Welcome Sketchers to the first Drama Club Review of Sketch. The first two episodes featured a lot of death and questions that our leads weren’t able to answer. Join Kenya, DeShonda and Young Ajummah as they discuss their theories.

Ajummah: Can we start off everything with a round of applause for Rain coming back to dramas? I knew I wanted to watch whatever he was going to be in and I am really glad that it’s the genre that I like. Supernatural/crime/murder and after watching the first 2 episodes I am fairly certain that there will be no romance. You know I’m a happy lady.

Now having said all of that...WTF??? Oh I was screaming at the screen for 2 hours. I was mad at Rain’s characters, mad at the women, mad at the soldier who decided to lose his damn mind and commit murder...it was too much too fast for me.

DeShonda: I am very happy that Rain is back in DramaLand! He is one of my first biases in this industry and whatever he is starring in, I’m excited to watch. These first two episodes did not disappoint either! It was very fast paced from the first fight scene on the dock to the last scene in the second episode I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happen next. I found myself mad at that soldier too. I was trying to figure out the mysterious man who can foresee the future. Something about him is not trustworthy, but then again he is accurate in his predictions. I have to keep an eye on him because something about him is fishy.

Kenya: I think I’m the only one with the unpopular opinion on watching Rain’s dramas. I had to drop one of his dramas and couldn’t sit through the first episode of another one. But Sketch caught my attention from the beginning and I’m happy he’s back on screen in something I enjoy. I was hooked from the first fight scene and now I’m confused and excited all at once. I’m not sure how I feel about all the characters yet but some of them are making me mad and dislike them already.

Ajummah: So lets get into this. Kang Dong Soo is marrying Ji Soo and discovers that she could possibly die in 3 days. Rather then just take her away for like a quick getaway, he keeps her nearby. Tells her to stay in the house and really thinks she’s going to listen. She’s a prosecutor for goodness sakes. I’m nothing near that and I’m constantly on the go, so I can’t imagine her trying to sit still in the house. I love Rain but his character pissed me off. When Ji Soo fell in the water, he chose to save her and have Yoo Shi-hyun go after the rapist. I firmly believe that she could have saved Ji Soo. Instead she tried to deal with that psychopath and failed, causing the destruction of so many lives. I feel like he knows it too since he asked Moon Jae Hyun whether or not he made the right choice.

DeShonda: I had a feeling that Ji Soo was not going to stay put and listen to Dong Soo. I also think Dong Soo made the wrong choice to save Ji Soo instead of running after the rapist. I have to give it to Shi Hyun because she sure did put up a fight against him which I was not expecting. I can only imagine how Dong Soo feels after making that choice because the outcome, unfortunately was tragic.

Kenya: There was no way Ji Soo was going to stay put. The minute he told her I was thinking if something came up for her job she was going to leave. Shi Hyun showed in the first episode that she could hold her own but it was still the wrong decision to have her chase after him. Shi Hyun also mentioned the cause and effect that happens with her sketches, since Dong Soo was in the sketch she believed it would come true if he stayed near her. That one decision made her statement accurate.

Ajummah: Another thing that bothered me. Why couldn’t they arrest those two morons before? I know the 2 women they assaulted were the only 2. Do you mean to tell me that NO ONE reported anything? I don’t want to start blaming the cops but it seems like they were dragging their feet on this. Also also...what did Kim Do Jin think he was going to do when he tried to get into the police station after his wife died? He wasn’t exactly stealth when he went past the guard, who CLEARLY saw him.

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing as well. It did seem like the cops were dragging on that situation. LOL I’m not sure what Do Jin was thinking either. The only thing that came to my mind was obviously revenge for his wife.

Kenya: Honestly, when it comes to cops in dramas, I never expect them to do their job until after the fact. Unless they’re the main characters LOL.

Ajummah: We’ll have to see what Dong Soo does now. I did feel bad that he didn’t get to Ji Soo in time. That was some high quality sobbing man. I don’t really tear up so early in a drama but my eyes did feel a bit watery. I don’t know why Do Jin had to kill her. He could have knocked her out or something. I know he’s upset with what happened but taking lives of the innocent isn’t cool. And what is the mysterious man’s agenda? He can see into the future like Shi Hyun but why does he want to kill instead of save?

DeShonda: As I stated before, I am keeping an eye on this Mysterious Man who can see into the future. Something is definitely up with him. He kind of creeps me out that he wants to kill and is using the soldier to do his dirty work. I think he may be out for revenge too, but with who? And why? The soldier confused me at first. I didn’t know what his deal was at first sight. But i agree that he didn’t have to kill Dong Soo’s fiance. It has me wondering why he did that. What issue did he have with her for him to kill her? There has to be more to the story. I’m interested in seeing the backstory of the soldier and the Mysterious Man.

Kenya: I think my only observations right now consist of why Dong Soo is so brash, and why this mysterious guy is using the soldier for his dirty work. I understand Dong Soo wanted to save his fiance and time was running out but I’ve never been a fan of characters taking action before thinking through the situation. It’s good for drama but it leads to questionable decisions, and I hope he learns from that soon.

So that’s it! What do you think the mysterious man’s reason for wrecking Dong Soo’s life? How will Dong Soo and Shi Hyun recover from failing to save Ji Soo? Hopefully we will get more answers than questions during next week’s Sketch!

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