There is never a bad time to take a look at some of the Internet's most popular cats. So we've gathered a list of some of our favorite funny and adorable kitties who are all unique stars in their own way. These cats have consistently made us laugh and stayed totally cute while doing it. So let's take a look at these All-Stars kitties.

1) Nala Cat- Known for her amazing expressions, this kitty looks cute doing just about anything.

2) Shironeko- This cat is famous for his sleepiness and ability to look peaceful in any situation.

3) Mohawk Cat- The name is pretty self-explanatory. We just hope that one day he becomes the lead singer of a 1980's hair band.

4) Lil Bub- Despite being born with genetic mutations, this celebrity kitty's rare kitten-like look has solidified Lil Bub as one of the most famous cats in the world.

5) Lele- A newer addition to the celebrity cat list, this 10-month-old has one the prettiest stares in all of the kitty world.

6) Hamilton the Hipster Cat- This adorable feline has almost a perfect mustache outlined in white and was initially abandoned before being rescued by Jay Stowe at the Humane Society in Silicon Valley.

7) Luna the Fashion Kitty- The undisputed fashion champ of the cat world, Luna wears everything from wigs and hats to Halloween costumes.

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8) Grumpy Cat- The celebrity cat who never seems happy. Who knew that being this Grumpy could be this hilarious?

9) Maru (with Hana)- Pretty much anything Maru does goes viral, and rightfully so. The Scottish Fold cat loves boxes and his new new sister Hana.