to replace the ruling triumvirate with the General as King. Bang Won - knowing his dad is not on board with this, forges his seal of approval and sends Do Jeon out to put his plans in motion. He hopes that by forcing the matter his Dad will jump to the rebellion when faced with a fait accompli. Do Jeon has manipulated his old fellow teacher, now a nihilistic stooge, into doing his bidding in government settings. Further, he has set up his old enemy to do the one thing he shouldn’t do - bring in the General from border security to the Capital. The two spy houses are trying to figure out just WHO is influencing who, and no one knows the identity of the Magpie. Boon Yi has finally connected Bang Won to the boy from so long ago, but he still hasn’t made the connection to who she is. Did I miss anything?

Amy: Not that I can think of! There was a lot of dialogue in these two episodes but talking about it has cleared things up for me and I’m excited to see where everything will go.

What do you think? Are you excited to see where Sambong's plan will take everyone? Will everything work out smoothly or will our characters be met with more turbulence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Life Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes you just need to hack apart a chair in anger, it’s cathartic.
  • You may be thinking you are playing checkers with Do Jeon, but really he has checkmated you in chess and has moved onto Go
  • Even the most self righteous and driven of young men get Moopy eyed around girls
  • Audiences always appreciate slightly dim men at arms to help recap the political situations for them
  • Even in countries with 90% tax rates, wine shops have good business
  • When spies buy info from other spies, their cash boxes try to out fabulous each other
  • We can’t ever escape breastfed pigs
  • The Magpie’s whistle girl lookout is much better at her job than Boon Yi
  • Astrology will never sound like anything but random words thrown together and connected by “ascending” and “influenced by” to me

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