So Yoo Jin's road to happiness was a rough one. The Pretty Man actress recently released her new book entitled Baby Food Basics by So Yoo Jin for Happy Mom and Baby. In the publication, the mother of two shared her personal struggles in pregnancy and motherhood. So revealed that she had a tragic miscarriage with her first child, and her second child's health was affected too. 

She explained, “Two months after my miscarriage, I was happy to learn that I was pregnant again. But the baby was not healthy due to the blood in my uterus."

She took time off work to ensure her baby would come into the world healthy. However, her son's first few months were trying. "I quit the radio program I used to be on. I was hospitalized for two weeks to stabilize myself. Even after being discharged from the hospital, I was bedridden at home.Thankfully, my baby endured the pregnancy. My son Yong Hee was born weighing 5.9 pounds, but he was born with a weak heart. He had a hard time even swallowing my breast milk at first. I was solely focused on getting him to be healthy, so I spent all my energy on making baby food.”

After she married chef Baek Jong Won in 2013, I assumed they were living a real life happily ever after. I had no idea the newlyweds had to face such incredible heartbreak so early on. She and her husband were incredibly brave in overcoming their heartbreak and raising their little son and daughter.


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