so ji sub shin min ah hug Giordano Photos of popular kdrama actors So Ji Sub (Cain and Abel) and Shin Min AhMy Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox) hugging were recently posted on the web. It would be nice if it was a new scandal, I mean how good would those babies look? However, it's only part of their new campaign for clothing brand Giordano, with its affectionate tag line "Hug Me" and what better actors to pick than these two! This is a definite sandwich I can approve of, and many netizens agree as they've stated that the two "look like a couple", "they look really good together" and "they should date each other". What do you guys think? Cameras aside, to hug or not to hug? Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub have endorsed Giordano before separately but this pairing seems to be a hit. Other stars you might know have endorsed this brand as well including Hallyu star and Hollywood actor Rain (Bi), Jang Dong Gun and Jung Ryu Won. Check all of these hotties out on dramafever! Source: DongA