SNSD girls generation dancing queen wallpaper

The reign of Girls' Generation presses on, as their latest single, "I Got A Boy," has shot up the Korean-Taiwan Charts to number one. Not only that—the single has reached number one on Billboard's World Album Chart. And there's more! The "I Got A Boy" music video has set a new record for shortest amount of time it's taken a video to reach over 30 million views. As anticipation builds for their Japan arena tour—kicking off this Saturday—the girls continue to dominate worldwide charts with the smash single. Rolling Stone calls the song "as sharply plotted and blindingly razzle-dazzle as the K-pop machine itself. Harmonizing, speed rapping, and belting like divas, mostly in Korean, these nine young idols romp through a candy land of pop sounds, from minimal R&B to high-BPM dance. It’s a musical gymnastics routine.” High praise from a highly influential magazine. Is your love for "I Got A Boy" still at a boil, or is it beginning to simmer?