If you haven't seen the hilarious Tumblr Bad Kids Jokes yet, you should drop everything productive that you're trying to do and read it right now. Basically, a moderator on a website for kids' jokes took a bunch of the nonsensical entries and compiled them into one gut-splitting site. Whether they're complete non sequiturs, far too literal, or just really random, here is a sampling of 20 of the funniest bad jokes from kids:

1. An Island

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What will you do if a monkey is trapped in an island?

Do nothing, cause you didnt know cause your far away from the island

2. Curtans

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docter docter I feel like a bunch of curtans

then open them up

3. Jessie J

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How do you wake up Jessie J ?

Poke her face

4. Ham

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what did the ham say to the bred
if we were togeter we wuod be lovly

5. Not at the Party

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why was the dog not at the party

because he would have to eat a hotdog

6. 5 + 5

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no joke

Watch a young woman discover the secrets of a mysterious secluded mansion on Doll House:

7. The Biggest Man

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Who is the biggest man?

No one you are all the same size

8. Math

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who hates math i khow i do

9. Dinosaur

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What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?

Shut up

10. A Bee

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what did a bee say to a other bee?

i love plants

11. Hermione

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is hermione in harry potter hot?
yes she is

12. The Ham Contest

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if you go to the ham contest wat will the man say

you won last year you are not alowed

13. Chickin

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nock nock
whos there
what chickin?
a frendly chickin

14. With Glasses On

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what do you call a tiger with glasses on?

a scientist tiger

15. Boss

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knock knock
who is there
boss who
boss will you give me some pens

16. Vegitarians

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crocodiles might be vegitarians because when they open their mouths, we could easily put in vegetables!

17. Red Zebra

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have you seen a red zebra

they do not exist

18. In the Tree

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what did the orange do in the tree?

orange buisness

19. Meat

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what dose meat have when there angry


20. Digger

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what did the rude man say to the digger

hurry up

Which joke was your favorite? Have your kids made any other terrible awesome jokes? There are way more comedic gems on the full website. I think this may be my new go-to site for when I'm having a bad day!