Have you ever heard of a cuddle cafe? A new "shared sleep shop" in Tokyo's Akihabara district sells "cuddle time" to patrons, and even offers the ...er, treat of using someone's butt as a pillow. Although no sexual contact is allowed, customers pay by the minute to doze with lovely ladies as cuddle buddies. For 3,000 yen (about $35 USD), you can snooze with your head rested on a girl's butt for 20 minutes. Need more time? The Soneiya cafe lets you get up to 10 hours of shut-eye for about $550. And the butt-pillow is not the only service offered! Take a look at the cuddle menu: Girl lies on your shoulder for 3 minutes: 1000 yen Customer pats girl’s head for 3 minutes: 1000 yen Gazing at each other for 1 minute costs 1000 yen Change of clothing, per item: 1000 yen Lie in girl’s lap for 3 minutes: 1000 yen Girl lies in your lap: 3 minutes: 2000 yen Akihabara is known as a neighborhood that satisfies the nerdiest of nerdy cravings, but what do you think of the cuddle cafe that charges $11 just to look at another person for one minute? Netizens' reactions range from commending the business as "excellent," to wondering, "is the girl in the picture actually getting a wage for that?" One said, "if my girlfriend worked in a place like that, I'd cry." Finally, one netizen inquired, "do they have a farting service as well?" To which there is only one response: