DramaFever's first native app for iPad was released yesterday on the Itunes store. If you haven't checked it out yet, here are 6 reasons you're going to love it! ipad full screen 1. Full screen mode. Before the iPad app came out, you could still watch DramaFever on your iPad via a web app. One thing you couldn't do was truly watch in full screen. Now you can! apps-feature-continue 2. Resume where you left off across all devices.  Whether you watch on your laptop, iPhone, home computer or Android, the new iPad app lets you resume watching your favorite show just where you left off. Just log in, and enjoy! app browsing 3. Works natively with iOS, so it's much faster. The iPad app was designed specifically for the latest iOS, so load times are drastically reduced. Less waiting means more drama! app queue 4. Manage your queue right from the app. Want to save a series for later, or catch up with a show you added to your queue from DramaFever.com? No problem! apps-feature-sharing 5. Share your drama love on Facebook or Twitter. The best way to make more drama friends is to let people know about the show you love! Giving your favorite series a shout out is simple on the new app, and it's easy to become a fan of any series, too. You can even email links to your favorite episodes to friends. full page 6. It's pretty, and you deserve it. Browsing for a new drama is fun on the DramaFever iPad app,we devote a full page to every series, too–so you can enjoy reading reviews in an uncluttered environment. Grab the FREE DramaFever iPad app at the iTunes store here, and let us know what your favorite feature is! And don't forget to rate the app at the iTunes store so that more people can find out about it.