Girls-Generation-Tommy-Hilfiger-332x430 If you've ever worn Tommy Hilfiger Denim, you know that those babies are as comfy as they are stylish and can be worn virtually anywhere.  The extremely popular international brand has chosen SNSD's Sooyoung and Seohyun as its new "muses" for Tommy Hilfiger Denim in Korea (maybe replacing Wonder Girls' Sohee—maybe just joining her).  To celebrate this amazingness, Ceci featured the young crooners in a full photospread for their upcoming March issue.  And we've got the full spread here for you below: Girls-Generation-Tommy-Hilfiger-3-322x430 Girls-Generation-Tommy-Hilfiger-4-322x430 Girls-Generation-Tommy-Hilfiger-5-332x430 Girls-Generation-Tommy-Hilfiger-6-332x430 Are you excited for SNSD's newest endorsement?