Hey hey Flyers! Have you found a comfortable coasting speed? Well, one-fifth of our journey with Six Flying Dragons has passed and we can only hope our next check point is as productive and promising as this one. We still have a long way to go, but much like what Sambong tries to convey to Bang Won this week, trust has to be built, no matter how long it takes — for its preservation and perseverance depend on strength.

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Taleena: OK, let’s get into it because we have finally caught up with the opening scene in the Cave of Rebellion. Proving people don’t change: Ddang Sae is a few steps behind everyone else, Bang Won thinks he is hot stuff but keeps messing things up, and Do Jeon has to clean up other people’s messes.

Amy: You’re right. Bang Won really needs to get his head on right. I know that he just wanted to carry out the plan but there is a way to go about things and that was not the right way. I really think he and Do Jeon could have convinced his dad if they kept trying but Bang Won couldn’t wait. Patience is a virtue, man!caverebellion

Unnichan: Right now, I'm really appreciating Ddang Sae’s outlook. His pulse is different from those around him because of his experiences and his back story and that makes his views, words and fury, raw and electric. When he spoke about the forest, trees and wild flowers, the cave was still, ringing with his disillusioned fervor and anguish. It’s not that he’s behind, he just remains disconnected and disinterested in politicking. And while that reality is a bitter pill, the choices these men make, take and destroy lives, human lives--- the same ones they claim to want to preserve and improve. Bang Won is short-sighted but determined. He's an “ends justify the means” type of guy which always bites someone, somewhere, some time. He made a choice to push things along, but…

Taleena: It also didn’t help that forgery is a HUGE sore spot for Do Jeon. His epic History Lesson/Rant was a thing of beauty and I really, really, REALLY wish that Bang Won would have listened to it really. This is so aggravating because Do Jeon essentially explained that the problem was lack of trust undermining everything. It’s not that government breaks down because someone is greedy - someone is ALWAYS greedy. It’s that there has to be a certain trust and accountability and forgery strikes at both of those things. It’s why counterfeit money is such a big deal. But does Bang Won understand that? I really don’t think so, the headstrong idiot.

Amy: All Bang Won wants is for the country to go down so that they can start over again. I don’t think that he will really listen to anyone besides himself now. He is a lost lamb. Well, he might listen to Boon Yi. It looks like both of them have the googly eyes for each other now. Take a note guys. Buying shoes works.

Unnichan: Welp, when you think you're right, why would you listen? He comprehends that he made a bad move, he just doesn't quite understand why it was wrong. And honestly, I'm kind of glad he doesn't (for now). He truly sees things from a totally different perspective. Sambong has the benefit of experience to help him make all the right moves, for he has seen the consequences of rash behavior that spurs discord and distrust. And I'm not sure Bang Won understands that trust is built and not just freely given. For he's the kid that heard the words of one man, one time and believed. He also expects the same from others just because he knows (or is certain) his motives and intentions are positive and pure.

Taleena: About the only thing that isn’t driving me bonkers about Bang Won right now is the hilarious faces and googly eyes he is making at Boon Yi. I am kind of sad that she is not totally impervious to it though. It is a nice counterpoint to Ddang Sae who, once again, has his heart ripped out of his chest when he finds out that his childhood sweetheart, Yeon Hee, is alive after all. When she met with him to give him the propaganda dissemination orders, and he realized who it was with tears in his eyes, well the room got a little dusty.

Amy: I can’t imagine being either of them in that situation. The pain would be too much, I’m sure, even after all that time. I am enjoying the interactions between Ddang Sae and Gab Boon. They seem like a cute brother and sister bickering all the time. It is adorable. Oh, but Ddang Sae’s reunion with his first love made me wonder what it will be like when he sees Boon Yi again. I understand Boon Yi’s anger and disappointment, but I’m sure she wants to see her brother again.

Unnichan: I was certain that he’d recognize Yeon Hee as soon as he saw her but for a moment, I wasn't too sure how Show was going to play Yeon Hee’s response or what Ddang Sae would do in that moment. I have to admit I like how it played out, however, I did want something more. I wanted her to know he was no longer that confused cowardly boy she wanted so much get as far away from because of her own shame. The scars of her character are so deep and there's tons to explore there. And my slight disappointment faded, when we have the payoff of her following him back home. Boon Yi and Ddang Sae are a completely different story though. He abandoned her and there's no making up for that. I can't wait for the reunion because it's inevitable and they were once so close, but if I were her, I could never trust him again.

Taleena: I am going to be a bit self congratulatory in predicting that Do Jeon had co-opted the “most beautiful woman” spy as his own, but I must admit I didn’t predict her as Ddang Sae’s sweetheart until they met. THEN I was jumping around in my seat say, OMO, OMO, OMO. I just hope that when things turn even worse than they already are, we will not have a stupid storyline about Yeon Hee and Ddang Sae split over his relationship with Gab Boon. If THAT is a love triangle I will throw something at my TV.

Amy: Yeah. They are brother sister. Plain and simple. Do you know who I’m really liking? Gil Tae Mi. I like that he is confident with himself, the way he talks, and his gestures. He knows how he got to his position and doesn’t hide that he’ll do whatever he can to keep it. It’s refreshing for a bad guy.

Taleena: Yeah he was super entertaining to watch, and it was rather nice to see him jump a different way that Do Jeon predicted when he offered to give up half his fortune. Because Gil Tae Mi’s position is not as mmmm, confident? he zagged instead of zigged. He saw another way that someone with more a sense of entitlement might never have seen. I think that we have not seen the last of his brother and I have high hopes for the Lavender Eyeshadowed One to make it out alive.

Unnichan: Gil Tae Mi surprised everyone a little bit during this power play and showed himself to be rather loyal. He actually cares for Hong In Bang, just as much as, he's concerned about his status and position with PM Lee In Gyeom. I liked seeing that his insecurities and fears are deep but he's not as fickle as others would like to believe. That nature of his is purposeful and stems from a determination to survive.

Life Lessons Learned:

  • People are never dead until you see the body.
  • Everyone in a Kdrama has a tragic backstory. Everyone
  • Peepholes in a courtesan house have ALL kinds of uses
  • Maybe you should hear people out completely before storming out of a cave.
  • There are three kinds of people in life: wildflowers, mobsters, and tree viewers? Maybe it’s riders, fighters and hunkerers? I’m a little unclear but I know it’s three.
  • Propaganda has a long illustrious lineage that used to incorporate jugglers and whistle players
  • Shoe shopping - a courtship rite with almost as long a lineage as propaganda

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