Cozy cafes, flowery scenic strolls, gorgeous architecture, sumptuous cuisine, and couples in love everywhere you turn—no, we're not talking about Paris or Rome! If you're looking for an international honeymoon destination or romantic getaway that sets the stage for love, here are 7 reasons why you should look no further than South Korea! 

1. Korean contains some of the world's most romantic natural settings.

For those couples who like to get away from the city and spend time in nature, Korea is home to countless romantic ocean views with turquoise water, intimate waterfall hikes, stunning sunsets, and scenic countryside perfect for a romantic drive.

2. Seoul is the new city of lights. 

Nothing sets a romantic stage like gorgeous lighting, and Korean cities like Seoul are truly cities of light.    

3. Korea was made for lovers!

Everywhere you turn, you see couples arm in arm, taking in the beautiful sites, wearing matching couple's outfits, and even ordering special couple's meals off the menu. Koreans are a very romantic people, and their love for love can't help but rub off on you.

4. Romantic coffee (or tea) dates for two.

Italy doesn't have a monopoly on delicious coffee anymore! With an abundance of cozy modern cafes, often with beautiful views, a trip to Korea gives you one more reason to cuddle up with your love. And it if you prefer the traditional Korean experience, stop by one of the many stunning traditional tea houses. 

5. Luxury accommodations to get you in the mood for love. 

When it comes to romantic resorts, Koreans know how to provide elegant, yet unique and comfortable accommodations. 

6. The food of love. 

Whether you and your partner are adventurous or conservative when it comes to trying new food, South Korea has everything from yummy street food, to traditional Buddhist cuisine, to fresh seafood, to delicious Western fare.  

7. Gorgeous ancient architecture in the midst of modern city sites. 

If you've only ever experienced Western architecture and historic sites, you are missing out! There's nothing like the beauty of classic and modern Korean architecture and historical sites. They provide the most romantic backdrop for your dream getaway.  

(Images by Colleen Johnson)

Which of these romantic reasons has you planning a trip with your love to Korea? 

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