Welcome back Sketchers to another exciting week of action, angst and drama on Sketch. This week left us with more questions, little answers and a lot of anger. Join Kenya, DeShonda and Ajummah as they break down episodes 3 and 4 and try to piece together what will happen next.

Kenya: These two episodes left me with so many questions, I’m not even sure where to start. First off, Rain is killing these fight scenes! I can’t get enough of the action sequences in this drama. But the beginning of episode 3 had me really wanting to know who this mysterious guy is and why he needs Kim Do Jin to do all his dirty work. And the start to this pharmaceutical storyline has me seething, the president is so arrogant and ruthless.

Ajummah: OMG YASSS FIGHT SCENES! Can I just say, these fight scenes were everything to me. I keep clapping like a seal cheering on Dong Soo and Do Jin. I know that Do Jin is the bad guy in this but man he had me feeling some type of way with these scenes. Lee Dong Gun and Rain must have put in some major training time to pull off some of the stunts they did. Also I was kinda of worried at the beginning of the show that Rain would have “dad bod”. I know that sounds terrible. He really proved me wrong in these episodes, though. And I agree with you Kenya, this whole evil pharmaceutical story arch is pissing me off. I don’t like when people start killing off kids.

DeShonda: These episodes were very action packed and I was here for it! I have to agree with you Ajummah in that I also was feeling some sort of way for Do Jin. And believe me, I want to hate him. Do Jin and Dong Soo have something in common in that they both lost someone they loved very much. I had a feeling that Do Jin would not kill Dong Soo. If anything I am hoping down the line that they become allies and work together. I am not a fan of the pharmaceutical president either. He needs to go off and die real quick.

Kenya: I really want to hate Do Jin too but I can’t seem to make myself do it. He has his own reasons like Deshonda pointed out. Dong Soo and Do Jin both lost their loved ones and are feeling helpless and loss at this point in the drama. It would have been too easy if Do Jin went ahead and tried to kill Dong Soo off. At this point, Do Jin is really easy to manipulate, which is why I think Mystery Man is able to make him do his dirty work.

Ajummah: I agree with you both and I think that Do Jin is going to start realizing he is being manipulated very soon. As it is, he’s having second thoughts about killing Dong Soo because of his fiance. Hopefully he will start thinking on his own sooner rather than later.

Now we have these new story lines, the pharmaceutical company killing the kids and the man who killed Do Jin’s wife broke out of jail by his older and extremely handsome brother. I mean I was like damn, who is THAT?!?!

DeShonda: I have to admit, I’m enjoying these new storylines. They have me asking more questions. The pharmaceutical storyline is interesting to me. The president is a piece of trash with what he is doing. I felt bad for that man he basically tried to blackmail and torture. He is just too manipulative. When Dong Soo went to visit him at his office, I was hoping for a beatdown. I am looking forward to the episode in which that happens. And don’t get me started on the man that escaped from jail. That entire situation had me screaming at the TV. But the thing that shocked me the most is that the Mystery Man knows someone on Shi Hyun’s team. I was not expecting that at all. I just hope that her partner remains loyal and doesn’t start being shady.

Kenya: OMG, the guy that escaped from jail was so creepy as he sang ‘Cheer Up’, it really made me not want to hear that song ever again in any situation. I’m also really enjoying the new storylines, even though the president is trash it makes for an intriguing plot. It’s too early for a beatdown but it’s definitely going to come. When I found out who Mystery Man is, I gasped so hard at the computer screen that I even shocked myself. I was dreading that he’d have a connection to someone on Shi Hyun’s team but I kind of knew it in the back of my mind. We don’t really get to see Dong Soo as much since he’s been making his own decisions, but he seemed to be a bit a more rational, until he kidnapped the doctor LOL.

Ajummah: Yeah I don’t like that guy. Also how he was looking at Shi Hyun after his brother knocked her out was nasty. I know what he likes to do and something tells me he’s going to try it with her. But can I just say she held her own during that fight with Dong Soo? I was like yass girl get it. It made me want to start taking boxing lessons or something. I’m not sure how she’s gonna get out of this one. No one knows where she is. Maybe Mystery Man that can also see the future can help her out in this one. Send in Do Jin to save her. That would be good. It might be what is needed to help open his eyes. If and when he hears that his wife’s murderer escaped, he’s gonna go insane trying to find him.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Ajummah. I was thinking the exact same scenario with the Mystery Man. Since we don’t know where Shi Hyun is, the Mystery Man could be very helpful in finding her. I hope that Shi Hyun does come out of this situation unharmed. But as stated above, she can fight! So Shi Hyun can hold her own very well.

Kenya: I agree with both of you. Shi Hyun can stand up for herself and fight so she might be able to make it out of this unharmed and Mystery Man will be able to help with that if he chooses to do so. But, I still can’t get over the fact that she went to the scene alone. I know she doesn’t want to implicate anyone else but it’s really bothering me.

Ajummah: RIght! I was yelling at her at that point. Like why would you even do that? As a police officer going to the scene of a crime that’s in progress, you gotta know you need like at least 2 people to back you up. Ugh. Well hopefully we’ll find out next week how she gets out of it.


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