Hong In Bang and Gil Tae Mi are outmaneuvered by Bang Won and Do Jeon, we discover just WHO is the awesomest swordsman in all the land, and Lee In Gyeum slithers back into politics all rested up and ready to go.  Join Amy, Taleena and Unnichan for episodes 17 & 18 of Six Flying Dragons! 

Taleena: Well! That was satisfying. We have been waiting for the epic Gil Tae Mi swordfight since the second episode and it did not disappoint!

Amy: I know! It was awesome! Even my eight year old boy loved it. I was tensed up the whole time because of it but it was great to watch.

Taleena: I was so happy to see his ideologically opposite brother to come see his demise and comment Greek Chorus like on his end. I enjoyed that we spent more time trailing Gil Tae Mi through his bloody carnage than Hong In Bang lying and slinking around the city. Tae Mi was such a colorful character and you had a sneaking liking for him, even as you recognized he was not a good guy, in a way you never felt for Hong In Bang or Lee In Gyeom.

Unnichan: Everything about the time we spent with Gil Tae Mi was perfect for me. He was a warrior; he was never a politician and he knew that. I was near tears when he said his farewells to In Bang because you knew, they would never see one another again. Gil Tae Mi was this character that evoked sympathy and vulnerability on a level that was never really scratched with Hong In Bang or that slimey Lee In Gyeom. I loved that he truly cared for In Bang and that even he realized that he came alive, when he aligned himself with him. He was able to “live” in a way he hadn’t before, where he didn’t have to play the sycophant or pressured to act at someone else’s behest. He didn’t have tons of aspirations but he became a part of a partnership, making decisions with someone of his own free will, because he enjoyed it, not only to survive.

Amy: I enjoyed that Tae Mi’s makeup was still perfect even though he had been in several fights and was dying. I was also happy to see his brother and I’m hoping to see more of him later. I’m wondering if he will be included. I was feeling for Moo Hyul. Poor guy was too scared but wanted to prove himself. Ddang Sae was right about him having to be able to enjoy killing.

Taleena: Ddang Sae’s bitter brooding got on my nerves this week. I get where he is coming from, and he is totally right that Moo Hyul doesn’t have the eye of the tiger, but he couldn’t just accept the wine in good grace. No, he has to be a Debbie Downer a walk in silent martyrdom through the woods. With his sliced shirt. Boo Hoo.

Amy: Right? I was kind of annoyed with that too. Why couldn’t he just take the puppy in? I guess he doesn’t want him to get all mean and stuff. I guess I can get where he is coming from.

Unnichan: Well, he’d basically just gotten the cuss out from Yeon Hee, with no back up from peacemaker Sambong and no chance to plead his case for swordsmen sarcasm. [Not that he actually would.] He wanted to vent and share, because honestly, if there’s anyone who is more misunderstood than our colorful Gil Tae Mi, it’s Lee Bang Ji. He didn’t expect Moo Hyul to “get it” but I don’t see him as trying to poo-poo on his parade, either. Which is a reason, I truly enjoyed the moment between the two “bodyguards.” It not only expressed their vast differences and hinted toward how well they will work together in the future, it compacted the divide that will forever keep them apart. And though, I do believe he can be too self-deprecating for me at times, oddly, I can handle much, much better than the chauvinism he was bolstering a couple episodes ago. [I wanted to slap him with my fist.] It just reminds me that, that little, scared, sensitive Ddang Sae had to be transplanted somewhere.

Amy: I am glad Sambong finally got General Dad to listen to his plan too. Now General Dad knows what Sambong is really up to and is more willing to offer his support. I was disappointed when we didn’t get to see the showdown between General Dad, General Choi, and Sambong.

Taleena: Next week! Oh next week! I want to pause here and commend the writers for REALLY keeping this drama rolling along on all cylinders. Also props to Boon Yi for pointing out the obvious point that General Yi needed to know what the end game was to make an informed decision. I also really like that Sambong turned the screws to Hong In Bang on the chopping block and told him the ultimate goal was to start a new dynasty and government.

Unnichan: Show is doing a great job of consistently highlighting the strengths and future offices of our dragons. Boon Yi is about the people; getting them involved and educated, utilizing them, instead of using them. She clearly wants them all to have stakes in the nation they are building because they all deserve the gift of responsibility. So it was apropos for her to be the one to mention that perhaps the General needs more information. For already, Sambong is poking holes in his own agenda, by isolating his king.

Amy: Boon Yi is becoming one of my favorite female characters in a drama. She is smart and isn’t afraid to say what she is thinking. Which reminds me, did you detect a little jealousy when Wifey caught Bang Won and Boon Yi talking? I know she was spying on their conversation, so she could report back to her dad but I think she was taken aback by their closeness too.

Taleena: Oh yes! She looked like she bit lemons, even though Boon Yi wasn’t talking lovey dovey. When Bang Won didn’t seem put out by Wifey barring him from marital consummation until the political position was secure, she MUST have wondered why. That he seemed so warm and easy with another woman is enough to get her territorial goat at least. At least there wasn’t any longing, languishing looks cast between Bang Won and Boon Yi this week! Thank Goodness for small mercies!

Unnichan: Bang Won sitting in on Boon Yi’s strategy meetings was just cute. But I hate games and I especially hate when girls ask for something and are put out when the man complies. And Da Kyung is good for that. She irritated me being cross Bang Won wasn’t more upset about the ‘no conjugal’ clause. I mean, what did she really expect? This is the same guy that came to her for a merger marriage. Was he really supposed to be angry or play futile pushback with some girl he just met, because she had more T’s to cross, before she became used goods? I mean, wasn’t it she who said marriage was just politics? If she thinks that way, why can’t he? And, I’m really not in the mood for jealousy at the moment. She has no idea who Boon Yi is or what his relationship is to her, so I hope she puts herself in check, before she starts with that green-eyed silly. I truly want to like her.

Taleena: Was it just me, or did you feel like Lee In Gyeom was a spider sitting in his web all through these episodes?

Amy: Oh for sure. Lee In Gyeom was observing everything so that he could know what will happen and how to fight. He definitely got General Choi to side with him which is why I’m so ready for next week’s episodes! Ha ha! I sometimes hate watching dramas while they air. Waiting is too hard.

Unnichan: Lee In Gyeom made some decent points and perhaps was the wisest these past couple episodes he’s been in years ruling Dobang but it is extremely annoying Choi Young has allowed him to piss in his ear. For, having a few sound arguments or conclusions, doesn’t change a man’s wile or his heart. But somehow, all this makes me think about the worms growing in the hearts of man and it’s a shame we will watch a great man fall because of it.

Life Lessons Learned

  • Never interrupt a man putting on eyeshadow
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • Everyone is cute as a child
  • You should tell the person you are setting up to be a king, just WHAT your end game is
  • Even Wives In Name Only get jealous

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