Well-made shows get remade at any age. Cast in point: So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung's I'm Sorry, I Love You. This drama, which started the Hallyu sensation in 2004, is getting a remake in Japan. The Japanese version called Gomen, Aishiteru (ごめん、愛してる) airs July on TBS.

In Gomen, Aishiteru, TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya plays the troubled street boy Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub). This is his first melodrama since Love and Eros in 1998, the actor explained.

“…I was never interested in melodramas and even felt pessimistic about them,” Nagase said. “Now in my late thirties, my thoughts on love have changed completely from those of 20 years ago. I want that to show through this character [Moo Hyuk]. It will be an unprecedented love story.”

Unlike the excitement Nagase shared, actress Yoshioka Riho expressed anxiety for playing a part. “Im Soo Jung did a great job playing Eun Chae. I feel nervous and great responsibility,” Yoshioka said.

Since I’m Sorry, I Love You, Im Soo Jung filmed several movies. This year, the actress is coming back with the first K-drama since I’m Sorry, I Love You, called Chicago Typewriter.

As for So Ji Sub, he’s currently on an international tour of fan meetings.

Check out Park Hyo Shin’s Snow Flower, an OST to the classic K-drama:

Click here to check out I’m Sorry, I Love You:

How will the Japanese version of I’m Sorry, I Love You turn out? Did you watch the Chinese film version of the drama that premiered in 2013? Tell us below!

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