20130503_Girls-Generation_Sooyoung_Seohyun_HighCut1 The ladies of SNSD seem to be pursuing a number of solo projects lately, so we're happy to see bandmates Sooyoung and Seohyun sticking together for a new High Cut photoshoot. Donning shorts, tank tops, and jean jackets, the girls evoked their inner schoolgirl for the sexy photospread. High Cut asked the girls a series of questions that took the form of "Which SM artist seems like he or she will do the best if they become a _____?"  For politician, Seohyun answered, “Siwon seems like a political candidate. He was given that nickname because he’s gentle and looks good in a suit." Sooyoung revealed her thoughts about who’d make the best secret agent, answering, “Lee Yeon Hee is good at sports and doesn’t talk a lot so she seems like she’ll keep secrets well. Her face is also pretty so she looks more trustworthy.” 20130503_GirlsGeneration_Sooyoung_Seohyun_HighCut3 20130503_GirlsGeneration_Sooyoung_Seohyun_HighCut4 Your turn! Who would you say for seems like he or she will do best if they became a doctor? What about a ship's captain? Animal trainer? Answer in the comments below!