Welcome back to another crazy week of Sketch! We closed one chapter of the drama and started many more. Join Ajummah, Kenya and DeShonda as they discuss the latest developments and whether or not a Sketch will be wrong.

Ajummah: Wow. What a week! Crazy episodes and a lot of things seem to have happened. I’m glad that Dong Soo was able to get to Ill Woo’s hideout and save Shi Hyun. ALTHOUGH THAT FIGHT?!?! Yes!!! I love when the female lead is able to take care of herself.

Kenya: This week gave me so many emotions that I was afraid to see what would happen next. I was so happy that Dong Soo was able to make it in time to the hideout. His detective instincts and wit has helped me gain a lot more respect for him as a character now. AND THAT FIGHT SCENE!! Shi Hyun kicked butt and made it look so easy.

DeShonda: These episodes keep getting better! I am so impressed with how the storylines are going. I was hoping that Dong Soo would come to the rescue, and boy did he deliver! I really loved the fight scene as well. Shi Hyun is one hell of a fighter and that’s why I love her.

Ajummah: She really did. Now the question is, now that Ill Woo’s perverted little brother is dead, will he find a way to get out of jail and try to take revenge? He knows that he’s been played and that doesn’t sit well with him. So will he go after Nam Sun Woo? I honestly didn’t think that he was going to be this ruthless. He tried to kill the doctor but thankfully Dong Soo was able to get to him first. I was screaming when he drank that liquor Sun Woo gave him. He had to know that was poison in there.

Kenya: I did wonder if Ill Woo was going to do something after his little brother died. He was so attached to him despite how unnerving and creepy he was. Yet, the way Nam Sun Woo has been going after his enemies I’m not sure if he could survive against him. Sun Woo is ruthless and diabolical, especially in those moments he started telling us his plan. It was so drastic that I couldn’t understand how someone could be so evil.

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing Ajummah. I think that he will be out for revenge at this point. I have to agree, he is very ruthless. I was screaming as well when he drank that liquor.

Ajummah: And all because of a drug that doesn’t even work! It’s crazy to think that stuff like this could happen in real life. I hope Dong Soo gets out of this situation. He wanted to find Do Jin and now he has but how is he going to get out of that garage? And he knows that its the place where Shi Hyun is supposed to die. I hope they got it all figured out.

And speaking of Shi Hyun, the flash backs of how Moon Jae-Hyun’s daughter died was really sad. I see why he feels so protective of Shi Hyun. She tried to save his daughter. When he told her to live for his daughter’s sake, I started getting teary-eyed. I’m glad he doesn’t blame Shi Hyun for his daughter’s death.

Kenya: Yes! All for a stupid drug that doesn’t even work! Everytime I think about it I get mad LOL But I really do hope her sketch is wrong this time, or I really hope that Dong Soo can be a type of catalyst that can help changer her sketch’s.

The flashbacks had my attention more than the story for these two episodes honestly. I was really happy that we were learning about Shi Hyun’s back story and why she felt the need to try and prevent them.

DeShonda: It was good to see the backstory of Shi Hyun. It was very tragic to see what happened to her friend. But it was also good to learn that she had that gift of seeing the future before it happens through her sketches. I was so scared for both girl when they went into the house. I knew something bad was going to happen. And to find out that Shi Hyun’s friend is the daughter of her co-worker was very sad also. But now we see why he treats Shi Hyun as a daughter. He really wants to protect her. It makes me love the father/daughter relationship between them both.

Ajummah: Next week I’m sure we will see more fighting between Do Jin and Dong Soo. He told him that he wouldn’t stop until Do Jin was dead. I know he meant that. It will be interesting to see if they will band together to get out of Sun Woo’s trap and then go back to being enemies or will they just fight to the death and whoever is left standing will take care of Sun Woo.

Kenya: I have a feeling Do Jin and Dong Soo are gonna go till the end with their fights, even if they decide to team up for a brief period of time. I’m sure whichever route they take we will get action at every turn while the story heats up.

So that’s it Sketchers! What are your thoughts on this week’s Sketch. Be sure to leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments below and we will see you again next week!

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