SM Entertainment — home of popular artists like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, SHINee, f(x), and EXO — is in the process of opening up their own convenience store in March, according to anonymous industry insiders. The convenience store called “SUM Market” will be located in the company buildings’ basement floor. A few of the specialized products sold will include the following: Super Junior "Super Nuts," Super Junior jam, Girls’ Generation wine, and EXO seaweed snacks.

Earlier in February, news was released that SM and Korean grocery brand E-Mart were in talks of collaborating. Plans for this convenience store started in December 2015.

SM’s branching out into the food and beverage market will help further expand the brand. The large agency already operates four locations in South Korea that sell SM-associated goods. According to KPopHerald, there is a possibility “SUM Market” will become a chain.

The companies’ convenience store project makes SM the second entertainment company after YG Entertainment to venture into the food industry. YG opened up a restaurant in June 2015. A YG executive was quoted as saying that at this time, they have no plans to go into the processed food business. Their current agenda is to continue strengthening their own brands’ content.

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