May this be a warning to all of us. An unsuspecting, wiped out commuter got his photo taken a few days ago as he was snoozing on a New York subway, and he's now trending on the Japanese internet.

Even if you don't see yourself in a compromising photo online in your home country, you very well may be in another. A man wearing a t-shirt with the words, "I am not Satoh" ( in Japanese) got his photo taken by a Japanese person in New York, and now his photos is making the rounds. Besides the funny t-shirt, which claims he is not Satoh, a very common surname in Japan, the guy is in deep sleep, with his mouth wide open. A sleeping commuter is a common site in Japan, but the words on the man's T-shirt is what made him into someone else's Kodak moment.

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So the lesson here is, beware! You never know who, from wherever, is watching. And in this hyper-connected world of today, you may unknowingly be setting yourself up to being an internet sensation on the other side of the planet.