The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has landed in Taiwan. In Skip Beat, actress Ivy Chen plays Gong Xi, a naturally talented girl who comes across as different and surprising to people around her. So when it comes to the Ice Bucket Challenge, it's no surprise that Ivy gives us a surprise in her video and shows off her lively personality. She also names two hot actors who she co-starred with (and kissed) for the next challenge.

Ivy actually received her challenge from Niu Chen-Zer, the producer of Skip Beat. As the video begins, she says, "Good morning. I understand I have to respond to the challenge within 24 hours, so I'm doing it first thing in the early morning. Also, I have to name three other people, so I'll name Chang Chun-Ning, Chen Bo Lin, and Ji Jin Hee. Okay, I'm going to start."

As she walks away to start, she turns around and says with the cutest smile, "Oh yeah! I'm doing it upside down."

She then gets drenched after shouting, "I'm starting now! Bring it on!"

Wow, she really did it. She actually kept a smile on her face in her excitement when it was completed. She said (to her challenged friends) "Okay, I'm waiting for you."

Since Ivy's Skip Beat co-star, Choi Si Won, already got wet for his challenge, I can see why she didn't name him. Instead, she named two other hot guys as well as popular actress and friend, Chang Chun-Ning. I hope we get to see Chang's wonderful dramas someday soon on DramaFever.

I'm particularly curious about Ivy's connection with actors Chen Bo Lin (In Time With You) and Ji Jin Hee (Jewel in the Palace.) Here's the scoop.

It turned out that Ivy just completed a new movie with Jin Jin Hee, Bad Sister, where they were "accomplices" trying to break up her brother and his daughter's marriage. It sounds like a great comedy romance. The movie will premiere on Chinese Bachelor's Day on November 11.

See Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunited on the screen in the scandalous melodrama Temptation

The lucky Ivy also co-starred just last year with In TIme With You's heartthrob Chen Bo Lin in the romantic comedy movie Campus Confidential, where Ivy's campus belle encounters a most unlikely match, an unkempt geek.

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So what do you think about Ivy's upside-down challenge? Have you received a challenge too? What did you do?Let us know by posting your comments, and don't forget to support ALS awareness through these challenges.

(photo credits: instawebgram and dramaidol)