In the sweet web drama One Sunny DaySo Ji Sub visited Jeju Island for work. He stayed at the Santiago Guesthouse after being talked into it by a taxi driver, and it led to a series of unintended consequences. It turned out that the Santiago Guesthouse is a real place on Jeju Island. 

As the story unfolded, So Ji Sub was still nursing a broken heart after his girlfriend broke up with him. He was alone and lonely at the Santiago Guesthouse even though he was surrounded by lots of fun-loving people. 

It turned out, for the drama, Santiago Guesthouse was portrayed as a "matchmaking hostel" where singles meet. It led to this funny exchange between So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won's characters:

In real life, Santiago Guesthouse is a real guesthouse that you can even book online for your visit.

These photos are from the booking website. I recognized the guesthouse right away.

That rustic bunk bed even looks just like the one So Ji Sub slept in.

Past visitors left favorable comments, such as this enthusiastic comment left by a solo traveler:

"Santiago guesthouse was great, has good location with a sea view, and the kind and friendly staffs were so helpful to me, they know everything about jeju. the best of all is that we could see the Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone, which is one of UNESCO world natural heritage, and it was amazing to see the sunrise in front of the guesthouse. plus i had a fun having BBQ party, many people had it together and we all became friends, the special jeju pork BBQ was so delicious and people there were so nice!!!!! i love santiago!!!

It's true that the scenery is unique and captivating. Take a look at what So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won can see:

What a fantastic view!

I have concluded that K-dramas are all working together to get us fans to visit Korea someday, and Jeju Island is definitely on the list. 

Have you been inspired by One Sunny Day to visit Jeju Island someday?

Of course there's no guarantee that you'll meet So Ji Sub, but we can dream, right?

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