Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is out of the military and on the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine for their October edition! Sporting the new cherry wood red hair color and trendy cut all the guys seem to be wearing these days, Heechul exudes sex-appeal in this shoot.

Puckering up for the camera Heechul looks so handsome in a blue and white multi-colored suit with matching neck scarf. The navy blue just looks so great with his hair color but, umm, he looks a tad ghostly. His hands look so white because of the lighting and, I assume, Photoshop, that they look like mannequin hands! Heechul does not have mannequin hands! He's a real person! #LaughingSoHard

Ok I really cant deal with this pose! It's so slimy and 70's porn-star-esque, but Heechul just looks so cute minus the ugly carpet he's lounging on. I really like the blue suit and the Mickey Mouse shirt is adorable but not childish. This pose may turn you off but if he approached you, you would love it!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE