So Ji Sub gets real.  

Nine years after he released his debut album Lonely Life, the Oh My Venus actor is talking about his career as rap artist G. Media outlet Sports Today recently interviewed So about his zeal for the music genre. "The reason I put out a rap album is that I hope to receive new energy," he explained when asked about his album dropping in stores this past spring (March 2017). The 39 year-old star has released several albums since his K-pop debut in 2008, but he does his music simply because he loves it. Despite being asked to appear on Mnet's talent competition Show Me the Money, it never interest him. He doesn't want to be judged for doing something he loves. 

"I do it because I enjoy rapping, not to necessarily be judged for it. Plus, my skills aren't on par with everyone else. I just like hip-hop, that's all. It's because I can tell my story through it. An actor's role is to say the lines he is given. That's why I feel (rap) has its own unique charm," he honestly admitted. 

So Ji Sub's controversial film The Battleship Island, which co-stars Song Joong Ki and Hwang Jung Min, achieved the most successful movie opening in South Korea this year. Congratulations to the cast and crew! The film is currently playing in theaters in South Korea.

Are you dying to hear more of his unique rapping skills? Check out one of his recent tracks tiled "See The Light" featuring Soul Dive: 

Since So Ji Sub is already a top actor, do you think he should expand his music career to the global market?

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