Welcome back to an exciting week of episodes of Sketch! This week’s episode dropped bombshells and we finally learned who Mr. X is. Join Kenya, DeShonda and Ajummah as we discuss everything we’ve learned and whether or not certain characters will live to see the end of the series.

Ajummah: Holy crap! What a week! I was really nervous because last week I wasn’t really feeling the episodes but I feel like this week made up for it, especially episode 10. Fight scenes are always great though I did want a bit more in that department. I have so many questions and I’m wondering how far down the crazy tunnel we’ll go before we get to the final episode.

Kenya: Last week was a bit lacking compared to this week. We got a storyline with a bit more detail and some more character background. Fight scenes will always be one of the great aspects of this drama that I’ll never get enough of. These 2 episodes really got my head spinning with some of these plot twists. They were so close to getting Tae Joon’s journal, yet Mr. X was one step ahead of them.

DeShonda: The episodes this week were awesome! I do have a lot of questions as well. There were a lot of plot twists that kept me on my toes.

Ajummah: What I’m wondering is, does Mr. X...look we know his name now, lol. Mr. X is Shi Hyun’s brother. How shocked were you when you found out? I was floored! I was thinking maybe her mentor or perhaps so long lost family member but her brother? Wow! Shi Joon is playing a very dangerous game. Why is he doing this? Because of his parents death? Can he also see the future? So many questions.

Kenya: I had this gut feeling that it would be someone that was very close to the characters. I’m so mad I was right! They kept diverting us with everyone else but no one was questioning why her brother decided to be so close in the investigation instead of doing his actual job. I mean loyalty is understandable but I was still very cautious of him.

DeShonda: I was COMPLETELY shocked when I found out that Mr. X is related to Shi Hyun. I have to admit, I was not expecting that at all! After finding this out I had even more questions. As mentioned, I wonder what his motive is?

Ajummah: Well he completely fooled me. I thought he was getting involved because he felt responsible as a prosecutor and because he really cared for his sister. I’m trying to figure out what he’s going to do with the guy who killed his mother. Does he blame him for everything? When Shi Joon and Shi Hyun met the guy, he seemed really surprised that he didn’t kill his father. So if he started this whole revenge/changing the future thing because of his parents death, will it change now that he knows someone else is behind the deaths? Who is the one behind it I wonder. It couldn’t have been him since he was just a kid.

Kenya: True. I immediately started thinking about why he started doing everything he’s done. He was only a kid when his father was murdered so I doubt he had his hands in that. Or maybe he started this changing the future to find out who would do this to his parents. Maybe we just don’t know yet that he already knew Dong Shik didn’t kill his father. Either way, Shi Joon has been playing a really dangerous game and I can’t predict the outcome of this now. I feel really bad for Shi Hyun having to find this out eventually since she still blames herself for her mothers death.

DeShonda: You and I think alike Ajummah. I was thinking about the reason he would get revenge is because of his parents death. There are so many unanswered questions about this entire situation it has my head spinning…..in a good way of course.

Ajummah: So now we gotta find out whether or not Shi Hyun and Shi Joon are going to be at opposite ends. Maybe he will back down now that there are other people involved. And when Dong Soo finds out...will he want to kill him? Did Shi Joon give the word to kill his fiance? I can’t wait for next week to find out. Also again, where the heck is Dong Shik? Did Shi Joon have him killed?

Kenya: So many questions and never enough answers every week. I was wondering that too, where the heck is Dong Shik? I don’t think killing him would have any effect so soon but at the same time he could tell some truths that would not work in Shi Joon’s favor. Also, the fight between Do Jin and Dong Soo, I can’t fault Do Jin for telling Dong Soo off about not being the only one who has lost someone. And why didn’t anyone photocopy the journal? I don’t understand what these detectives/cops be doing to at least not think of copying or scanning important information like that into their system.

That’s it for this week’s discussion. Did we talk about everything you thought of or did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section below and come back to talk with us next week after the new episodes of Sketch!

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