Multi-talented singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong showed off his cooking skills when he made cucumber cold noodles for us, but he's got an even more awesome offering in the Barefoot Friends reality-variety show. The group of friends got to visit Kim's home and even stayed overnight. How lucky! Let's all take a tour in this beloved superstar's bachelor pad.

Kim Hyun Joong is a very private person, but he generously opened his home for the first time on the Barefoot Friends show. As soon as they walked in, the group of friends oohed and aahed over his really neat and clean rooms, and it definitely looked like he lives alone!

Here's the delightful excerpt from Episode 8 of Barefoot Friends, where you'll get to see Kim Hyun Joong at home.

They noticed everything was decorated in minimalist black, beige, or white. Kim said that's what he likes and he only dresses in black. When they commented on seeing only comic books, Kim admitted that he doesn't like reading. And we see his passion is definitely in music with the row of fancy guitars in the studio.

His closet is organized just like those big ones with a jewelry organizer that we've seen on K-dramas. (I'm surprised that he has so many suits.)

UEE and Hyo Ri found clothes that they could wear and still look hot.

I'd like to know where to get that mug with the big K initial.

Unfortunately, we don't see any cooking ingredients in the fridge but liquor.

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Kim Hyun Joong is such a good host. After midnight, he laid out blankets for the sleepover. The guys worked out before sleeping, presumably to strengthen their abs and stay in shape. (Actually, Kim's house looks so neat that I don't know where he stored the pillows and blankets. Is there a secret room?)

Hyo Ri and UEE slept in Kim Hyun Joong's bed, and the next morning Hyo Ri said she recorded UEE's snoring. UEE took it well but muttered that she probably can't find anyone to marry now. On the other hand, check out her beautiful face before she's even out of bed. That's the 'moment of truth' for anyone, and her bare face looks radiant.

Although Barefoot Friends finished after a 7-month run last year, it was full of unexpected gems like this sleepover at Kim Hyun Joong's home. Wish they had kept the homestay longer and we could have had a Kim Hyun Joong With Roomates show!