Welcome back Sketchers to another week with the Sketch dramaclub! We are past the halfway mark and there are still so many questions and story lines that don’t seem to have an answer or an end. More secrets have been revealed as we now know that Shi Hyun’s brother isn’t the only one close to her that has betrayed her. Join Kenya, DeShonda and Ajummah as they discuss this week’s betrayal and what they think will happen next.

Ajummah: Remember last week when I was happy with how the episodes were? I can’t say that this week. We did learn some more things about the dark side of Shi Joon and his gang and we are one step closer to finding out who The Elder is. I just wish there was a bit more action. I want the writers and PD-nims to find a balance.

DeShonda: These episodes this week did give us some insight into Shi Joon and what he is up too. He is playing a very dirty game here. Now correct me if I am wrong, but at this point we still don’t know who this Mr. X is correct? I think that Mr. X is Shi Joon.

I could be wrong about that. Also I was under the assumption that the Elder was that older gentlemen who was speaking to Park Moon Ki. I actually had to go back and re watch the episodes just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. There were some twists added this week that, once again made me have more questions than answers. Like for example, I noticed that Shi Joon has a gift just like his sister perhaps. It seems like he can see the future, or has visions as well. I wonder how his gift will continue to play out in the rest of this series.

Kenya: I do agree Ajummah that the show needs to find a balance for its action and story progression. We get all this amazing fighting at first, then it dwindles to just a couple of short action sequences. I also noticed that Shi Joon could see the future but differently from his sister. He seems to be able to predict a step further than her since it seems he’s the one controlling the outcomes of her sketches to fit his plans.

Ajummah: I did notice that DeShonda! But he doesn’t sketch out his visions like his sister? I have questions about that. Does he see exactly what she sees? Or is his more vague? Also when he gets his visions, it doesn’t seem like it takes as long to “see” like Shi Hyun. He just looks like he has a bad headache. I thought that maybe he was getting his information from her sketches and just tells his squad what to look out for.

Speaking of squad, Kim Do Jin doesn’t seem like he would following Shi Joon’s orders, yet he has been. I wonder why he’s okay with doing what Shi Joon says but he had problems when he thought Jang Tae Joon was running the show.

DeShonda: You are absolutely correct Ajummah. Let me tell you, the look on Kim Do Jin’s face when he saw Shi Joon walk into the door was priceless. Kim Do Jin face was literally on the floor. He was very shocked to see him. You know I wonder that too why he would have problems with Jang Tae Joon. That is definitely something to think about. You mentioned The Squad earlier and I must admit that I am worried about Shi Hyun’s squad. The drawing of her last sketch of someone in her team passing away has me worried. I don’t want any of them to die actually. I like them all, but poor Lieutenant Oh is scared to death. I hope nothing happens to her. I was very hesitant when she was sitting in her car. But I did like the interaction of her with her mother. I thought that was very heartwarming. But she may have to step away from the case for a while.

Kenya: I feel as though Kim Do Jin can feel more secure with following Shi Joon’s orders because he’s the actual one having the predictions. Tae Joon has always acted as a mediator but now that Do Jin can rely Shi Joon’s predictions he can feel a bit more secure in the decisions being made.

As far as the squads, Shi Hyun’s squad are becoming a bit timid because of her last sketch. It would be better for Lieutenant Oh to take a step back from the case and get her head right. But it’s also sad knowing that Shi Hyun would rather draw her own death again than deal with losing one of her teammates.

Ajummah: I thought it was strange that we followed Lieutenant Oh outside the office. It made me think that something was going to happen to her as well. Her mom was cute but I’m wondering why we are getting introduced to new characters and possible storylines this late in the series. *sigh* Hopefully we are just over thinking and everyone will be fine. Though as I was watching the preview, it seems as if Shi Hyun was kidnapped again? What was that about? Also who killed Dong Shik? I’m assuming Do Jin? I thought that Shi Joon would spare him once he heard that he was set up all those years ago.

DeShonda: I noticed that Ajummah that once again, Shi Hyun will get kidnapped. I wonder what that is about again. When I saw that I said to myself “Not again.” I assume that Do Jin killed Dong Shik as well, but I could be wrong. I want to dive into this entire scene on the boat. Now correct me if I am wrong, (again I had to go back and re watch this), but was the intended target Nam Jung Yeon or Park Moon Ki? Nam Jung Yeon was the guy that was assassinated by Do Jin, and Park Moon Ki is the one who dodged the bullet and basically saved by Shi Hyun. Either way, that Do Jin is a good sniper. I did not expect Nam Jung Yeon to be shot twice. That second one though….ouch.

Kenya: The intended target was indeed Nam Jung Yeon because he had information on Moon Ki that Shi Joon was not ready to release yet. They need Moon Ki to be able to draw out Elder later on, so they need all of his trust. Which it seems like they are slowly losing now that he has a bit more power because of them killing Nam Jung Yeon.

Ajummah: Right! My goodness, they are showing no mercy aren’t they? I was shocked that Park Moon Ki is a bad guy. I really liked his character until these last episodes. Could he be the Elder and is just pretending to not know who the Elder is?

DeShonda: That is a good theory Ajummah. I never thought about that, but you could be correct. Also you mentioned some new characters coming in, I want to dive into the Bank Manager who is in a coma. Now Dong Soo is getting closer to finding out the reason why his wife died and who was giving her orders. It seems like Nam Jung Yeon gave her the orders for the case and she got in too deep. So when Dong Soo went to confront Nam Jung Yeon, he had no idea who Do Jin is.

But I was glad that Dong Soo got the card about the Bank Manager from Jang Tae Joon. I was also happy he made the decision to use the drug to get the Bank Manager out of his coma. Looks like he will give some useful information and I am interested to hear what he has to say.

Kenya: That is a really good theory. There are many new characters coming in but I’m so invested in trying to figure out what’s already going on that I don’t want to get even more confused LOL. I’m happy that Dong Soo is getting more information on why his fiance got killed. Despite Do Jin killing her, Dong Soo needs to know everyone who had a hand in why this all happened in the first place. I’m excited to see all of that play out.

Ajummah: So my predictions for next week. I think SHi Hyun will figure things out about her brother and then ALL.HELL.WILL.BREAK.LOOSE. And then 4 episodes of trying to catch him and Do Jin. I’m not sure if we’ll ever find out who the Elder is. It’s been too many episodes for me to not know who he is by now.

DeShonda: Those are good predictions Ajummah. Shi Hyun is going to be shocked when she finds out the truth about her brother. And there was a scene when she asked him, “Is there something you are not telling me?” And he said “No.” I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship goes after she finds out. We need more episodes or a second season perhaps to find out who the Elder is. Do you ladies think that Shi Hyun’s brother is the Elder or maybe that older gentleman I mentioned earlier? We will have to find out next week.

What are your thoughts Sketchers? We are getting closer and closer to the end of the series with still so many questions. Leave your thoughts and comments below and check back with us next week for more conversations about Sketch!