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The saying goes: "Children are the future." And as cliche as it sounds...the 15 children who just won SM Entertainment's first ever 'Kids Model Contest' might just be the future of the Korean entertainment industry! However, regardless of what these cute kids will grow up to become, one thing is for sure...for now, these children will likely be one of the most adorable things you will see all week! Don't miss out and check out the photos below!

Recently, SM Entertainment conducted their 1st ever ‘Kids Model Contest’ -- a total of 15 winners were crowned -- and they could very well be the next generation of K stars!

The contest was held from July to August with nearly 400 applicants between the ages of 4 though 10.  After a fierce competition, a total of 6 girls and 9 boys were selected as the winners. Among the children who won, some had already debuted as child actors (e.g. Kim Ye Jun who played young Park Seo Joon in ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ and Bae Gang Yoo who played Kim Nam Kil’s nephew in the film ‘Pandora’), but most were newcomers to the world of Korean entertainment.

The 15 winners will be participating in various promotional events for SM, as well as take part in their own photo shoots. The children will also be given the opportunity to sign with SM after their model promotions end! 

Now, without further-ado .... here are the first ever SM child model contest winners!

What do you think about the new generation of upcoming Korean stars???