Adorable and sweet is what one expects from anything starring Chanyeol from EXO.  Does he keep this chemistry with his costar as they take us through the tropes of enemies who become lovers?  Join Firnlambe, Amy and I, Wendilynn as we talk about what we liked and what could have been done better. 

Firnlambe: I have many mixed feelings regarding this movie. On the one hand, I ADORE Chanyeol, him and his super smiley face makes me happy. BUT then on the other hand . . . . our lead female drove me up a wall. So much annoyance and frustration was created when she was on the screen.

Wendilynn: Chanyeol was cute, and she was both annoying and sweet on occasion. I think for me this movie didn’t spend enough time on them really developing feelings. It felt sort of rushed. I did do a lot of laughing at the way they tortured each other in the beginning. When he pushed her into the oncoming fans to get stomped on cracked me up.

Amy: The movie had me hooked from the beginning just because I’m such a big fan of Chanyeol as well. I agree though that the movie didn’t really highlight how Miao Miao and Chanyeol’s character Hou Zhun developed their relationship. I did find both of their competitive nature hilarious. I also want to mention that Chanyeol didn’t do too badly with his Chinese either!

Firnlambe: I would hope so. The man is apart of a group that regularly visits China lol. I also will agree with you Wendilynn regarding the flow of how the romance played out. It felt extremely rushed. Like they were at each other’s throats at one moment, Hou Zhun is throwing Miao Miao to the wolves (aka his fans), and then suddenly they find common ground and romance blooms. That type of development annoys me.

Wendilynn: I laughed myself silly when she got handcuffed to him. That scene where he pees on her was hysterical. Admit it, she deserved that. Lol

Amy: Even though he may regularly visit China, it’s still pretty difficult to pick up a language, so I would say that he did pretty well! As for the flow, I agree that it was a bit annoying to see that they “fell in love” just becase the two found common ground. Sure, there were a couple incidents where they really got to know each other, but definitely rushed. It did seem like the character Hou Zhun did come to love some of Miao Miao’s quirks, such as her bad temper. And yes, the scene where the two walked (or one walked while the other basically crawled) to get the handcuffs removed did have me cracking up.

Firnlambe: I’m just going to focus on Chanyeol’s smile. It was what pulled me through the movie. I was also pleasantly surprised by the whole “angst” that was placed between Hou Zhun and his fellow trainee’s. Particularly Seo Joo Hyun’s character, Ai Lin, and her not so subtle attempts at romantic sabotage.

Wendilynn: There wasn’t anything subtle about the movie. It was a blatant cash-in-on-Chanyeol/Exo-popularity with a cute movie aimed at their younger fans. I will say it was nice to see good chemistry between the secondary characters. They actually filled in the holes of the plot for me. I got a vicarious thrill from seeing Jiang Chao again. He played a Flame Prince in the early part of Ice Fantasy. In or out of fantasy makeup, the boy is gorgeous and plays a good bad guy.


Amy: As a fan of EXO, and specifically Chanyeol, I definitely agree that it was aimed towards their fans, because that’s what got me interested in the first place. But, I don’t think the movie was terribly made-- the plot was pretty interesting so I think the movie could have been better if the plot and characters’ relationships were better developed. I actually think this would have been better as a drama series since it felt cut short and there was more to work with. I wish I got to see more of the history between the character Hou Zhun, Ai Lin, and Gao Xiang. I want to know why Ai Lin felt like homewrecking. Was it pure jealousy or something else?


Firnlambe: I totally agree regarding this should have been a drama instead of a movie. The concept is spectacular and could easily be adjusted for more backstory. That being said I would humbly suggest that Chanyeol stay the male lead and a different female lead be substituted. As for Ai Lin I think that she was not ok with being second fiddle. Her character didn’t strike me as the type of woman who can handle not having the male attention directed towards her.

Wendilynn: Ai Lin was holding on because she was his first love and she doesn’t share. She was easy. I will say that I thought Chanyeol did a good job. In fact, the acting was never the problem in the movie. I just felt that the story wasn’t done well. This is not the first time we’ve seen this sort of storyline. As asian love stories go, it's almost cliche. So, for the writing of the story to be uneven is sort of unforgivable. I also agree that this would make a better drama considering how much they were trying to stuff into the movie without actually making it coherent.

Amy: Again, I really wish they developed the other characters one, as well as the main ones. It felt so rushed that at some parts, I just started making up my own potential backstories. I won’t deny though that this was definitely a cliche love story, but that does appeal to a lot of viewers (myself included), so I won’t say it was a bad move either. Overall, I just really wanted to know more about the characters, so that was definitely my biggest concern.


Firnlambe: I think my final verdict is this. I enjoyed the movie as a whole, but I will only go back to watch certain scenes . . . . certain Chanyeol scenes . . . . that child just makes me happy by breathing, but I digress. I also really appreciated the bloopers at the end, I think more movies should do that. It really helped me find some odd sense of closure lol.

Wendilynn: Yes, the bloopers at the end were adorable. I love those. I like Chanyeol and think he has good potential as an actor (F: I AGREE! //cough//), I just wanted a movie with more meat for him. As a movie aimed at the teen/young adult genre, I think this movie is fine. Its sweet, sassy and adorable. I got a real kick out of the torture scenes from both him and her. But, I admit, I was left wanting something more.

Amy: While we’re all in this moment of complementing Chanyeol, I just wanted to give a shout out to the creators for including that dramatic entrance during the Film Festival scene. It had me in awe, but also laughing at the same time. I felt like I was watching someone walk down the runway. I definitely agree though that Chanyeol has a lot of potential, so he definitely could have played a more serious role in movie that was less aimed to the teenage audience.

Firnlambe: umm… clearly Chanyeol is my EXO bias, this was the main factor for me watching this movie. Plus I was already impressed by his acting in EXO Next Door, but dear Lord. I was not emotionally prepared for him to kiss, and not just a lip smush kiss. I maaaaaay or may not have had to pause and collect myself before I could continue. So whatever drama/movie he does next I hope the director is favorable in that regard.


Wendilynn: I liked the kiss. *chuckles*  

That's what our movie club felt about this cute movie. How did you like it and what were your favorite parts?  Tell us below.

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